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August 12, 2017 18:05

Design dining room - living room

Why for many a problem and come up with a design to create a modern dining room - living room, which will meet the requirements?After all, everything is simple - just enough to combine two independent spaces and place the furniture properly.All this is true, except that not everyone has the right information.Therefore, we propose to know what will be of value to you.


  1. dining-living room Zoning
  2. Styles
  3. Fireplace design
  4. Photo Design dining-living room

Zoning dining-living room

So, in the first placeit is important to note that the key point in the design space is that it is necessary to carry out the correct separation of the total territory.Since, two full rooms for a long time had a different purpose, it is now important to consider the entire design of the dining-living room.Therefore, before you start any work, you need to make a conditional border (ie zone).

One part should serve as a place to rest, the other will serve as a dining room.In this case, it beco

mes the object of attention furniture on which themselves depend on the placement and area.Very often, to avoid bright sunlight reflecting in the TV lounge area, positioned as far away from the window.This means that the conditional dining room will be located directly next to the main light source.No matter what textile you choose this option the separation can be used under any circumstances.


Many people ask the question - does it make sense to use different options or styles in the joint premises?The unequivocal answer is no, there are only two significant argument.Aesthetically looks nice single layout, so it's best to stick to one direction in the dining room-living room design (see. Photo).

Thus, you need to combine colors so that one part was used dark colors, and the other - light.The second important fact - is that if you decide to redevelop, then you are creating a single space, and therefore it is considered a separate bathroom.Of course, you yourself decide what specific interior design of the dining room - the living room will be used.We can offer you several different, but very original ideas.Our photo gallery will help you make the final decision, because you will be able to evaluate and advantages and disadvantages of a certain idea.

Recall that the most popular design style, as in the past for these rooms - classic, and therefore this option you can consider as the basis of your future project.

Fireplace design

By the way, no harm element for the living-dining area is considered to be a fireplace that serves as an ornament, while a common element for the two zones.It is suitable for classical style is the best, takes minimal space and create a magnificent effect.For this element of the apartment is considered a unique opportunity to bring the interior of something unusual, original, unique.

If a sudden change of plan is not required in this case, everything will be easier.There are no restrictions, because the original project of apartments already provides the correct geometry of the room, taking into account the correct zoning.So, you have to find the right idea only dining-living room design.For such premises of which there are many, so the difficulty will be.Just note that this room should be, first and foremost, functional, practical and modern, it is only so that the time spent here will be enjoyable and leisure - full.

Photo Design dining-living room