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August 12, 2017 18:06

Grout the tile joints in the bathroom with their hands

final stage in the design of bathroom tiles room is always a seal seams.After this operation, laying tile acquires completeness and accuracy.

Grout the tile joints in the bathroom with their hands

Grout tile joints in the bathroom with their hands

Grout tile joints in the bathroom with their own hands - quite accessible work for anyone, even an inexperienced master.One has only to start and "stuff" hand - and further process go quickly.It should be noted that much in carrying out such finishing works depends on the selected material.So, for those who do not have experience in the work, it is better to choose the grout that is long enough to dry.Using the quick curable material may spoil the whole look even successfully laid tiles.

criteria of quality grout composition

Article Contents

  • 1 criteria of quality grout composition
  • 2 Types of grout on the material manufacturing
    • 2.1 joint filling cement based
    • 2.2 Silicone joint fillers
    • 2.3 grout based resins
    • 2.4 Self preparation Trowellings
  • 3 How long will the material for grouting?
    • 3.1 calculator for calculating the required amount of grout for tile joints
  • 4 Tools for grouting
  • 5 Stages for grouting
  • 6 cracked grout in the joints
    • 6.1 What You Needundertake not to cause cracks?
  • 7 Video: professional advice for grouting between the tiles.

Filler seams designed to protect the adhesive composition, which is laid tiles, wall and floor surfaces from moisture, dirt, mildew, and aesthetic design for final coating.Therefore, without grout can not do - finishing material with open seams will not stay long on the walls and floors, and on the surface beneath it will create a favorable environment for the development of mold and mildew, which sooner or later will hit and foundation.

Qualitative composition must meet certain requirements

qualitative composition must meet certain requirements

to work with the material it was easy, and the joints between the tiles have turned out accurate and reliable , any grout must meet certain requirements.A mixture is prepared from dry formulations or implemented already in finished form, should possess the following qualities:

  • homogeneity of the composition is much easier work - in this case it will completely fill all the seams.It is unacceptable that the mixture had a hard inclusions having the property to create in the gaps between the tiles "cork», that grout will not penetrate the entire depth of the seam, leave air voids.
  • elasticity solution will also contribute to the qualitative filling joints, since it will be easily distributed to the recesses and allow to work quickly.
  • strength after curing.Grout should not crumble, and when cleaning - washed.
  • hydrophobicity material after curing.Filler seams should repel moisture, rather than absorb it .
  • Resistance to household chemical cleaning agents , since any tiling requires periodic cleaning.
  • aesthetic appearance.The joints between the tiles should be smooth and neat, and the shade of grout should blend in with the color of the most tiles.

Types of grout material for manufacturing

To date, the sale can be found one- and two-component grout produced in the form of dry mixes, ready-made pastes and solutions.They are available in various basic fundamentals:

  • Cement.
  • Polymer-cement.
  • Cement-sand.
  • Polyurethane.
  • epoxy and furan , made of resin.
  • Silicone.

In addition, there are grout that can be made with your own hands of alabaster, plaster, cement and sand, clay and lime, sodium "liquid glass" and other materials.

However, an independent manufacturer of the material can not be entirely qualitative and aggregate just crumble out of the seams under the influence of external factors - humidity and temperature changes.Grouts, produced in the factory in compliance with all the technology and the use of special antiseptic additives, no doubt, reliable those that will be made at home.

So better to buy ready-made materials, especially because they are quite affordable.And to make their own hands grout is recommended only in extreme cases.

1441710962_zatirka - seams - ceramic - tile Acquire qualitative trowelling compounds known manufacturers!

To make it easier to choose a mixture, be sure to check with review grout compositions seams, the subject of a separate publication from our website.

joint filling cement based

most popular and widely used are the grouting cement based.They produce the majority of well-known companies for the production of mortars.

The greatest prevalence and affordability have grout , cement-base

greatest prevalence and affordability are grouting cement based

grout based on cement can be divided into two types - manufactured with the addition of sand or not.

mixture, which has in its composition of sand, is used to seal wide joints, for more than 4 millimeters.Narrow gaps are filled with a soft fine-grained mortar, made in conjunction with the polymer components.In the instructions for use, located on the packaging, the manufacturer always refers to the width of the joints is a particular composition.

mixtures used to manufacture Portland cement, which has a fine grinding, so that a homogeneous mixture is obtained when mixing.Also, to achieve a solution of elasticity, it adds lime component manufacturer.

mixture may be made using water at room temperature, or Latex.The latter will have the name of polymer-cement grout.

properly kneaded mixture will ensure smooth and even seam quality that is not only securely close gaps from moisture, but also give orderly whole masonry.

mixtures based on cement can be packed in paper bags or plastic buckets.

Cement grout can be a different color.Some manufacturers have already made preparations in color from other pigments are included and are only added during manufacture.

can be added if desired grout in metal "gold" or "silver" powder - it will make the appearance of the finish over a rich and give it a particular elegance.

Silicone joint fillers

silicone joint filler - a one-component composition, packed in special plastic cartridges (tubes) and damage to joints with construction pistol.This type of grout is made of silicone with the acid hardener.The material is essentially hermetic.It completely covers the seams, water resistance and elastic, has antiseptic qualities.

Silicone sealant - an excellent joint filler on particularly difficult sections

Silicone sealant - an excellent joint filler on the most difficult sections

This joint filler is most often used in combination with other compounds smoothers.Basically , they buried the gaps in problem areas only, such as at joints or planes in tubs abut the tile, since it has a high cost and requires a large flow rate.However, if there is a possibility that it can be applied for all seams, and , with any width.mainly prevail white or transparent compositions - Its disadvantage is that made of silicone sealant in a poor variety of colors can be called.

silicone sealant is easy to fill the joints, most importantly, to make the right cut in the cap attached to the cartridge - it must meet the seam width and evenly press the pen gun construction.Then the filler will be supplied to the seams flat strip.

grout based resins

  • epoxy filler seams

Epoxy grout consists of two components - epoxy and hardener.Kneaded mass solution immediately prior to application.

Epoxy grout is usually prepared from the two components immediately before application

Epoxy grout is usually prepared from the two components immediately before application

This type of grout is characterized by high strength and resistance to external mechanical influences, as well as to high humidity and significant temperature changes.

epoxy filler for joints has a very long life.This smoothing does not lose its original appearance for 45 ÷ 50 years.

After connecting the two components of the grout, it becomes viscous consistency, and it is quite difficult to work with.Therefore, if you have no experience in the grouting, but decided to use this type of material, it is better to entrust the work of professional artists.

Application of epoxy grout

application of epoxy grout

epoxy grout is recommended to use in cases where the tiles are provided between the wide, more than 6 mm in the seams.It is well fills the cavity and curing at high density becomes close to the density of the tile itself.

to wall and floor tiles, which used epoxy filler, had an aesthetic appearance, you need to choose a ceramic tile of high quality with perfectly smooth edges and corners, or grout will not hide, but on the contrary, accentuate flaws finishing material.There is an option

epoxy filler, which includes your composition of Portland cement, which acts as a fixative.Working with a material identical to the kneading and application of cement grout, but as curing it acquires the characteristics of a traditional epoxy filler.

The addition of the metal powder in the epoxy grout

addition of metal powder in the epoxy grout

The epoxy mixture kneaded traditionally or using Portland cement, if desired , you can add one kind of metal powder.In this case, the frame of the tiles get very original, and it is particularly advantageous to look if the joints are wide, about 6 ÷ 8 mm.

It turns out very original seams

gets very original seams

Tse on on this type of grout - is high enough, so it is rarely used in the home. Basically, it is to work at facing surfaces in industrial facilities and laboratory areas where its strength, durability, resistance to aggressive environments are especially needed.

  • Filler of furan resin

This type of grout is made on the basis of furanol with the addition of fupfilovogo alcohol.The resulting material during solidification gets the highest quality of resistance to all influences, whether chemical detergents, acids, UV rays, moisture and temperature.The composition of material, as well as in the epoxy mixture, the water is not included, so it is completely absent its property to absorb.

choosing the filler, it is necessary to know that working with him is difficult, because it requires a special approach to the preparation of the surfaces of joints.

The disadvantages of this material may be called its high price and lack of color variety, since it is the only color - black .

Black grout based on furan resin

Black grout based on furan resin

This grout is rarely used for the upgrading of masonry tiles at home, though, it should be noted that black color is combined with any of the shades of colors.If the tiles are high-quality and has no flaws on the edges, then framing her black color finish give the rigor and clarity .

  • Polyurethane grout

The easiest-to-use type of joint filler - it's flexible structure ready made on the basis of polyurethane resins and an aqueous dispersion without using cement.The solution does not require preparing, as sold in the form of a uniform paste.

Ready flexible grout based on polyurethane

Ready flexible grout based on polyurethane

It is suitable for grouting width 1 ÷ 6 m m m ezhdu ceramic tiles and glass mosaic .

grouting composition is well distributed in the gaps, filling them completely.After final curing and polymerization, it is easy to clean from pollution and has a high water-repellent properties.

Filler seams of this type has a color gamut pastel shades that allows you to pick it up at any tile.

grout based on polyurethane for grouting between the tiles on horizontal and vertical surfaces of the bathroom, as well as other facilities, including heated floors.

Self preparation Trowellings

In any case a good idea to know a few recipes joint filler at home, because there are different situations, from which urgently need to find a way out.Knowing the composition and production technology, make filler for joints is a snap.

  • Cement-sand mixture

most affordable and easy recipe for a placeholder - a use for it small fraction of cement and sand.They are taken in proportions of 1: 1 or 1: 2.Two ingredients are mixed in dry form and then added in small portions them water.The composition is thoroughly mixed and brought to a homogeneous state - it should have the consistency of thick cream.

Separate production of cement-sand grout

independent manufacturing cement-sand grout

To prepare the cement-sand grout can be used as gray and white cement and for give composition of certain shade it added pigments - they can be purchased in dry or dissolved form .

addition, the solution can be added a metal powder, which make it indistinguishable from a hardware store bought.

To enhance the elasticity of the mixture in her latex additives are sometimes added.Thus, you get a classic grout, which will be identical to produced in the factory.

  • Gypsum grout

trowelling mastic can be prepared and made from plaster, using as a plasticizer additive slaked lime.This ingredient is necessary because without it solidified gypsum is very fragile.

Gypsum-based grout in a bath should be avoided

Grout gypsum-based bathroom conditions should not use

In addition, lime will increase the time of hardening plaster trowels.Everyone knows that the plaster quickly sets and hardens, so do not make a lot of material - this is best done in small portions.After using up each portion grouting, before preparing the next, capacity and trowel should be cleaned each time a well as small and large frozen gypsum particles will interfere with the operation.

Gypsum - a fragile material and enough plastic, so the mechanical action can crumble.In addition, it is able to absorb moisture, so the bathroom is better to not use a grout.