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August 12, 2017 18:06

Soundproofing a ceiling in the apartment under the suspended ceiling

Stretch ceilings are rapidly gaining in popularity - they allow you to create a perfectly flat surface with high decorative effect.But quite effective barrier to the penetration of noise become, they are not able to - soundproof quality PVC or fabric stretched canvases are small.

Soundproofing a ceiling in the apartment under the suspended ceiling

Soundproofing a ceiling in the apartment under the suspended ceiling

If the noise from the upper floors is becoming a real problem, it should be before starting to treat a complex problem.This means that along with a selection of decorative qualities of the future ceiling coverings should be designed and high-quality sound insulation of the ceiling in the apartment under tension ceiling.

Today, there are a lot of materials that are able to create silence in the apartment, and they are perfectly suited for ceiling mounting.Some s and s vukoizolyatorov quite popular and are used for many years, not only to reduce noise but also for insulation of surfaces, as they have the appropriate properties.Apart from these, in the sale are entirely new materials, which are specially designed for effective sound insulation.

Sound-proof materials for ceiling

Article Contents

  • 1 Sound-proof materials for ceiling
  • 2 Preparation of the surface of the ceiling and installing the frame
  • 3 Characteristics and sound insulation installation technology
    • 3.1 materials based on mineral wool
      • 3.1.1 mounting plates of mineral wool insulation
      • 3.1.2 Video: example of sound insulation for the installation of stretch ceiling
    • 3.2 Using Styrofoam panels
    • 3.3 sound insulator "Teksaund »
      • 3.3.1 installation" Teksaunda »
        • first option mounting
        • second option mounting
        • third option
    • 3.4 Noise ceiling with acoustic foam
      • 3.4.1 Mounting foam soundproofing

Before considering the various materials for sound insulation, it should be noted that recently appeared ceilings, paintings which also tend to reducethe level of external noise.The structure of the fabric is finely perforated structure acoustic type , and so, the absorption of sound vibrations.Of course, if you install only such paintings without additional sound insulation slab surface, the effect is far from complete, and therefore it is recommended to install the suspended ceiling in combination with acoustic materials.

today to protect the apartment from outside noise coming from the upper apartments, the following materials are used:

  • Different types of mineral wool or modified sound - and thermal insulation, manufactured at its basis.
  • Expanded polystyrene, extruded and normal.
  • cork fabric and plates.
  • Foam mats.
  • Modern sound-insulating material based on mineral « Teksaund ».

Whatever material is chosen for noise reduction, it is imperative always is to carry out preparation of the surface of the ceiling to the assembly work and installation frame for tensioning webs, which subsequently will hide the design soundproof "barrier".

Preparation of the surface of the ceiling and installing frame

Installation of any sound-absorbing materials under the suspended ceiling can be done in different ways - gluing, laying between the guide crates or consolidation using dowels - «fungi."In some cases it is better to use two fixing principle, especially in the case when the substrate has no ceiling ideal evenness.For example, new or established between the guide plate further fixed fixtures - «fungi."

Whatever soundproof material no was chosen before installation is necessary to prepare the surface well, in order to avoid low-quality bonding or the occurrence of mold in the future.

  • If the ceiling is high quality painted surface, the sound insulation will be mounted immediately.This surface does not require special preparation and priming will perform the role of a colored layer.
  • In the event that the ceiling covering is damaged, it is better to completely or partially removed.
  • Then, on the surface traversed by hard brush, to remove the small rubbish and dust, which can interfere with bonding plates or webs.
  • Next, is primed surface of the ceiling and walls in the 100 ÷ 150 mm from its junction at 2 ÷ 3 layers.Each successive layer of the primer composition is applied only after complete drying of the previous one.It is important to well treat the joints of the ceiling to the walls and corners, since it is in these places often occur patches of dampness and mold.special formulations used for priming, have an antiseptic effect.This primer will create a stable surface film , which not only protects from the emergence of centers of flora, but also will promote good adhesion of materials.
Priming on the ceiling surface

primer application overhead

Once primed surface and allowed to dry, you can begin to consolidate around the room guide profiles for the installation of stretch ceiling.

  • To do this, first of all, it made weaning height, which will be mounted rails around the perimeter of the room.This proce ss etc. Gadfly using a spirit level and a colored marker cord, which bounces a flat line on the wall.Instead of building level for basting line is better to use a laser level, which will determine the border fixing profiles from around the perimeter of the room.
  • next step is cutting profiles to size.
Cutting profiles for mounting on the wall

Cutting profiles for mounting on the wall

  • Since the profile of the metal is a good conductor of sound, the before install it, it is necessary to the other side, which is adjacent to the wall, stick sound insulation tape.
Sound absorbing self-adhesive tape

sound absorbing adhesive tape

tape usually already equipped with an adhesive layer, protected film , which can only be removed before installation.

Bonding tape on profile

Bonding tape on profile

  • Next, profile is pressed against the side wall with tape stuck on it and fixed with screws or dowels through the holes drilled .
Fastening profiles to the wall

Fastening profiles to the wall

mount made in increments of 100 ÷ 150 mm.Such frequent location should be maintained, as these fixing elements will fall very large burden and by weight, and from force web tension.

  • then outlines the installation location lighting.They are prepared and secured special areas, for example, from a bar, which will be fixed lighting.The thickness of the timber is chosen depending on the distance at which the tension will be omitted from the base fabric of the ceiling foundation.Sites must be on the same level as mounted on a wall profile, or to provide the necessary distance from the web, if you intend to install recessed luminaires.
Fixing reference sites for the installation of lamps

mount support pads for mounting fixtures

  • After this is done eyeliner electric cable to the installation of lighting elements.The cable must be securely mounted on the ceiling or on the wooden elements - not allowed his sagging.
  • Then, on luminaires mounting locations are set fixing elements included in the kit to auxiliary devices after the web tension were under him.
Wiring and fasteners for fixtures provided in advance

wiring and fasteners for fixtures provided in advance

Now you can move on to Sound Insulation.They may vary - depending on the material chosen.

specifications and installation technology soundproofing materials

Now that we know how to prepare the ceiling to its sound insulation and establish a framework for the stretch ceiling, you can proceed to the content.To determine the choice, you should consider their characteristics and methods of installation.

materials based on mineral wool

Mineral basalt wool often used for heat and sound insulation works both on the ceiling and on the walls.It has good performance and is the most suitable for premises of all similar fibrous materials.

But it is better in this case to take not normal stone wool - today produced advanced types of material, and their names are directly speak about their destiny.This, for example, « Shumanet BM » or « Shumostop » C2 and By 2.

  • « Shumanet BM»

This material is composed of basalt fibers and is characterized as sound absorber premium.One side of the mats reinforced with glass fiber layer, making the surface more rigid , and the inner porous layer - well protected.This tough «cover» keeps plates intact and not gives them deformed and does not allow the fine particles to enter the room through the perforated fabric tension.

Упаковка панелей "Шуманет"

Packing panels "Shumanet»

characteristics of sound-absorbing panels « Shumanet BM" complies with the requirements of SNIP 23 ÷ 03 ÷ 2003 "Protection against noise".The main ones are listed in the table:

Name characteristics of the material value of the parameters
Standard plate size mm 1000 × 500;1000 × 600
plate Thickness 50
density of material, kg / m³ 45
number of plates in packing, pcs. 4
area slabs in the same package, m² 2.4
Weight per package kg 4,2 ÷ 5,5
packaging volume m³ 0,1× 0,12
absorption coefficient (average), dB 23 ÷ 27
Flammability (GOST 30244-94) NG (non-combustible)
water absorption by partial immersion in water for 24 hours not more than 1 ÷ 3%

Prevalence nt star ukopogloscheniya defined for special acoustic tests, conducted in the laboratory NIISF RAASN Moscow.This material has a low percentage of water absorption , so it can be safely used in rooms with high humidity.

  • « Shumostop »
Стекловолоконные панели "Шумостоп"

Fiberglass panels "Shumostop»

More one sound-insulating material for the ceiling covering is « Shumostop ».It is produced in two varieties and labeled With 2 and By 2. Therefore, if the selected sound-absorbing panels, the labeling should pay particular attention to:

Name of material characteristics value parameters
C2 K2
Standard plate size (mm) 1250 × 600 1200 × 300
plate thickness (mm) 20
material density (kg / m³) 70 90-100
number plates in the package (pcs.) 10
area slabs in the same package (m²) 7.5 3.6
Weight per package (kg) 11 8.8
volume packaging (m³) 0.15 0.072
coefficient of sound absorption average (dB) 26-27 20
Flammability (GOST 30244-94) NG (non-combustible)
water absorption by partial immersion in water for 24 hours not more than 2% not more than 3%

- C2 is most often used for thermal insulation and sound insulation of floors, since it is made from hydrophobic staple fiber.

- K2 is used for all surfaces.It is made from basalt fibers, and usually it is a « shumostop » is used for sound insulation ceiling.

Often these materials are used in combination, since With 2 - Prevalence of higher nt star ukopogloscheniya and By 2 - less harmful for human health.Therefore, the first layer of fiberglass plates are fixed and they are closed on top basalt mats.When used this way they are able to reduce the noise level to 46 dB .

Mounting plates mineral wool insulation

Installation is carried out in the following sequence:

  • If shumoizolyator planned to be laid between the rails crates , the first under her marking is carried out on the ceiling.After determining the location of the reference points of all elements, kicking line, which will be fixed guide frame.These elements are fixed at a distance of 550 ÷ 600 mm from each other, depending on the width selected sound absorbing plates.
Laying soundproof panels between the guide battens

Laying soundproof panels between the guide battens

wooden beams or metal profiles can be used for the frame.Runners should not have such a thickness that will lower them below fixed on the walls of the profile for tensioning the canvas.

When metal profiles are used to crates, they also need to paste special tape, otherwise Effe ct star ukoizolyatsii will be reduced.

  • frame can be mounted directly to the ceiling or using hangers.They are fixed to the surface of the ceiling anchors, and to them already fixed elements crates .

This option say that if the apartment high ceiling, and it is planned to lay a thick layer of soundproofing material.It should be provided in advance, still for fixing profiles for suspended ceilings.

  • The next step is the installation of the acoustic material plates.They should as much as possible adhere to the surface of the ceiling.If shumoizolyator fit into crate , it is recommended to fill its full thickness.The material must be laid between the carcass vraspor elements.
  • If crate is not installed, then reliable connection noise insulation panels to the ceiling using one of the adhesives.It can be the glue in a spray that in recent years have increasingly used for mounting.Another option - mounting adhesive, cement or gypsum based.
Application Spray Adhesive

Application Spray adhesive

The choice depends on the composition of the surface to which the material will be installed.

- For example, if a concrete ceiling, you can use glue, cement or gypsum based.For mounting on the painted surface is better to choose the glue-spray, which is great consolidate mats on the ceiling, without additional fixation "fungi".