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August 12, 2017 18:07

Bamboo curtains in the interior

Of course, everyone wants the interior of his house was beautiful, stylish and cozy.Today, thanks to a wide variety of materials, possible to give any room a unique style.


Sometimes, in order to significantly change the perception of the interior, enough to change just one part.Such an effect can have decorations made of natural materials, on the background of the standard things that are available to most people.One of these decorative elements are bamboo blinds.They look very sophisticated and extraordinary.This is one of the most deserving candidates for window decorations.

To produce such curtains use thin bamboo stalks that are harmoniously intertwined with the help of threads made of natural materials.These curtains are not only well protected from the sun, but are an excellent interior decoration virtually any purpose.Even if minor elements of bamboo will be present on the windows, it is able to attract attention and create a unique style.Especially look good is a continuous series of curtains on the windows of the winter garden or veranda.

Bamboo curtains often preferred by people for whom it is important that the decorations were made from environmentally friendly materials.They appreciate the beauty of the natural ingredients.Hanged himself from a bamboo curtain, you will definitely add respectability room.

Properties and bamboo curtains function

Bamboo is one of the most popular exotic materials.Therefore, products made of it are considered to be quite practical.This is due to the fact that they are not demanding of care, but they have a kind of charm and added interior comfort.They gradually replacing conventional fabric curtains and aluminum blinds.


  • Bamboo curtains have a whole set of characteristics that make them superior to curtains made of other materials.These properties include water resistance, which allows to use them for decoration of the premises with high humidity.That is, the curtains of bamboo can be used in bathrooms, balconies, loggias and verandas.Thus a bamboo avoid discoloration and deformation, it is not necessary to wash the powders using a variety of household detergents.
  • In addition, bamboo is a natural antistatic.Therefore, on the curtains will not accumulate dust and dirt.It also reduces the demands on care.After all, for such curtains we had an attractive appearance, enough to wipe them periodically with a damp cloth.
  • Bamboo curtains different wear resistance, good toughness, durability.Therefore, they can be placed even in children's rooms.The undoubted advantage is the low cost of the raw material bamboo curtains.The price of this material is quite acceptable.Therefore, this element of the decor is available even for people with average income.
  • curtains of bamboo are highly resistant to UV rays, so they do not fade even when hung on the southern windows.
  • Today there are wide range of different shades of the curtains of bamboo, which allows them to pick up any interior.It is also possible to give the paint tinting material of a desired color tone.
  • on protective function of this decoration element affects the type and frequency of the weaving.Curtains with minimum light transmission have more frequent weaving.Dense weave such curtains are well able to close the windows from sunlight penetration, while maintaining the normal air circulation.This room creates an optimum microclimate.Openwork and air curtains of bamboo are less frequent braiding.
  • Today there are a large number of weaving techniques, allowing you to choose from the variety of desired appearance and curtains shade that will suit the style of your home decor.You will definitely be able to choose what will fit perfectly into the design concept.This element of decor surprising combination of versatility weaving and laconic straight lines.

Types of bamboo curtains


In total there are two kinds of bamboo curtains - it's horizontal and vertical.The most practical, and therefore more popular blinds are horizontal.The horizontal blinds bamboo stalks stacked horizontally.They, in turn, are of two types - Roman and roller.

Roman bamboo curtains are able to gather up the beautiful harmonious folds, through which regulated the degree of protection from sunlight.Such curtains will look pretty good in any room, but most of all they come into the room, decorated in gothic style.

Round type blinds so called because they have a special mechanism that allows the web while lifting curtains folded into a roll.several types of hoists are designed to control the blinds - a cord, and chain-spring.Seldom curtains with automatic movement.For the manufacture of bamboo blinds can be used as thick stems are flat and thin sticks.The difference of the stem thickness is practically nothing on impact.They are usually intertwined bamboo strands or bamboo sticks.

When buying any type of horizontal blinds, be aware that when they are installed there must be enough space for the box installation of windows.So, for Roman blinds this space shall be 24-30 centimeters, and to roll - 17-23 centimeters.

As for vertical types of bamboo curtains, the paintings are strung on a cord through the holes or they are attached to the eaves with hooks.These curtains are moved apart and uniform folds.Most often this element of decor made of bamboo stalks or thin slats.In our country, the most famous are the vertical blinds made of bamboo that look like sticks fixedly connected to each other.We call them bamboo curtains.Today, they can often be seen in food establishments and in some apartments.They are used mainly to protect against solar radiation, and for space separation zones.This is an opportunity to review all areas of the room.That they often cover the doorways in the absence of the door.It is said that the bamboo curtain at the door will look very relevant.

Selection Criteria


If you want to buy bamboo curtains, keep in mind a few important criteria.One of these criteria is the frequency of weaving.Any curtains are designed to protect from the sun.Unlike other curtains, drapes bamboo regardless of the frequency of weaving will pass into the room sunlight.Thus breathability retained.Therefore, this element of the decor does not necessarily raise.It can be kept permanently in the lowered state.The room with the curtains can be aired, and the dust will not get into it.

Curtains made of bamboo have a full palette of colors, their appearance will add sophistication to any interior.Especially good they look in a room in Art Nouveau style.

basic shades like curtains today is the color of cherries, coffee and mahogany.All this color palette, if desired, you can set off to the curtains better suited to your interior.Especially original look curtains in which strips of different widths are used, the presence of small irregularities and seals.

control mechanism


bamboo blinds control mechanisms may be different.For example, there are curtains that are going to roll along the bottom edge, and the curtains are going up proportional folds.To lift can be used cord or chain, which is located on the left side.The mechanism allows you to adjust the penetration of sunlight by raising and lowering the blade.

Often there are bamboo curtains with a spring mechanism.The principle of operation of this mechanism is similar to the work of the curtains on the windows of cars.Such a method is particularly relevant at a low height windows.In this case, to control blinds use a chain or cord.

for mounting the box is necessary to present fairly above the free distance.Depending on the thickness of the curtain may take from 17 to 30 centimeters of space.If not, then you can fix the curtains on the ceiling or wall.Additionally, one should know that this system can not be mounted directly on the window frame.So you should take this into account when buying.

Application in interior


various bamboo curtains can be used in different rooms.Photos presented in this article, it clearly shows.For example, in the bedroom rather romantic look of bamboo blinds, pleated blinds.In the living room you can hang bamboo blinds in the form of curtains.They also can be placed at the exit to the balcony.

the kitchen as the blinds will look good blinds.The living room you can arrange in an exotic style, then just the way it will be made of bamboo blinds that can give the interior a charm.

If the bathroom has a window, it is possible to mark the horizontal bamboo blinds.The most profitable hanging bamboo curtains on the sunny side.They will save on heat in the summer and in the winter do not miss the cold.To emphasize the greatness of the French windows, you can use bamboo panels.The use of bamboo blinds in the interior - it's a way to be closer to nature and naturalness.


Figure 2

Brackets bamboo curtains are universal.Therefore, it can be fixed, as the wall or the ceiling.If you need to carry out installation of the bamboo curtain, guide this work consists of the following sequence of actions.

  1. First, unscrew the bolt and thereby remove the bottom bracket bar.
  2. decide then to the possible installation of curtains place and do the layout for future openings, in which the brackets are mounted.
  3. Now, according to the markup make holes for dowels.
  4. After that you need to install the brackets, thus fixing them at the bottom clamp.Bolt is not fully spin.
  5. Now you need to insert a curtain rod in the bracket and tighten the screws (securely, all the way), and thereby fix it.

How to care

  • Bamboo curtains do not require any special care.It is their undoubted advantage.Due to its antistatic, they are almost never sits down dust.So take care of them should be much less than other types of blinds.It will be sufficient to carry out periodically a little cleaning with a damp cloth, which take five minutes of your time.Such care enough to curtains again looked like new.
  • Despite the fact that bamboo has a moisture resistance, such curtains still worth to protect from moisture.The fact that the use of bamboo in such circumstances can lead to the appearance of mold on the canvas.
  • Do not forget to ventilate the room.Bamboo, as well as any natural material, needs to breathe, so fresh air is very important for its longevity.
  • Do not for a long time to hold a bamboo leaf in cellophane.
  • In addition, it is recommended to protect the bamboo from any mechanical shock and damage.