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Windows And Glazing

August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair of old wooden windows

Old wooden window, much better than metal-plastic - and so appreciated around the world.It is much cheaper to refurbish your old windows, you install new ones.There are several advantages in favor of the restoration.Before the window was made of well dried wood - odd rule today, dried accelerated methods.Old window and have already got used to stand, and often requires only cosmetic repairs.Old windows, made of wood - breathe, unlike the newfangled windows of metal.


Therefore, repair of old windows, urgent to replace them with new ones.Minor repairs, and replacement of some parts - much more effective than replacing the old windows with new ones.Especially suffers the bottom bracket.Condensation and perspiration trickles down on the stele and contribute to mold and rot the lower crossbar of the frame.

Dismantling and demolition of old windows


  1. The restoration of window frames, it is advisable to conduct a comprehensive and to include in the cosmetic treatment of the sill and window boxes.To begin work on the restoration and restoration of old wooden frames, they must be removed.
  2. screwdriver or screwdriver - remove the handles, latches and hinges.Stuffy paint can remove or soften the paint stripper.
  3. Arranging transom window on the desktop or workbench, carefully remove the glass.Screwdriver and carpenter's knife, scratched putty if glass stand on it or Undermine the same tools bead.

remove old paint from wooden surfaces


  1. removing the glass panes, clear grooved slots from dirt and extraneous growths of paint and putty.
  2. disassembled and without glass windows, you need to clean off old paint.To do this, use a special chemical cleaner or mechanical method.By building dryer or a radical way - a blowtorch.
  3. paint cleaner - effective for small deposits.If many layers of paint - use a heat treatment.Softening of the old paint is removed with a spatula.
  4. Peeled paint wooden window surface is treated with sand paper or a grinding machine.After polishing, dents and damage overwritten wood putty.After drying putty, made a final sweep of fine surface.A similar treatment is subjected to the window frame and sill.

Replacing the binding parts of the window frame


  1. Depending on the size of the opening of the window frame, the window is made up of mullions dividing the frame into two or more parts horizontally and vertically.
  2. In the event that one or more mullions restoration can not be - they can be replaced.Choose a good rectangular pieces of lumber, dried by, without knots and give to the profile grooves in the carpentry shop.
  3. Make them risochnuyu markup for studs, eyelets, nests and folds.Cut bars at 45 ° considering the extreme tolerances.
  4. bars are attached to the target site, then fine teeth saw or jigsaw zapilivajut spikes and eyelets.Slight distortion can ruin all the work.Spike made thicker slot widths lead to cracks and tenon socket lugs lower frame leads to loosening.
  5. washed down spikes and eyelets, proceed to further processing.In shipovyh parts sawed cheeks and grooved undercut surface.Zenzubel or folding removed all the rough edges and adjacent surfaces are fitted tightly.Whatever the assembly passed easily remove small bevel chisel "into their heads."Some tight knots gently inciting mallet.
  6. Binding assembly checked carpentry gon.Note that the folds of the frame are flush.In this case, the glass falls exactly on the folds and achieved a good seal.
  7. checked cover dry - all connections are coated joiner's glue and assemble again.Assembled cover put in vajmy and shall be verified on the correct angles and distortions.In the corners of drilled holes with a diameter of 10 - 12 mm and inserted into them smeared with glue nageli.
  8. The lower bar of the binding, arranged tide.The size and shape of the tide varies, but under it should always be a drip - groove semicircular or rectangular.It is situated on the outer edge of 10 mm from the edge.Put glue on the tides, further fixing nails at an angle.

Glazing wooden window frames

once warm - old - wooden windows

  1. Window glass should be 3 - 4 mm smaller on all sides of the distance between high seam.This is necessary in case of wet and warping of wood.
  2. Along the perimeter of the rebate is applied a thin layer of transparent silicone that will prevent the ingress of moisture and dust.
  3. On the reverse side is applied missed silicone bead and fix bolts.Studs are sacrificed at 200 - 300 mm and a depth of 7 - 10 mm.


painting wooden windows

  1. for quality repairs of old wooden windows, judging by the reviews before painting frame, it is desirable to process antiseptic.
  2. For quality coating paint, window unit is covered with varnish.After drying varnish can begin to paint.Typically, the windows are painted in two layers, the first - and second primer - finishing.
  3. To paint does not impinge on the glass during the renovation of old windows used masking tape (see. Photo).Glued masking tape along the bead on the glass around the perimeter of the window.
  4. Detailed instructions on how to self-repair the old wooden windows with their hands - there is a video at the end.