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December 13, 2017 00:01

Installation of the ceiling in the bathroom with their hands

As is known, to date, many owners are willing to make your bathroom a truly cozy space.Fortunately, the sale is just a tremendous amount of construction and finishing materials, with which you can transform even the most "gray" room.


Most owners pay attention to the decoration of the walls, but it is more important to concentrate on the ceiling.It is this component is sometimes simply spoils the impression about the entire bathroom.It should immediately be noted that the market can find a huge amount of material to create a reliable and attractive appearance of the ceiling.

In this article we will try to analyze the main items related to the choice of material for ceiling mounting.Moreover, a closer look at the ceiling installation process, as well as any difficulties encountered.

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features the choice of material for the ceiling in the bathroom

First of all it should be noted that not all bathrooms advisable to mount the ceiling.It so happens that the space in this room too modest, so it's best to leave things as they are.If the room is really big, then you can consider a variety of options.

For example, it can go on the stretch ceilings, which have recently been the owners mounted in virtually any environment.

Well, in the beginning I would like to say that often the ceiling installation process (regardless of what kind of material selected for this purpose) is rather complicated.Accordingly, if you do not want to experiment, it is better to entrust the work to professionals.This step is particularly important when expensive ceiling material, and repair work can be seriously damaged.

In addition, if you are planning a ceiling installation, you must first elevate the rest of the bathroom space.Accordingly, if the overall style of the room has already been formed, you can begin the installation of the ceiling.

ceiling installation process can be much more difficult, if the bathroom is quite an unusual shape.This may be, for example, the design created on the basis of plasterboard.If the room is the most usual "box", the installation process should go through without any hassle.

If you decide to make installation of the ceiling in the bathroom with their hands, and in this area you have very little experience, you should have a detailed instruction in all of the repair process, as a serious mistake at any time.

Preliminary events

Before starting the installation of the ceiling, it is necessary to carry out some preliminary steps.

First of all we are talking about carrying out measurements.It is necessary to equip the most common tape measure and measure several times the entire ceiling area.This process may differ in some difficulties if the cap has an original shape.At this stage you need to estimate how much we need the ceiling material.Perhaps if inexpensive material, it can be purchased with a margin.If it is, for example, suspended ceiling, there is great importance has every millimeter of length of the web.Accordingly, mistakes in this situation is impossible.

After the measurements does not hurt to clean the surface of the ceiling.Quite often, the ceiling can be detected and dirt, and a lot of dust.In some cases it might be a threat for a ceiling mounting.Align the ceiling, most likely, it is not required.The fact is that the ceiling, which we are going to be installed, and must hide all surfaces flaws that allowed the builders or the owners themselves during their stay.


mounting rack in the bathroom ceiling

suspended ceilings in private homes as well as apartments, are used quite often.In most cases, the owners make a choice in favor of aluminum slats that look great and have all the properties required for use in the bathroom.

Advantages and disadvantages rack ceiling

First, consider the merits of the ceiling:

  • modern style.Reiki is known, it is possible to enter almost any housing interior.At the same time we must remember that you should carefully consider all the details related to the design, as this is an important aspect, even in the bathroom in front of a large-scale renovation.In addition, based on a ceiling rack can be mounted spotlights.Accordingly, it is another point, which allows you to decorate the room.
  • Stainless steel rails.As we have said, Reiki is often made on the basis of aluminum.Accordingly, this material withstands corrosion action.This aspect is particularly important when it comes to the bathroom, where humidity is almost always increased.By the way, worthy counterparts in rack ceiling is not there.
  • Easy cleaning.Many owners who have long established a ceiling rack, argue that it is very easy to clean.Accordingly, after a little cleaning material surface will shine like the day of purchase.However, we must remember that the aluminum material is quite easy to damage, so all manipulations should be done cautiously.
  • anti-dust coating.This feature is in some measure concerns the last paragraph, but separately it should be noted that the clean surface of strip ceilings have very rarely.

If we talk about the shortcomings of the ceiling rack, then they are quite subjective.The first is to understand that due to the installation of the ceiling rack slightly reduced height of the room.This is particularly bad if we have too limited space.Another disadvantage stems from the fact that when there are problems need to be carried out completely dismantling the entire ceiling.In some cases, such work can be time consuming.


Preliminary events

The first is to carry out measurements of the room.After that, of course, you need to head to the hardware store and analyze carefully rails dimensions.This product does not have any standardized sizes, so often must buy all the necessary volume of rails, so you do not have any problems.Attention is drawn on the length and the width, and even the thickness of each rail.

for sale can be found 3 types of rails: closed (analogue wooden bunks), open, with inserts.In the case of the bathroom can go all 3 species, but the last two are designed for high ceilings (about 5 meters).

Also, when buying rails should pay attention to the appearance of the material.In particular this applies color rack products.Obviously, you can choose any option, but first you need to think about that the next ceiling is combined with all the facilities.Most often, the owners prefer neutral options.

During installation, we need: bus (strip with special teeth), suspension (wire on the basis of concrete ceiling), plinth (only decorative element).It may also be required spotlights.On them you need to take care in advance.

installation process

  1. all starts with fastening of the stringers.This bearing profiles, which are fastened with screws or dowels.Consideration should be given special attention to this issue, as on these profiles will act serious load.
  2. End profiles must be installed around the perimeter of the bathroom.
  3. Then begins hanging rails directly to the stringers.We would like to say that must first be removed from the protective film strips.installation process only takes a couple of tens of minutes.After that, the ceiling can be safely exploited.
  4. If you plan to install light fixtures, the Rack and pinion material kindly requested to make holes.

It is said that the installation of plastic panels is almost the same as in the case of rack products.


Mounting tension ceiling in the bathroom

Hosts massively began to establish ceilings after the price of these products has decreased significantly.Now, virtually anyone can afford to buy themselves stretched canvas, which not only decorate the home space, but also make it more solid.

Positive and negative aspects of suspended ceilings

To start analyze the advantages of suspended ceilings in the bathroom:

  • Moisture resistance.This is the point, which is incredibly important in the bathroom.Accordingly, there is no fear of water ingress, as the material when all hands will have approximately the same appearance.About moisture resistance of the material should be checked separately from consultants as available for sale a variety of variations of products.
  • durability.If the material is not damaged, it will be in the same state for decades.Indeed, modern technology demonstrate real miracles.Moreover, many manufacturers provide a guarantee of a tension fabric, which often reaches 10 years.
  • No need care.Yes, indeed, it is not necessary to make regular maintenance of web tension, as this surface is quite dirty.This is one of the main differences from the rest of the stretch ceiling materials.
  • high temperature - not a hindrance.As is known, some ceiling material at too high temperatures may deform and come into disrepair.Fortunately, with the stretch ceiling all quite the opposite.This material may be even a little bit to align, if the room is too hot.Accordingly, in the bathroom, you can use the stretch material without any caveats.

As for the weaknesses of the material, we would like to note its low strength.Of course, damage the fabric tension is very simple.It is enough to throw the ceiling some object.However, here we must try, as the material is elastic, and after some time he returned to the previous state.It is for the reason that the suspended ceiling may be damaged, it is practically not installed in the children's rooms.

installation process

In this case, we need just a bit of devices and materials.Among them: the heat gun, hammer, dowels, screwdriver, hacksaw, profiles, putty knife.

  1. To begin conducting measurements of the room.Can be found using the protractor width and length of the corners.Also with the help of the level you need to partition walls.You must make sure that all necessary fastening elements maximally flat.In addition, from the lowest point of the ceiling should be performed indent - at least 4 cm
  2. Then take a profile, and with the help of scissors metal cut the desired part..the profile ends should be cut at an angle so that they could dock.
  3. Mounting profiles occurs based on the dowels and screws.It should apply the building level, that each connection point is at the correct level.
  4. Now it's time to turn on the heat gun and heat the room to 40 degrees Celsius.At the same time it is necessary to deploy the web to heat uniformly throughout its length.
  5. start fixing material base angle (marked on the canvas).Fixing takes place by means of a spatula, which is charged with the material in the profile.After mounting one corner - we start to make similar manipulations with the opposite angle.Only then begins assembling the keeper and the perimeter wall.With
  6. thermal dryer needed to smooth the creases which appear uniquely in the process.

advance to take care of the holes under the lights, if something like that is planned.This requires special pre-install the rings, and only then, when the web is found to make the necessary cut-out.

Almost immediately after installation, you can use the room without any problems.As already mentioned, no temperature differences Stretch ceilings are not afraid.