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December 12, 2017 00:17

How to sheathe balcony plastic panels

For most people, the balcony is an important place in the home.Many store owners on the balcony of conservation, as well as many other things that are uniquely useful in the household.It should be borne in mind that today is also often a balcony and a continuation of the main rooms.In this room, people often carry out full repairs


  • Key Features plastic panels
  • Advantages and plastic panels disadvantages for balcony
  • process of preparing the balcony to finish with plastic panels
  • Crate walls balcony
  • Mounting panels

it is also interesting that from the balcony you can make a full room in which you can live without too much trouble.Of course, in this scenario is set on the balcony table, bed, creates a complete workspace.

However, the first thing you need to take care in such conditions - it's room decoration.By itself, a balcony, in its original state, looks very modestly: brick walls, lack of glazing.The most common plastic panels used for upgrading the balcony.They not only make the room look attractive, but also will create the ideal conditions for living.In the market there is a huge range of plastic panels, which can be chosen not only based on the appearance of the products, but also based on the required characteristics.

In this article we will look at the main advantages and disadvantages of plastic panels for the balcony and look at the balcony of the plating technology products.

Key Features plastic panels

main feature of plastic panels for balcony is the practicality of their application.Technology arrangement surface of the panel is designed in such a way that the entire scope of work can be carried out very quickly.Thus it is necessary to take into account the fact that all other options are finishing moreover, that are designed for a longer amount of work, so also have a number of problematic sides.

themselves plastic panels incredibly reliable in terms of operation.Even after ten years, they will have an initial appearance.However, this applies only to those homes which are located in areas of the cool climatic conditions.The most interesting thing is that for specific conditions can choose the most suitable kind of plastic products.For example, to improve the sound insulation is necessary to look to plastic panels, which have an impressive thickness.The situation is similar with the other parameters of these products.

When purchasing plastic sheeting must be taken into account even the most insignificant factor, which at first glance may not seem very important.

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic panels for balcony

advance should be noted that the plastic panels have a much more positive aspects than negative.However, it should be understood that even one of the drawbacks could be banned for the use of plastic products in various conditions.For example, if we are talking about fire safety, in this regard, many kinds of plastic panels are frank outsiders.

Benefits from the following material:

  • decorative component.Unlike many other decorative materials, plastic panels may have different patterns and texture.This allows for a unique design idea, which has no analogues.Many manufacturers offer a huge range of plastic products, and some do produce panels by order (the buyers themselves offer a favorite figure).These moves can design chic look with the other objects in the home, and it's definitely a plus.
  • installation on different types of surfaces.It is known that for the majority of finishing materials must first prepare the surface.Accordingly, it is a waste of time and money.At the same time, the plastic panels can be placed almost anywhere.It creates a kind of cage, and, based on settling the plastic surface.No strict limitations in this regard, no.This positive side once again accelerates the process of surface finishing plastic material.
  • Soundproofing.Surprisingly, plastic panels perfectly isolate outside noise.Of course, this material is far from specialized construction resources, but do not underestimate the merits of plastic.sound insulation occurs due to the voids inside the panels, which are thin walls.Moreover, if we make a choice in favor of large plastic panels, you can be assured of a high enough insulation space.If you use special insulating materials and plastic panels at the same time, we get a very high quality results.
  • use at low temperatures.Many industrial facilities have a low temperature conditions, which is especially noticeable in winter.Most of finishing materials in such conditions very quickly becomes unfit for use.But not the plastic panel.They do not lose their initial properties, even if the indoor temperature is below zero.Accordingly, in many industrial facilities can be found a huge wall, covered with plastic panels.If we talk about the balcony, there is also has the effect of low temperatures, however, the plastic material will always be great to show off during the entire period of operation.
  • Fire.Unfortunately, this does not refer to all plastic panels, but most of the products present on the market, it can not be a fire.Definitely, this is a very important factor to the acquisition of material need to be sure that the panels do not constitute a threat during a fire.Even if the fireproof material is more expensive than usual, it makes sense to pay a premium.First of all, it is the products that will be used for the inner liner.
  • Sustainability.Again, as in the previous case, the majority of modern plastic products can be used without any restrictions.Environmentally friendly material means that it can be used not only in ordinary rooms, but also in hospitals, nurseries.
  • Easy care.Yes indeed, the plastic panels are very easy to clean, just enough to walk with a damp cloth to remove dust and small dirt.Moreover, plastic panels dust hardly accumulates, so it is possible to forget to clean the permanent procedures surfaces.Often plastic panels used in medical institutions, as they meet hygienic standards.

plastic panels have disadvantages:

  • Fragility.Many plastic panel is actually quite easy to damage.One need only to stumble and hurt the shoulder material.Accordingly, just restore the surface will not work.It is necessary to produce a complete replacement of the damaged plastic strip.However, there are commercially available and particularly durable materials, which is definitely worth attention.
  • Decreasing space.It so happens that the plastic panels are placed in a special frame.Accordingly, there is a slight reduction in the usable space in the house.If there is a wall decoration in a small room, such changes will be visible.However, in the case of the balcony of such problems should not be.

preparation process for finishing the balcony plastic panels

First you need to make preparations that will allow to take care of all the important aspects of the process.

The first thing to understand that the use of plastic panels must be glazed balcony, or under the influence of precipitation material quickly will become worthless.Often, in this case using PVC windows, which are ideal for the conditions.It should be understood that we need for the balcony windows without ventilation sources.

next stage - the insulation and sealing of the balcony.Warming will help avoid the negative effect of low temperatures.By itself, the plastic material is absolutely not suffer from the cold, but the tenants will be able to freely leave the winter on the balcony.Before warming need to conduct sealing all the cracks.To do this often use foam or silicone or other sealants.

As for insulation, then in most cases the perfect foam as the primary insulation.Sheets of the material located behind the metal bars in the fence balcony.In some cases, it makes sense to insulate well and canopy of balcony space.To do this, use the ceiling profiles U-shaped cross-section, which will crate for insulation.

In addition, it is necessary to create such a crate and on the fence balcony.This is no big deal, because here we need all of the same construction profiles.Thus, fencing rods are holes in which the thread is done.Further arranged along the perimeter of the CD-profiles, which are mounted on plastic panels.It should also be said that under the established crate can be positioned another layer of insulating material.It is important to do everything so that the material is perfectly suited for the space created.Sami profiles should be fastened with screws to the case in which it was possible to simply twist.

sheathe - than - balcony - inside

Crate walls

balcony to balcony internal walls need to use wooden slats, which will become part of the core sheathing.However, this is only the case if there is no problem in the building moisture.Otherwise it is better to look at the CD-metal profiles.Even after all the profiles are arranged on the walls, you need to start the calculation of the necessary amount of panels.In the course of this analysis, it becomes clear that we need different profiles, including straight, angled dihedral and trihedral.

Straight profile is a U-shaped box, which is attached to the base through the sidewall or crossmember.The dihedral angle profile - an easy connection in a place where there is a right angle.Accordingly, here we have a connection in most corners, thus it is necessary to understand that in some cases it is possible to be limited and straight profiles.Three-sided corner profile is used when we are dealing with a three-edged corners.And keep in mind that for external and internal corners need to use different profiles.

Plastic - panel1


panels Now comes the crucial moment - fixing the guide plastic panels.These panels are attached to the base by means of screws with flat hat.Accordingly, so simply remove the panel will not work.At the same time we need to make framing doors and windows to create a kind of protection from the use of plastic material.

Then everything is much easier.It is only necessary to place plastic panel into the groove, which is located at ground level.Of course, one should consider the fact that the panel should be ideally suited to each other, since they all have a kind of keyhole design.

most responsible in this process - setting finish panel.It should be borne in mind that this phase of the work can go far wrong, as planned.In this case, we need to immediately connect the last and the penultimate panel using slots.Next it will be necessary to cut off part of the last panel (along).Accordingly, it should form a small void that will need to fill the building with silicone.For this case it is enough only a few drops, which spread over the entire height of the panel.After installing the last panel should be firmly penultimate place in the groove.The process may take a little tight, so you'll have to use force.After placing the panels in the necessary places, you need some time not to touch the finish (frozen to silicon, as well as stronger connections).

After this occurs trim openings to which special attention should be.In this case it is necessary to produce panels and trim stitch them qualitatively using various types of plastic products.