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December 12, 2017 00:17

How to glue adhesive tape

Adhesive tape is one of the easiest ways to change the environment around them.It is often used in interior decoration.This contributes to its ease of application, low cost, wide range of colors and a large selection of different patterns.Just do not forget that this material has its own characteristics and requires a specific approach to the work.About how to properly glue adhesive tape explain further.


  • Material characteristics
  • Working with
  • materials like glue adhesive tape
    • Tools
    • Preparations
    • Cutting
    • material Stages gluing
  • Removing self-adhesive film

material characteristics

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now on sale you can find many kinds of self-adhesive films for various surfaces.Thus, it may be intended for gluing of furniture, automobiles, room walls.They all have something in common, namely that used in the manufacture of adhesive tape technology.What makes this material combines the quality of the adhesive tape and wallpaper.

From the advantages of "self-adhesive" it is worth noting the following:

  1. Moisture resistance.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. resistance to high temperatures.
  4. A variety of textures and patterns.
  5. low cost.
  6. Easy care.

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In addition, this material can be applied to almost any surface.Be it drywall, metal, plastic, wood, glass, cork, ceramic tile or plywood.Especially good looks adhesive tape on furniture.

only need to immediately prepare for one of complexity, which is the main drawback of this material.This need for leveling the surface when pasting.If you can not eliminate all the bumps, then over time the film starts to peel off or unwanted defects (bubbles) will appear on the wall.

All you need is in the works - is patience.If you want to paste over a large surface, it does not interfere with the assistant.

Working with material

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Consider where this material is used:

  1. Thanks to its qualities, this film can be used in almost any room.For example, it is allowed to glue the kitchen moisture.Here it will inexpensively update the interior, and will keep the cleanliness and comfort.
  2. Adhesive tape will come in handy in the house where there are small children.After all, they love to draw, and on any surface.With this material you can easily erase the traces of paint or felt pens.If all completely not able to remove, the film can always be replaced with new one.It is much cheaper than plywood wallpaper.
  3. also well suited adhesive tape for bathroom and toilet.Here it helps to protect the walls from excessive moisture and splashing soapy water.After all, the film can be wiped easily.
  4. This material is also suitable for a child's room.And no matter how old your child is.Perhaps the baby itself will help you to find a more suitable coloring "self-adhesive".
  5. modern range of self-adhesive film allows you to update the look of the room, and even completely change the style by pasting some interior items.

If you decide to choose the film in the first place, consider, on what surface it will stick.For example, a suitable material for glass with mosaic patterns, and for antique furniture - transparent self-adhesive film.

As already mentioned, one of the advantages of this material is the ease of maintenance.For this purpose, it is sufficient to use warm water and detergent.Just do not use scouring powders and solvents.The fact that these chemicals can damage the structure of the film and its used to remove ethanol resistant dirt.

Obviously, the self-adhesive film can be called a versatile material that allows at little cost to change your home the way you want to do.To update the appearance of your home, it is not necessary to change the situation.Adhesive tape will make your life brighter.

How to glue adhesive tape

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Of the tools you will need:

  1. line.
  2. Pencil.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Mounting knife.
  5. Felt spatula.
  6. Building hairdryer.It is important to warm up with the help of his film pasted on the perimeter.


Before gluing adhesive tape, first you need to prepare the surface.To offer some advice on how this can be done:

  1. surface, which is subject to pasting should be well cleaned, degreased with gasoline or alcohol, and then dry thoroughly.Easiest film is applied to a smooth wall lacquered.If the surface is rough or matte, then it is better to cover the first dirt or polyester varnish.In addition, it can be used instead of methyl wallpaper glue.
  2. surface of the plywood, wood, chipboard, fabric, plaster should first be well cleaned of dust and particulate material.If need be, use a putty or acrylic primer.This film will last much longer.
  3. Before gluing film on the metal or glass surface, the foundation must first be slightly moistened.

Cutting material


To properly cut the film into pieces, on the reverse side of the material is applied to the grid in increments of 1 cm. If there is such a mark, it can be applied on their own, do not forget to leave a reserve of a few centimeters.For cutting the most suitable pair of scissors or a special knife.

In general, the process of cutting the adhesive film has its own characteristics.For example, if the pattern on the material is in the form of tiles, it is best to cut the seams.If the film has a pattern with a rapport, then it is cut from the front side.

label such material does not require much time.The most important thing is not to hurry and to be very careful.This will help to avoid many mistakes when working with self-adhesive film.Wood - one of the best materials on which the film is great to go to bed.

Stages gluing

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  1. When the pattern is ready, the film can be about 50 mm separated from the backing paper, then attach the sticky side to the pasted surface.It is important to match the size and shape.
  2. now without haste should be gradually separated from the rest of the substrate film.At the same time, the material should be carefully distributed over the surface, smoothing the cloth using a soft dry cloth.
  3. To avoid the formation of bubbles, it is desirable to smooth from the center bar, ieas well as when pasting wallpaper.This major work by using self-adhesive films.Photo below shows the approximate final result.
  4. admitted during pasting error should be corrected immediately.The film must be leveled on the surface until it is gripped completely.Otherwise, all the work will have to do again.
  5. If you need to paste over a large area, the surface to be processed, should be well absorb moisture.The wall should be clean and dry, covered with a layer of wallpaper glue and until it is dry, spread over the surface of the film, do not forget to adjust the size of the material.Then you need to iron the film a soft dry cloth.
  6. Some of these films very quickly grasped the surface, which can be very uncomfortable at work.It is especially difficult to adjust the material size.To slow the adhesion of such a "self-adhesive", you can use the powder and talc.If there are air bubbles, they should first puncture, and then gently smooth.
  7. If you need to paste over the film of a metal or glass surface, first it should be wetted with water, adding to it a small amount of detergent or soap solution.This tool helps to fit the film on the necessary size.After that the material is completely separated from the backing paper.He then gently applied to the wet surface.Finally, wipe dry with a soft cloth or sponge.

Removing self-adhesive film


After some time glued at the time the film may get bored.Then want to change it to something new.In this case, the old stuff will have to shoot.Moreover, it should be removed properly without damaging the surface.So, how to do it correctly:

  1. better first try to use for this purpose hot water.Thus, the surface is thoroughly moistened, after a few minutes it is recommended to separate the film, using any sharp object.Only need to be careful not to damage the surface to which it is applied.
  2. If hot water does not work, you can try using a hair dryer.For this film must be properly warmed up.With this adhesive may detach from the surface.It is best to use the industrial dryer, but may be used and the usual household hair dryer.
  3. similar principle work has a heater with a fan.Therefore, it is also suitable for the removal of the film.For this, he is set to maximum power and sent to the surface to which you want to remove the material.Gradually, the film will become softer.When this happens, pry one corner and carefully pull the layer in its side until it is completely separated.

After removing the surface of the film is likely to remain the glue particles.They can be removed with a solvent, gasoline or alcohol.The choice of fluid depends on the surface material.

You can learn more about how to glue adhesive tape on the video: