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December 12, 2017 00:16

Installation of the ventilation pipe

House want to feel comfortable, and to create a comfortable atmosphere, you need to take care of the following: insulation, strong walls, a reliable and high-quality roof ventilation.If you have built a warm house made of natural stone, which stand for a century, but did not make it ventilated, live in it will be very inconvenient.The absence or lack of ventilation leads to deterioration of finishes, load-bearing structures and the emergence of diseases in residents.In this article, we describe how to conduct a competent installation of ventilation pipe in a private house and city apartment.


Installing the ventilation pipe

question in a private home ventilation residential and technical facilities is paramount.If possible, it should be resolved before the onset of cold weather that had accumulated over the winter on the walls and windows, condensation has caused damage.To do this, you need to choose and install the duct.

duct Choice

First, you need to pick up the duct.Depending on the material from which it is made to vary performance.The most important thing in this case - to calculate the size and select the type of pipe and handle the assembly will not be difficult.

The choice should be implemented taking into account the provisions of the relevant SNP, which states that the ventilation pipes must promptly remove the exhaust air from the premises.To make this possible, it is necessary to calculate the length and diameter of the duct, starting from the area of ​​the premises, their appointment, etc.For example, the polluted air in the kitchen will therefore need to withdraw it out rapidly.But in the hallway or living room can make the substitution more slowly.


ducts can be made of brick, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum or high-strength plastic.Each of the materials has its own advantages and disadvantages.However, no matter what type you choose, the pipe must be strong, durable, resistant to weather changes and temperature changes.

If you choose you can also start from the complexity of the installation of the duct and the value of its future maintenance.Serious differences in installation technology of various kinds of tubes No installation for the most part differ only in the form and size of the outlet pipe that needs to be done in the wall, ceiling or roofing pie.

Installation of ventilating pipes at a private house

install air ducts on the roof can be both in the construction of the house, and after it has already been put into operation.The method described below is suitable for ventilation devices in high-rise and private homes in the 2-3 floors.For this purpose, the ventilation ducts must be done in the supporting walls during their construction.Output tube hole must be placed above the ridge beam of 50 cm or more.This prevents vortices on the roof surface to break traction inside.To vent to function most effectively, place it in the central part of the house.

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material full-bodied red brick was chosen for the construction of the ventilation shaft.He has good insulating properties, strength and durability.To reduce the risk of excessive cooling air in the winter ventilation pipe laying should be made not less than 2,5 bricks.If the machine is to make the thickness small, then instead of the exhaust air space, the duct starts drawing cold air mass inside.

Tip:. To air masses moved freely and can flow from one room to leave between the floor and the door leaf small gap of 2 cm Also for this purpose, you can make special downcomers holes.They look quite aesthetically pleasing, and you can choose grid or an insert in accordance with the interior design.


If the house is already built, to pave it in the ventilation pipe, use plastic or metal products.Installation can be carried out through an opening in the wall or to withdraw the pipe right through the roof.The last way to take more effort and time, but gives better results.Keep in mind that you have to remove the honor of roofing pie, and then everything very carefully insulated.To reduce the complexity of the work, you can use the ready passage units made of durable plastic.Removing the pipe through the roof may need to ventilate the attic, everything ventilation sewer systems and general ventilation of residential and technical rooms in the house.

vent - pipe , gas

Installation of ventilation pipes:

  1. Choose a location where the duct will be located.At the same time, consider the requirements of SNIP and design features of the product.
  2. Make markup causing the contours of cross-sectional shape of the pipe.
  3. Cut an opening in the ceiling at the marked point.
  4. similar openings do in thermal insulation, waterproofing and other layers of roofing pie.Do not cut all at once - work with each layer individually to get it accurately.
  5. Make passage node location markings and drill several holes through which it will be attached with screws or self-tapping screws.
  6. Place the sealing rubber pad, fluff it with the back of the weather-resistant sealant.
  7. Install the assembly to lay and fix it.
  8. Insert the pipe assembly, carefully adjusting it vertically using a spirit level.Many instead prefer to use the finished assembly rubber sleeve.It protects the structure against moisture and dust, since it is very tight to the pipe.

If you do not want to perforate the roof or simply do not need venting through it, you can let the tube through the hole in the wall.

How to withdraw ventilation through the wall:

  1. Make marks on the wall in place of the pipe exit.The diameter of the hole should be slightly larger ducts.
  2. Cut out the contours of the intended line, holding a hammer horizontally not to get straight.
  3. Knock cut part of the wall with a hammer or chisel, remove it piece by piece.
  4. The resulting hole slip the pipe and fill the space between the wall and duct mounting foam.
  5. When the foam dries, remove the excess with a knife stationery.
  6. Zashpaklyuyte place exit tube from the outside wall plaster facade, but inside - starting.
  7. to both output tubes attach with screws plastic lattice - they will not allow to penetrate into the small rodents, insects and debris.
  8. If you want to ramp up the pipe to the required length, fixing it to the wall using metal clamps.

smoke - pipe - for - gas - column

As you can see, the fitting of ventilation tubes is no big deal, and this work can be handled even without specific techniques and skills.But what residents of city apartments in high-rise buildings?There's no way to make a hole in the roof and personally attach to the front of the tube.This will be discussed in the next chapter.

Installing the ventilation pipe for drawing in

apartment Every apartment has the most "needy" in the ventilation place is the kitchen, because it was there constantly formed fumes, odors, gather all family members.To this end, over the stove set many drawing.With a choice of hoods to handle simple, but what if the vent is located quite far away from the stove?If not set the hood over the stove, from it will be no good.Such situations occur quite often, and help to solve the problem of the pipe hood.


Vent apartment helps to quickly bring the exhaust air to the outside.In the case of an awkward layout in the kitchen only true solution is the connection with the release of air pipes and vent hoods "little window".

Good to know: Experts advise not to put the stove and the hood over her in front of the ventilation duct, since the elimination of the exhaust air in this case will require a large pipe length.Lay it will have a ceiling that looks not very aesthetically pleasing, and the service will be more difficult.This pipe is more expensive, it will be worse to cope with the task and produce more noise.If possible, place the hob with extractor fan directly below the vent opening in the wall.

Select pipe

hood pipes are plastic and corrugated.We suggest to consider the characteristics of each type to choose the best option for your kitchen.Thus, the plastic tube can be round or square cross section.The first provides the least resistance to the air, therefore, they are more efficient than rectangular analogues.However, the rectangular product more beautiful look in the interior, blending with the walls and furniture.They can be laid under the ceiling in a corner or on top of the kitchen units.

plastic - boxes - for - ventilation

advantages of plastic pipes for exhaust:

  • complete absence of noise at work drawing;
  • small resistance at the round products;
  • high aesthetics;
  • smooth inner surface is not covered with grease and dirt;
  • durability.

to air flowed through the pipes smoothly and easily, it is necessary to know how to connect the vent pipe.To do this, together with the very air ducts immediately purchase accessories for mounting and docking.

Ventilation corrugated tubes are cheaper plastic, and there are a number of natural causes.First, the corrugation may break or crack from accidental impact.Secondly, with time on the inner surface of the ribbed accumulated grease and dirt from the cooking.Third, look these pipes are not very aesthetically pleasing, and can undermine the integrity of the design.Of course, they can be hidden in a plasterboard box, but it is more time and cost.

pipe - to - exhaust - on - kitchen

have corrugated pipes and dignity.The most important of these is the elementary mounting.To install a duct, you only need to attach one exit to the hood, and the second - to the channel.Fixation is provided by metal clamps for ventilation pipes, tightening bolts.

Tip: Since all hoods have a square output, and all around the corrugated pipe, immediately purchase the appropriate adapter from the square to the circular cross-section.And to ensure the rapid elimination of the exhaust air, you can buy a tube of larger diameter than the exhaust outlet.

Another nice thing about working with flexi hose - you can get one in one piece.The tube is easily stretched, it does not form sharp bends that could seriously disrupt the smooth flow of air.There are such products at times less than plastic pipes.

How to hide from the exhaust pipe?

Whatever vent pipe in the house you may have installed, it is desirable that it does not spoil the interior of his presence.Usually in the apartments of the air ducts Hood lay on top of cabinets or suspended near the ceiling, but there are more interesting and effective ways to divert attention from them.


If the kitchen walls are painted bright paint, the vent pipe can also be made of the corresponding color.In some cases, it can help to emphasize the richness of tones, for example, if in a purple kitchen includes a bright yellow hood with the same pipe.For those who prefer less-causing combinations suitable pasting wallpaper pipes or hiding them in a plastic box.The latter option is used very often in areas with suspended ceilings.It weighs a bit, so the design can be mounted to the ceiling.


ventilation pipe can be turned into a spectacular element of the interior, sheathing its plasterboard.The sheets can be inserted lamps or LED ribbon, which gives a nice additional illumination of the working area.

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Installing the ventilation pipe in a private home take more time and money compared to working in an apartment, but the actual installation of specificity is not too difficult in both cases.With this work the strength to handle any host without assistance.

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