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February 27, 2018 00:00

The turquoise color in the interior

There are quite a few colors that, one way or another, remain invisible to a person, unrecognizable. These include, for example, the following colors: fuchsia, cherry, crimson, scarlet, etc. Often the color of fuchsia or crimson we call pink, and scarlet or cherry - will remain for many red. A similar fate overtook the turquoise color. In general, a rather unusual hue. ... not mean between green and blue, right? But, despite this, turquoise - a unique, independent color. Often he reminds us of the sea, waves, giving peace and composure.



Turquoise color gives us not only aesthetic pleasure, but also carries a charged energy. It is considered that this color bears love, strong health, helps to cure diseases, helps to develop the creative principle and gives confidence. Feelings and emotions are closely related to the turquoise color. Despite the fact that it is very popular today, very few people understand its true meaning. In the palette of shades, this is a cool color, which is why it is associated with a light cool and fresh. These associations help to remove fatigue and irritation after exhausting workdays, it can overcome the stress and depressed state of the household.

Designers quite often began to use the color of turquoise in the interior, playing with shades of this color. It helps to correctly allocate accents to the room and highlight the most interesting areas of the room.

It is not necessary to completely allocate a room with this color, you can select one wall or make some color strokes. Here it is necessary to say that one of its main advantages is the combination of turquoise color with other colors. Thanks to the appropriate color solution, you can achieve the ideal design embodiment. Some professionals in the field of design are sure that this color can be used only in large rooms, others do not agree, and use it literally everywhere, while others propagandize the opinion that the color of turquoise is suitable only for a bathroom or a toilet, since this shade casts a marinesubjects. Today we will see how and where a turquoise color can be applied, and you, in turn, will be able to determine for which rooms your apartment is more appropriate.

Turquoise color in the interior of the living room

The living room, proceeding even from its name, should carry hospitable notes in its interior. Guests who come to you should see a friendly, calm, cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, with the turquoise color in this case, you need to be extremely cautious, since it carries a chill in itself. Correctly selected design of the room with this color will look good. You, or the designer should think over the living room with such a touch to all the details, successfully combining the cold color with the warmer ones.


The main options for using turquoise color in this room are two types:

  1. You put this color in dominants and around the perimeter in some places add insets of other wallpaper or decorative elements, and maybe design accessories.
  2. Dominant will be any warm color, and turquoise will be a decorative color. It can be used both in the form of inserts, and as a color range of accessories and decorative elements.

To be honest, the first option in Russia is usually not practiced, though, absolutely in vain. Color can bring a little coolness into a well-lit room that faces south.

Let's imagine several ways how you can correctly bring a turquoise color to the living room.

  1. If we talk about something cardinal, then you can simply make the walls painted in turquoise.
  2. Leave or paint the main color of the room in a neutral warm color, and with the help of turquoise, you can already add a general background. Note that bright accents can serve, for example, decorative cushions, a small carpet as a decor, curtains or other accessories.

Living room in turquoise color:




turquoise-color-in-the interior-02




Kitchen in turquoise color: interior features

Despite the fact that turquoise is not very popular in the living room projects, but in Russia it has gained special popularity in kitchens and canteens. Often you can find the design of the kitchen apron in this color. To him complement the patterns of the same color curtains. It is also possible to see the turquoise hue on the facades of the furniture.

In the kitchen, you can accent with this color attention to various accessories, for example, saltcellars and pepper boxes, decorative shelves, kitchen wall clocks.

With properly placed accents, the design of the kitchen in turquoise colors will be flawless.

If you decide to decorate the kitchen in this style, then keep in mind that the place where you will eat should not be pasted or painted in this color. If you really want, then add it not intrusively, use it with patterns or interspersions. A good solution will be a picture placed in the dining area, it can be in a turquoise frame, or, there may be a turquoise color in it.

Often designers recommend wall painting through a stencil. A good idea for applying this color. In addition to the wall, you can decorate and furnish the facades of the headset.

To the note: if you want to decorate the facade of the headset with a stencil painting, then white furniture will combine well, in which several doors would be painted in turquoise. Alternatively, the upper cabinets can be made in light color, for example, in the dairy, and the lower ones in the turquoise.

Turquoise kitchen, photo:









Application of turquoise color in the bedroom

The trend of the season is a combination of turquoise and white. This design is more suitable for a sleeping area.

Despite all the coldness of this color, it gives peace and tranquility to its masters. Therefore, you can use it a lot and often. Thus, it will be appropriate to use it in furniture, as well as in textiles: curtains, bedspreads, bed linens and other accessories.

Still need to recognize that the use of this color brings great joy to the eye in furniture, accessories and textiles, rather than its presence on the ceiling or walls. It is able not to irritate the eyes of the owners, does not allow you to quickly get tired of this shade, but at the same time, it affects the human body correctly - relaxing.

Turquoise in the bedroom, photo:





928 929


Designers like to use turquoise as the color of the head of the bed. Well, it is necessary to recognize, such application really, advantageous.

Sometimes, using light turquoise on the ceiling and walls, you can put on it simple patterns that will give a zest to the interior of the bedroom.

The combination of turquoise color with other colors and shades


The main color of today's article is unique in that it is quite versatile. They can transform various styles of interior - and classical, and high-tech, and baroque, and others.

Consider the combination of turquoise with other colors.

As this is a fairly active color shade, the designers have come up with a special rule for it: 3: 2: 1.In other words, when turquoise lies on the underlying interior, then 2 other colors must be matched to it, which are combined with it - two light parts and one dark part.

Let's present some variants, the most popular, for a combination of turquoise with others:

  • turquoise and snow white. The combination is quite popular, will impart any room with uniqueness and elegance. It does not matter what kind of room it will be, a bedroom, a living room or a kitchen. The combination of turquoise and white is quite cold to make it warmer, you can use beige, caramel or sandy instead of white;
  • turquoise with gold and silver. Elegant, if I may say so, royal color combination. The main color is turquoise, and gold and silver should be reflected in all sorts of accessories, whether they are padded stools, sofa, vases, pictures and so on;
  • turquoise + orange. Quite a "joyful" combination. It is important to know the measure and not overdo it. Turquoise is a dominant, and orange can be expressed in furniture or accessories;
  • turquoise + brown. A noble combination. Ideal is the use of turquoise as an additional color, it can be reflected in accessories and textiles, and brown - it's furniture, floor;
  • turquoise + black. Quite exotic, is not it? But, you need to know the measure. The main color - turquoise, black is reflected in accessories and some kind of furniture, for example - a coffee table, a bedside table;
  • turquoise + purple. Very interesting combination in design. Turquoise is the base, purple is used for accessories.






Other combinations of colors are quite possible.

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