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August 12, 2017 18:07

The varnish for parquet - which one is better to choose?

varnish for parquet:

kinds of the building materials market represented a huge amount of varnish.They are divided by: chemical content;technical specifications;characteristics affecting the appearance of the coating;gloss;parameters of safety for humans and the environment.The most detailed look at the first class - the chemical composition.They are divided into compounds: Based on the oil resins (alkyd and uretanalkidnye), polyurethane and water-soluble.

  • varnishes based on oil resins - alkyd or uretanalkidnyh that allow the mixture to penetrate deeply into the wood, highlighting the natural color and texture of the fiber array.The advantages of the composition is the fact that he does not possess adhesive properties (ie accidentally swum between the slats varnish glue them).By cons rank as a long drying time.
  • Polyurethane (anhydrous) mix - have excellent adhesion characteristics and provides high resistance to chemicals.The remaining advantages include: thermal and light stability, elasticity, not capricious for the microclimate.However, strongly glued strips together.Often these formulations are used for buildings with a high mechanical load.
  • Soluble - is a dispersion with a volume of water and droplets of binder.Available in two-component varnish for parquet and single component.They have high strength, environmental friendliness, durability.The big plus is that the parquet varnish and odorless.Of the minuses release: capricious for the microclimate of premises, as well as the demands on the tool (do not use any horrible rollers and brushes).
  • compositions acid curing - also come in single-component and two-component.Second diluted with hardener in the ratio 10: 1.We can not say that it is quick-drying nail parquet (solvent odor disappears within 3 days), but it has other positive characteristics.These include: excellent adhesion, low sensitivity to moisture microclimate premises, not moodiness to the instrument.Among the shortcomings emit harmful smell, because it is necessary to wear surgical masks during operations.

How to choose nail right?

When selecting varnish is necessary to consider the main technical characteristics of the composition, which are written on the packaging.After all, it depends on them is for a building with a load it can be used (in the home, shop).For example, in a residential area is better to use two-component parquet lacquer curing acid (eg, MCH-0163) or alkyd formulation (PF-231).The first provides a sufficient strength, water resistance.The second has a lower performance, but it is easy to apply.

If the coating will be done in the office, public buildings, administrative buildings, where permeability is much higher then used uralkidnye, which are also marked on the label as polyurethane lacquers.From the Russian convoys popular AU-271 "Poliur".In the event, the concert hall when done cover the museum, theater, store, it is advisable to choose the parquet lacquer, water-based, and urethane composition.Better to buy foreign brands, such as: Beckers, Vona, ICI, Kiilto, Lakufa and others.

Parquet varnish consumption

Once you have selected nail floorboard, the question arises - what is its usage and how to properly apply?In general, this should be written on the packaging.But if we take a sample flow rate, it is 1 liter per 10.8 m2 (when applied to a single layer).However, expect that there will be several layers.When applying the composition must be met certain conditions of temperature and humidity.

unacceptable presence of drafts, ventilation should be 50 l / min, humidity no more than 70% and the air temperature of 15 ° C.

Apply the composition can be both manually using a roller, brush or using a spray bottle.If you intend to carry out varnishing parquet with his own hands, it is necessary to consider that the first layer is applied gently with a spatula, and only then apply the brush.Drying each layer on average requires 2 days.Finally enter the furniture and home furnishings only after 2 weeks (after final set).