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August 12, 2017 18:05

Design wall

you have done in his home expensive repairs on modern technology, you now have the ceilings and walls are smooth and white?This deprives your accommodation comfort and relaxation.The design of the walls will give your home expression, individuality and comfort.You can choose to make wall decor.After all, designers have developed many ways to decorate that are not complicated and easy to perform.


  1. Wall painting acrylics
  2. wall decoration from the remnants of various materials
  3. Decorative plaster
  4. The use of natural materials
  5. Photo design wall

Wall painting acrylics

can do wall painting with acrylic paints.To do this you need to show imagination, paint and a brush to prepare.This method of design of the walls with his own hands has its advantages, it is the most simple and affordable.

Who has the feature data will be easy to come up with a picture and sell it on the wall.There are also special stencils which are applied to a wall and painted by contours.Choose the right image to the interior is simple, because the range of stencils on the big market.As a result, the design of the walls in the apartment with his hands will give you pleasure.

wall decoration from the remnants of various materials

From the remnants of a wide variety of materials can create decorations on the walls.First you need to make a test sample on paper from the wallpaper, paint and fabrics.Thus, you can see whether the materials are combined with each other in texture and color.With multiple samples for comparison, you can select the appropriate option.

The color of items can pick up the tone, and you can make them contrast.For example, to design a children's bedroom calm tones fit better here would be inappropriate variegated colors.

From the remnants of wallpaper can be cut out geometric shapes, different patterns.You will turn the stencils, which are suitable for the decoration of the wallpaper, or you can use them for coloring the walls.In this case it is best suited Wallpaper contrasting colors, so various letters, patterns, geometric shapes are well allocated on the general background.Looking gallery wall design, you can see all the subtleties of this art, and it will help you make the decoration of the walls themselves.

Decorative plaster

independently possible to make decorative plaster walls.This method of wall design simple and requires no special skills.With its help, you can hide all the irregularities of the walls and disadvantages.If you show hard work and diligence, the plaster can turn any shape.This way you can make finishing the walls in the form of geometric shapes or pearlescent.To do this you need plastering trowel and a bit of skill and patience.

The use of natural materials

This method of wall decoration complicated, but effective.It uses natural gifts: cones, dried twigs, roots of trees of different shapes.The main thing on the wall did not have too many elements, and so they were combined with other details of interior room.

tree which you will use to design the walls, you must first be sanded well, so that the surface was smooth and glistening.Then the workpiece protective paint, special funds to protect it from decay and defeat the fungus.

Decoration of wood can be used even as a hanger in the hallway, you only need to screw the appropriate size hooks.

suitable for wall decoration exotic items such as, for example, Japanese paper lanterns, African masks, embroidered.Of great importance in the design of the walls has a taste and fantasy owners.

Photo design wall

in the photo gallery below you can see the photos Design of the walls, which will help you in creating your own unique and unique in nature design.