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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shop for a bath with his hands

internal filling the bath - this is an important aspect in the design of buildings.From the furniture will depend on the comfort of your stay in the steam room, the creation of a special "bathhouse" atmosphere, the opportunity to relax and get enough of the scent of fresh wood.Furnishings may include a variety of items, but shops for baths - main component, without which it is difficult to imagine a steam room.Make your own hands the product is absolutely not difficult, just need to stock up on materials and desire.


  • Selecting shops
  • material variations bath benches
  • bathhouse bench with his hands
    • toolkit for building
    • bench Materials for
    • Description design of bath benches
    • Walkthrough fabrication

choice of material for the benches

Among the main requirements that apply to the raw material manufacturing of bath benches, are the following:

  • low thermal conductivity of the material, which will enable a comfortable sitting or lying on the surface, without burningthe exposed areas of the body;
  • high density of the wood, so the bench will not crack or split, bringing discomfort or leaving splinters in the skin;
  • strength - this will bathhouse bench for a long time be in a suitable condition, withstanding high temperatures and humidity inside the bath.


By making the bench for the bath photo , may be noted that the best material for the product are deciduous woods:

  • birch;
  • linden;
  • oak;
  • ash;
  • aspen;
  • alder;
  • maple.

To steam is not only aesthetically pleasing look, but also good smell, you can build a bench of softwood.For this fit:

  • cedar;
  • larch;
  • pine.

Important! Bench pine is suitable for use only outside the steam room.This limitation is due to the fact that the timber at a temperature and high humidity exposure releases a considerable amount of resin.This takes only discomfort during use.

undisputed leader when choosing the material for the benches is a linden.Wood is a breed has a nice bright color, has high strength, it can be easily processed and has a therapeutic effect on human health.

not less common material such as aspen.However, its popularity is dictated by the low cost of raw materials, with many owners baths overlooked the point that the main drawback of aspen benches - the emergence of internal rot.As a result of such processes, the product quickly becomes unfit for use.Because in terms of quality, it is necessary to rely on more expensive, but hardy material.


Variations bath benches

Such a usual thing of bath furniture actually has a lot of design options.Among the main types of products to distinguish between:

  • mobile shops, which serve for furnishing lounges;
  • static bench used in the steam zone.

simple backless bench often serves as a footrest.This miniature product for the bath just enough to make their own, but a stable leadership bench could not keep.

Mobile shops in popularity somewhat inferior to a more comfortable and practical products - two-level or step benches, which significantly saves space in the room and do not create obstacles in the way.

Consider the main features of products:

  1. Step shops are located, one on one, with the top row of shelves with a little wider, because it can not just sit and lie down.
  2. Bunk benches are used for furniture small baths, and they will have to climb by an additional ladder.
  3. for quite compact steam best option would be the arrangement of the room a bench in the form of a removable shelf design.


bathhouse bench with his hands

Having furniture in the bath, hand made with great diligence and accuracy - the dream of every owner.In order to make the most suitable product for your steam bath, you need to stock up the required materials and tools.

toolkit for building shops

To make a wooden bench for the bath, you will need to prepare the following:

  • screwdriver;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • manual router with a full set of nozzles on a tree;
  • elektrorubanok;
  • hammer;
  • electric drill and set of drill bits to it;
  • belt sander;
  • hacksaw on wood;
  • square;
  • chisel;
  • roulette;
  • clamp;
  • building level;
  • meter line.


Materials for

Once you're stocked with the necessary tools, found a benches drawings for baths, and decided on the design is necessary to prepare such materials:

  • board longitudinal cross 1460h120h30 mm -6 pcs .;
  • connecting strips for cross 1460h20h10 mm - 4 pcs .;
  • board for the future seat 1500h120h30 - 3 pcs .;
  • connecting rail seating 1500h20h10 mm - 2 pcs .;
  • sidewall 420h120h30 - 2 pcs .;
  • connecting strips for the sidewalls 420h20h10 - 2 pcs .;
  • Furniture dowels 40x10 mm - 2 pcs .;
  • plastic glides for bokovushek - 8 pcs .;
  • screws to secure the sidewalls 75h5 - 7 pcs .;
  • PVA glue for wood;
  • screws for mounting thrust bearings 20X3 - 4 pcs .;
  • semi-gloss acrylic lacquer;
  • sandpaper fine and coarse grain.


design description of bath benches

  1. To ensure rigidity wooden benches for the bath, all the products are pulled together side racks, fixing them all the way to the ends of the longitudinal rails.It is necessary to use a PVA glue for wood.Thus, the rigid frame forms a set on the edge of the longitudinal rail with the side stand.This will stabilize the whole structure.
  2. upper board, serving seat by furniture dowels attached to the frame with adhesive.To store not be damaged by moving across the floor, the lower ends of the side pieces are fastened plastic glides.
  3. All elements of the bench covered moisture-resistant varnish is odorless, which has antiseptic properties.Thus, the design of the surface after the treatment becomes semi-neat appearance, without compromising the texture of the tree.


Walkthrough fabrication

In the case where the construction of benches, bench for the bath comes from the finished furniture boards, the manufacturing process is simplified as much as possible and the workpieces takes place in accordance with the existing drawing.Otherwise it is necessary to prepare the elements of their own.When cutting pieces should take into account allowances for finishing, which make up 20-30 mm on each side.

Manufacturing glued panels of the desired wood species should be carried out through the slats 20x10 mm in size, which is inserted into the longitudinal grooves between the boards.Such a bar can be done personally, but this would require special equipment, such as marking gauge.It can also be cut from a sheet of plywood, but ready to buy a much better option, especially because its value is insignificant.


process of construction of bath bench consists of the following stages:

  1. on a flat desktop surface is necessary to lay two parallel boards gap.Thereafter, they must be secured by means of clamps.In the future, the upper surface of the wooden boards are the basis of the router.
  2. Adjust the side fence with the basic foundation, so that he and the treated surface of the second groove formed in the board 10 mm deep.If you intend to handle through the mill with the bearing, you do not need side stops.
  3. Carefully mill the opening of several approaches.
  4. Do the same technique on the second board, without changing the position of the cutter.At the same time note: if the groove depth is less than the width of the strap, it should handle the extra pass.


  1. Repeat the same steps on the other pair of boards.
  2. Once all the slots will be prepared, test board.If the result is positive, then you can start gluing.
  3. With brush promazhte holes, and then apply glue to the rail itself.
  4. Glue the rail on each side of the board with one, and only then paste it into the opening protruding rib adjacent boards.
  5. After all glued wooden shield, you can proceed to his contraction of wedges and clamps.
  6. To design does not bend, it is necessary to put bars on the sides of which must be secured with screws to the table.In this state, the product should be left until completely dry.
  7. All other fragments of the bench should be made of the prepared sheets.To do this, apply a layout in accordance with the prepared drawing.
  8. then by each circuit will cut the jigsaw pieces.
  9. Make a chamfer on both sides of the passage molding machine cutter radius.
  10. Assemble the components together, fixing them with screws.


  • It is desirable to hold the test assembly of the resulting excess material.Thus, you can see all the details that may arise during the construction of the finishing product.
  • When applying the adhesive, avoid premature drying of the contents.Places where excess fluid gathered must be carefully wipe with a dry cloth to prevent the formation of spots of glue on the outer surface of the bench.

instructions on making the bench for the bath shown in movies: