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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to replace the toilet with his hands - the dismantling , installation and connection

Install or replace the toilet may be required under a variety of circumstances: moving, repairs or sudden breakdown.If there is no time to wait for a plumber or want to save money, it is quite possible to do it yourself.

tools and accessories

Before replacing the toilet to make sure that everything you need is at hand.

  • toilet cistern. better to stop the election on a candy bar, which itself is attached to the toilet tank.They are well adjusted to each other, there is no fear of leakage.Rubber seal - Trapezoid - between the tank and the toilet is included.If the toilet tank and must be purchased separately, it necessarily need to buy.Bolts for screwing the toilet to the floor also often included, if not, choose an appropriate mounting diameter, typically 10 cm in length.
  • hoses and pipes. will take a flexible hose into a metal sheath of sufficient length to connect the tank to the water supply, as well as corrugated pipe to connect the toilet to the sewage system.They need to pick up the rubber gasket and sealing collar for corrugated pipes.Flexible pipes allow a little vary toilet seat installation and facilitate this work, although the water supply and drainage effluent can be performed using polypropylene pipes, the connection that we have already mentioned.
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  • thin piece of dense rubber 1-2 mm thickness for the substrate under the toilet to prevent cracking of the tiles on the floor.
  • Tool: hammer with a drill on a 10 mm concrete, key, screwdriver, pliers.If the metal pipe, then you will need a Bulgarian or a hacksaw.


Preparation: remove the old toilet

Before work do not forget to block the flow of cold water and empty the drain tank.Pipe, summing the water and sewer pipes are disconnected.

Old unscrewed the toilet floor.If the connection was missed cement or glue, it is necessary to clean off as much as possible with a screwdriver or chisel.In the case where the toilet is very firmly bonded to the substrate, it may require carefully hammer to break it.To permanently remove the siphon of the toilet all the water, the device is tilted back.

If you plan other repairs in the toilet, the toilet is installed after completion.When replacing only the instrument that still need to try to level the floor underneath with rubber pads or grout.

Replacement - toilet - 2

Install toilet

First, you need to mark the place of installation.The kit includes the majority of toilet paper template on which it's easy to do.If not, you can simply do it yourself, and already on it to drill holes and insert the dowels.Under the base of the toilet enclose a thin layer of rubber, he put the toilet and twist the screws with hexagon head.It is important not to draw them to not cracked tiles.The toilet must stand firmly, without staggering and displacements.The joint toilet and a floor glued with silicone sealant to prevent water and dust.

Replacing the toilet

Area Connection toilet and sewer pipe with corrugations are coated with sealant, then puts pads soaked with water, and the tube is attached to them.By the end of the toilet outlet pipe can be connected before the installation of the device, this will facilitate further work in close quarters.Connect the toilet with sewage inlet and can using only the cuff, if you place it against a wall.

toilet models are available with 3 types of location of the drain pipe: parallel to the floor at an angle of 30-40 degrees and the floor.The last are rare and are set mainly in private homes.Choosing a toilet, you need to consider what type of connection to the sewer is calculated, then the installation will take place the toilet easily.


When the toilet is locked in, it can be installed on the drain tank.On the platform at the back of the rubber is applied trapezoid, and he attracted tank bolts, using rubber washers.First, the bolts are inserted into the tank, and then pass through the holes in the bottom of the toilet bowl and tighten the screws.Drainer tank thus should coincide exactly with the opening in the toilet bowl.

inner tank unit is different in different models, and collecting it, you need to follow the manufacturer's instructions.In conclusion, using a flexible hose with nuts on the ends of the connected water from a water pipe to the fitting of the tank.Compounds glued sealant or tape FUM-spanning key and checked for leaks.

After installation you must carry out a few test flushing to make sure that water does not leak.

Council.If a replacement is planned toilet in an old house, make sure that the water in the apartment block possible.Otherwise it is necessary to wait for the help of sanitary and off the water in the basement.

How to install hanging toilet, see this article.