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August 12, 2017 18:05

Technoelast EKP from Technonikol - specifications and stacking technology

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0_ This web material can to some extent be considered an analogue of the traditional roofing material, but not so improved (modified), due to the fact that the differences in the properties and in the specifics of the application is very significant.No wonder "Technoelast" refers to a "premium" product.What's special about it?


products under the name "Technoelast" - composite materials consisting of a polymer base - polyester or fiberglass (eg, polyester), which on both sides is coated (impregnated) binder.In fact, a mixture of synthetic rubber, bitumen and various special additives.For protection against ultraviolet fabric coated with a layer of quartz sand.


Features material

  • «EPC» The product is based on a polyester canvas and is a form of "Technoelast".
  • Increased durability and reliability.
  • Wide temperature range of operation.The manufacturer claims that the product can be used in any climatic zone.
  • elasticity, making it easier to carry out the installation work on the problem areas.
  • Resistant to low temperatures (installation can be done even in the winter, when the cold to -20 ° C).


Key Features

That individual, as the general reader, the layman in this area, some specific terms and parameters little about what to say.

  1. Tensile Strength (N) - 600/400 (longitudinal / transverse).
  1. Blade thickness (mm) - 4,2 (± 0,1).
  1. protective layers:
  • film - lower;
  • sprinkling coarse - top.
  1. Weight 1 m (kg) - within 5 (tolerance ± 0,25).
  1. temperature range (° C) - -35 to +100.
  1. operation period (s) - not less than 25.
  1. Standard roll sizes (m) - 10 x 1.



Installation is made by fusing, so the torch is required for operationor burner.

  • Construction of the roof.As
  • waterproofing layer, wherein both recessed parts of the structure, and are above the ground.

cost products

in retail - 165.5 rubles / sqm.Price estimated as changes depending on the amount of purchase (downward).

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