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August 12, 2017 18:06

Freestanding bath : on legs , acrylic , and oval cast iron , blender them

Freestanding tub
  • Pros Cons
  • Materials
  • Forms
  • Legged
  • functions
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Which mixer approach?

Freestanding bathtub - design dream island of purity and serenity in the vast expanse of the bathroom.Interior is a sign that life is good.It was her prefer specialists with a large room.

Freestanding tub


Such bath demonstrates luxury and taste of the owner, it allows you to play with colors and styles in the same room.Many forms, colorful materials and solutions can make the room the brightest in the house.

  • Accommodation is possible in any part of the room: the wall, in the center.The main thing - to bring water.
  • Installation baths can be made on foot, special stand and podium.Any option will look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Shapes, materials, color and size bath limited by your budget and preferences.
Advantages freestanding bath
The advantages of a free-standing bath


Disadvantages in a separate bath is, they are associated with an excess of the decisions arising from the installation:

  • Summing running water to the tank takes time andmoney.Standard faucets and plumbing accessories are usually not suitable and cost more special.Having defined with the room and bath style choice, you need to solve all technical issues in advance.Delivery and placement of the bath - a complex process, if you will ignore some trifle, the purchase could lose its functionality and raisins.
  • car park freestanding bath can be expensive, depending on its size and weight.However, a bath, and she will be more expensive than ordinary options.Price is composed of a material, capacity, availability of additional functions.
  • material affects the weight: heavy metal designs have a solid weight, so it's best to turn to a professional assistants.They will help to consider the possibility of the floor and ceiling, the severity of the bath during the operation.Because there are plenty of the water, and the one who is immersed in the bath.
Disadvantages detached bath


Basis for manufacture of bath can be varied.This is a classic metal design (cast iron, steel, copper), forms of stone (marble and artificial stone, KVAR), economical acrylic glass and exotic options, original wooden container.

Metal freestanding bath
Freestanding baths made ​​of stone
Glass standing bath

most popular material for freestanding bath is acrylic. Light and variety in design, damping noise, they can be very picky to use, poorly tolerate hot water and are sensitive to detergents.The specific design can cost quite expensive.

Acrylic Freestanding Tub

Steel and iron are also in demand in view of its durability. Affordable, durable, durable.The weak point - a fragile enamel, which gradually crack, changes color after a few years of use.Steel baths more noisy, do not hold heat.Cast iron retains the temperature of the water, his problem - a lot of weight.

Cast iron bathtub Freestanding
Cast iron bathtub Freestanding

Stone baths are becoming popular in private homes. Beauty overflows contrast veins and is highly valued, so the replacement of precious stones used more affordable artificial stone and acrylic blend with quartz.The cost of such items is very high, the water is cooling down rapidly.To buy pleased, you need a good think about the style of the bathroom, or stone wealth lost and will alyapistym spot.

Stone bath detached

no less spectacular models made of wood, copper and glass. Brass bath stylize under the antique style and Empire, wood and glass - natural, eco-friendly and high-tech design.Such work - piece goods to order, so their price is available to very few, and in an ordinary apartment samples of these materials does not occur.

Freestanding bathtub made ​​of wood
Bath made ​​of copper
Glass bath


baths form limited imagination of the future owner and planned destination.It may be right or symmetrical features have broken symmetry and complex form.For instance, near the walls set rectangular, square, semi-circular shape.In the corner there is a place in the form of an asymmetrical bowl a quarter circle, square and rectangular tub.Rectangle Case looks great even in small rooms, but the square need a spacious room.

Round and oval bath set in the center of the room or shifting away from walls, to have access from several sides.This will enable them not to "eat up" the space and visually increase the room.Variant obviously for volumetric space.

round standing bath

Round, square and complex multi-faceted shapes look great in a smart design and are used in large rooms.Game geometry effective, but require work experience or great taste.

Forms freestanding baths
The unusual shape of freestanding baths
Shape freestanding bath


How to install tub decide on the basis of the position, form and method of summing up of communications.

can put the bath on a stand in the form of legs, just installed in the floor or hide in the podium.The latter two options are used to "remove" plumbing pipes, as they are not aesthetic.

Very nice look tubs on legs, especially when they stand in the middle of the room. Such backup can be performed in a simplified form or in the form selected paw. This is combined with elaborate styles, adds glamor and luxury of the room.

Freestanding bathtub on legs

color of the frame is adjusted for color or contrast with the bathroom, dark, the color of floor or under the metal.To reflect on this piece you need, if the bath is in the middle of the room, and its bottom is rounded.Simply mount the floor or prepare a podium is possible, but lost elegant European gloss in the room and the geometry of the room will be overloaded.On the contrary, the most simple legs will be very appropriate and good in this case.

Freestanding tubs on legs
Freestanding bathtub on legs


First of all, bath - a place to wash, it should be comfortable: just wide bottom allows comfortable sitting and lying.Recommend to take medicinal baths in the reclining position, so some manufacturers offer models for lovers of spa treatments with headrests and footrests. Looking for a unique bath can be found such functions:

  • Whirlpool: penciled in special holes (Jets) tube with water massage the body of the pressure of the water jets.Adjust the cycle, the power and water temperature.For sufficiently 5-6 hydromassage jets.
  • aeromassazhem (these functions usually occur together) - similar effects of air currents which are fed through nozzles placed at the side of the bath.For aeromassage should be not less than 12 jets.
  • Massage waist - a variation of the whirlpool, but the water supply is made in a softer mode via mikrodzhety for this place on the side of not less than 4 injectors.Such smaller openings extend above the bath surface, the rest of the functional point.
  • ozonation of water going through the jets, with ozone bubbles saturate the water with oxygen, disinfected.It is used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.
  • Disinfection - one of the basic functions in baths having nozzles.This detergent is poured into a special reservoir.If there is no such function, and air massage and whirlpool are available, it is recommended to pour liquid cleaners in special tanks and run the operating mode at least once a month.This is done for the prevention of contamination, mold growth and reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms.If you do not use this function, it could soon become unpleasant smell of stagnant water, and can threaten the health of skin and other diseases.
  • drying, as well as disinfection is the prevention of mold and bacteria, useful function, but is not available in all devices.
  • illumination and light therapy are present in high-end models.This lighting helps to create a pleasant atmosphere to relax, not to mention how to change the interior.
  • For the convenience of managing additional options introduced waterproof electronic panel.Of course, this convenience and smart design are reflected in the value of the bath.
Freestanding bath with a whirlpool and air massage
Options freestanding bath
Freestanding bathtub with illumination

Tips for Choosing

Bath - a central figure in his room, it sets the tone for the interior and emphasizes its style.Choosing a bath need advance clearance because the room should be ready to install it. Bath - the decisive touch, so you need to solve such important questions:

  • budget purchase (a separate line plumbing will go to a separate bath), which should be included and the costs of transporting and lifting the unit.
  • shape and color of the bath, her material.If the style is classic or modern, then choose the metal or acrylic designs.Such models are universal.Color bath can repeat the basic solution, or different, to be a bright spot.But for luxury bohemian interiors will require exclusive tub under the order.Simple and modest model will look naive and spoil the idea.
  • How to sum communication and how to hide them?Do I need a bath podium or fit legs?
  • Would you like to use the hot tub and admire the illuminated?Test these functions before purchase, not all owners use them.But if the options to be, and auxiliary (drying disinfection) let them be.
  • Transportation and movement bath - uncomfortable moment when the selected bath is not crawls into doorways.Note that the container must pass through the entrance.If you live in an apartment building, the choice of the bath can be severely limited by these factors.
  • Whatever fashionable and beautiful was not a bath, it must be functional: it should be easy to wash, to step over ledges, climb out and sink, step over ledges.Such problems are observed in people with particular complexion, high growth or a miniature or full-bodied.Pre "compete" bath: sit, lie down and vote.
Tips for choosing a freestanding bath
Recommendations for choosing a freestanding bath

Rectangular and oval baths the most versatile, if select items in a classic style, they will look good in an ensemble.For options with a clear presence of the complex styles (Baroque, eco-design, Empire) parts can be pretentious, but be sure to repeat the main idea and support it.

Features choice of freestanding baths

Which mixer approach?

Another important issue that will affect the appearance of the bathroom. There are options such mixers:

  • columns or floor. Depending on the design is a classic, high-tech and Baroque.Effective communication and hides the column hose soul, bringing them to a considerable height to 150 cm. In order not to spoil the view, water is mounted on the floor, so the option is good for empty space, cast a primary or complete renovation.Where significant changes are not planned, such a mixer would be too costly.
  • Side mixers are mounted on the rim. It is a modern version of that looks organically in large square baths, a modern design and with multifunctional baths.Basically manufacturers offer their hot tubs with ready-made mixers side of good quality.For demanding customers the market offers and to the specific embodiments mixers rim.
  • Cascade and shelving options are considered to design the course. They mean clearance special shelves or niches for the placement of the crane and a watering can that can be placed independently of each other.Cascade option is considered to be more durable as opposed to mixing on the shelf, the latter is only allowed a sliding shower.Therefore, the cascade structure is more expensive.
Floor -standing bathtub mixer
Mixer freestanding bath
Mixer on the rim for freestanding bathtubs

Freestanding bath will set the tone throughout the room, little things in her appearance can not be.Even classic and calm space will form a modern and elegant, for use in the interior of a bath - it means to have good taste.Fine details and sleek design will complement the perfection of form only in the bathroom, so do not forget about the little things stylish and modern plumbing.

Freestanding tub