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August 12, 2017 18:07

Electric corner fireplace , built , classic - it does not get lost in the choice ?

decorative electric fireplace, what their device?

would seem that bought decorative stove, and whether it is capable of providing the necessary heat the house?Or is it only an aesthetically attractive unit, interior decorating?So, let's see what it represents the electric fireplace.Behind the facade of these devices lies fake fire, made of silk and foil, motor, heater and red filters.Due to the special power has been adjusted, the flame can be poured or smolder.

addition to decorative interior decoration electric heater performs heating function.Moreover, the amount of heat in the building is exactly the same as when using a standard oven.In some cases, it is able to heat even faster and more powerful.Work he can in several modes.

winter, you can set some parameters, and in the summer, when you need only a decorative flames, others (with less heating mode).The best types of electric fireplaces with a portal (near-wall frame, made of stone, wood and other materials).

Types of electric fireplaces

In general, these devices can be divided into two major groups: elektroochagi and kaminokomplekty .The first is a furnace with flame simulation and screen.They take up very little space, and can say that this little electric fireplaces as bundled with them is not the portal (decorative frame).Elektroochaga Installation does not require any skill, you just bring the device home and plug it in.

second type - this kaminokoplekty.The brightest representative of a brand ClassicFlame .This device consists of elektroochaga and portal.With confidence we can say that it is able to replace a full fireplace and ensure that exactly the same amount of heat in the house, if not more.Portal is selected depending on the interior of the room in which it is located, it is made of marble and any other stone.

Electric fireplaces in a manner

setup can easily install electric fireplaces with their hands in the event that they are only included in the socket.But if it is recessed or wall mounted devices, will have to call for it professionals.So we talk about the basic types.

  • Classic electric fireplaces, the dimensions of which may be quite different, in appearance fully comply with a real fireplace.They are the most expensive.Plus installed only specialists, since installation must be capital.To plan their accommodation in advance is necessary.Subsequent movement of the device in space (from one location to another) is unacceptable.
  • Corner - in fact, they can also be attributed to the classic, the only difference is that they assume the installation in a corner.They do not take up much space and create the necessary comfort in the room.
  • Electric built fireplaces, which are mounted on the wall.This is most often used designs of plasterboard.Therefore, how to install it is important to think at the stage of repair.Once this is done already problematic.It is also important to consider in the process of mounting the availability of all the points of the fireplace in the exercise of its maintenance.
  • Electric Fireplaces Wall in hi-tech style look like paintings hanging on the wall.Due to the use of decorative trim expensive materials are expensive.By its appearance only slightly resemble real fireplaces.Often used in rooms that are decorated in the same style.

Note! If you still gathered to embed this unit with his hands, then, as has been said, you need to think about it in advance, during the construction phase.In that case, when you have already made repairs, it is better to buy a typical fireplace, which is included in the socket.This saves you from the hassle of installation.