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August 12, 2017 18:08

Acrylic wallpaper, their pros and cons

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Pros and cons of acrylic wallpaper

This material began to produce for the first time in 1930 in Germany.The basis of the composition was laid organic glass (acrylic originator).Today, it is an excellent way to create a sophisticated and stylish interiors.Also, like any other cover has a number of advantages and disadvantages.When compared with vinyl, then:

  • Differ lower cost, but at the same time, does not have such a high water resistance and abrasion.Therefore, acrylic wallpaper are much shorter period than vinyl.
  • Possess a high level of reliability and durability, so you can not be afraid for their performance.The coating is not afraid of any mechanical damage and can easily be used in areas where the animals live.
  • Speaking of decorative characteristics, they are suitable far not to any interior.The thickness of the layer is about 1.5-2 mm, while at the vinyl of about 3 mm.
  • Available as a web with a pronounced pattern, and without it.Figure often resembles a convex relief point.
  • Due to the fact that the acrylic is applied to the paper dot coating "breathes".This creates a favorable environment, and can be used as wallpaper in the living room, bedrooms and nurseries.Among the shortcomings
  • allocate their vulnerability to excessive moisture.Therefore it is necessary to wash them extreme caution and do not apply to excessively wet areas.

Features cleaning

This material has specific features for cleaning.For example, we all know that it is important to choose the right cleaning products.This also applies to acrylic wallpaper.They do not need to use abrasives as they spoil the coating.Good results can be achieved using conventional clean water.

Suffice it to take any capacity and sponge (cloth).Wet it in water and squeeze. Attention!Liberally moisten the sponge is not recommended.It is important to follow the moderate humidity. Then the surface is wiped.After such cleaning, the surface acquires its original neat appearance.

acrylic glue wallpaper

glued acrylic wallpaper the same way as paper or vinyl.But it is necessary to prepare the surface before.To do this, remove the old coating (paint, plaster, wallpaper).Clears the ground of dirt, dust and grease.Align it with the putty.It is mandatory to apply the primer at the corresponding base.Only then begin to apply the wallpaper to the wall by the "butt".To this end, it is important to know how to hang wallpaper butt.

In the second stage cut fabric and glue prepared.At the same time the best glue for wallpaper - it is the glue for vinyl and paper wallpaper.You can choose any of them.Cut a length of fabric is necessary, which will be equal to the height of the wall, plus about 5 centimeters.Fabrics are laid on a solid base and an adhesive is applied.The glue should be absorbed slightly, so they are left in this state for some time.

Next wallpaper applied on the wall by the "butt".Although not rule out the possibility of gluing and by the "overlap". But better still "butt".Then they carefully smooth out from the center to the edges.Ventilate the room at the time of work is not desirable.Plus should wait for the complete drying of the coating, as acrylic wallpaper can not tolerate any changes in temperature.

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