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The Roof And The Roof

August 12, 2017 18:06

How to cover the roof Decking

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material such as corrugated board, has long been known all and used in construction in various "roles» - of it establish fences, build garages and sheds, as well as cover the roofs of farm buildings, small housesand even large mansions.Decking is produced in a variety of colors, so you can see the house, covered with sheets not only one color, but with a combination of shades . that looks very original.

How to cover the roof Decking

How to cover the roof Decking

to know how to cover the roof of corrugated roofing sheets, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions, and then purchase high-quality roofing and consumables, to prepare all the necessary tools .

It is very important that we should not have special skills to produce this roofing material.Home - comply with the technological sequence of works and not to make mistakes that can lead roof leak that require finishing coating "to the mind."

Advantages and corrugated disadvantages, ka to a rovelnogo material

Article Contents

  • 1 Advantages and corrugated disadvantages as roofing material
  • 2 Choice corrugated roofing
  • 3 How to avoid damage during transportation and installation material?
  • 4 Tools for roofing with Bent
  • 5 Features corrugated mounting as a roof
    • 5.1 Influence roof pitch installation
    • 5.2 procedure for fixing sheets
    • 5.3 Rules corrugated mounting
  • 6 Installation of additional elements
  • 7 General sequence roofing Decking
    • 7.1 Video: important nuances when laying sheeting as roofing

as with any roofing material, corrugated board has its pluses andcons that you need to know before you buy it.

By positive qualities of this material include the following:

  • Lightweight corrugated board makes it easy to raise it to the height and, if necessary, to align the on-site installation.
  • optimum balance of cost and service life of the material.In a qualitative assembly manufacturer sets the minimum service life of 12 ÷ 15 years.
  • Easy installation - material easily fits overlapped and screwed with special screws.
  • Aesthetics cover - profiled thanks to a variety of colors, making the appearance neat house, gives it personality.
  • The relief of most models have special sheets capillary groove, which is designed to effectively drain water when laying material webs overlapping .
Capillary groove for the free flow of water

Capillary groove for the free flow of water

negative qualities sheeting can be called:

  • high thermal conductivity of metal.Therefore decking will not protect the attic space from overheating or low temperatures.If you choose this coverage, both require good thermal insulation to the roof and attic floor, which involves additional costs for thermal insulation material and its installation.
  • In windy weather, when the wind speed is 15 m / s and above, any metal coating emits ultrasonic vibrations adversely affect the human psyche.Therefore, in areas with constant windy weather is better to give preference to roofing, which does not vibrate in the wind.
  • Low soundproofing.If the roof is not equipped with a heat - and sound insulation, the house is well-heard sounds incident on the coating drops or hailstones.

Choice corrugated roofing

Profiled can be made of galvanized sheet metal, without color coating.Such lists are often used to create temporary or permanent shelters, or to cover the outbuildings.It is also often used for fencing of construction sites.Unpainted decking has a sufficiently low cost, but is not well suited to cover residential buildings, since it has low performance and not very attractive from the point of view of aesthetics appearance.

very popular decking, which has a decorative protective coating of polymer compositions.This material is more durable and able to withstand severe enough load.Certainly, is - when properly installed, which largely depends on the slope angle of the roof slopes.

produces several types of corrugated board, with protective and decorative polymer coating:

  • carrier (H) - intended to cover the roof, floors and roofs.
  • Wall ( With ) - used for the erection of the fence, sheds, garages.
  • Universal (NA) - suitable for roofing, installation of fences, Construction of garages, economic objects etc .

to cover the roof decking is better to use a carrier, but can use any of the above types in a pinch .

addition, this material varies in height and the number of waves.The height of the waves (corrugations) the figure, which is placed next to the marked type of corrugated board.For example - several models presented in table:

Marking Appearance corrugated Application height of corrugations in mm metal thickness in mm Useful width in mm
C10 C10 Wall 10 0,5;0.6;0,7 1100
C18 C18 Wall 18 0,5;0.6;0.7;0,8 1000
C21 C21 Wall 21 0,5;0.6;0.7;0,8 1000
NS35 NS35 Roofing Wall 35 0,5;0.6;0.7;0,8 1000
C44 C44 Wall 44 0,5;0.6;0.7;0.8;0.9;1,0 1000
H60 H60 Roof 60 0,7;0.8;0.9;1,0 845

Metal Art Is etc. ofnastila may be unilateral or bilateral cover, but whatever he was purchased, it is better to choose the material, protected on both sides.

coating consists of multiple layers of protective Pa attention proposed scheme can be clearly seen, which layers coated inside and outside.

The layered structure of the high-quality corrugated board

layered structure of high-quality corrugated

outer side of the roofing material:

  • basis for corrugated board is a steel sheet .
  • steel covered with a layer of zinc.
  • Next is corrosion-resistant coating.
  • on him to apply the primer layer, which serves as a preparation for the polymer.
  • then goes colored polymer coating.
  • on color polymer coating is often applied protective film (polyurethane), which will keep it from fading and peeling.
  • for transporting and storing it on top of corrugated board can be further coated with a film coating which is removed after installation.

inner side of the sheeting is covered in the same sequence of exactly the same material, but in some models color polymer film is not inside, but on the other leaf is coated equally on both sides.The latter, of course, is more expensive, but it and their service life is much greater.

Colours sheeting is quite diverse.By the most conservative estimates color range is represented by no less than the 30th shades, so select will not be reflux ore.The color layer on the surface can be applied powder method or by using a special process of the polymer coating.

If summarize the selection criteria, it can be listed as follows:

  • To make sure that the material quality and is produced in professional conditions, you should ask the seller a certificate for the products.If it is not, it is better to apply to another store.
  • checked marking material, talking about his appointment, thickness and height of the waves.
  • estimated external material.It is necessary to pay attention to the flatness of the sheet, and the absence of defects in coloring of the protective layer, the same shade of the sheets, the uniformity of the coating.Appearance can tell a lot about the quality of corrugated - if during the inspection will show up coloring layer delamination or burrs on the cuts, then the purchase should be abandoned.
  • More one criterion is to check on the corrugated fold - quality material must be resilient, and if it is to try to bend, it tends to return to its original position.At the same time on the cover should not be shown the fold trace.
  • type of external decorative coating - resin or powder.The most high-quality coated sheeting are matte and ordinary polyester and plastisol .Data coverage should also be specified in the certificate for the products.
  • Price material.We must remember that we should not choose the cheapest material - unlikely to be of high quality. Especially since entire decking is quite an affordable price.

When the material purchased , you must deliver it right on the construction site, as well as accurately, without damage, unload and pick up on high.

How to avoid damage during transportation and installation material?

This question is important to highlight because damage to corrugated board with his delivery, unloading and installation will significantly reduce the life of the roof of the future.

This material is made from steel sheet, which give relief from cold rolled using special equipment.

Production of corrugated sheets by rolling in a special machine

Production of corrugated rolling sheets in a special machine

Such material, roofed as the roof is able to withstand high wind and snow loads, but during transportation, loading and unloading, cover sheets may be subjected to unnecessary mechanical stress that entail for a damage.To avoid this, you should observe certain transport, storage, carrying and lifting sheets.

  • Transportation sheeting produced by lorries.The sheets must be stacked on piles rigid base body or on a special metal frame, which is fixed in the body at an angle.
Transportation sheeting requires compliance with certain rules

Transportation corrugated board requires compliance with certain rules

  • After laying of roofing material in the machine, it must be securely fasten straps in order to avoid friction sheets each about other while driving, as itit can cause damage to the protective coating.
  • car transported profiled should move at a speed not exceeding 80 km / h.
  • It is important to ensure that unloading roofing held with the utmost care.If unloading is done manually, it is desirable that each of the sheets removed from the stack separately, transferred and placed on a prepared place for them.The best way - to prepare a flooring of boards and plywood on top of the laid polyethylene.
  • required to see to it that none of the sheets is not bent when moving, as to return it to its original state will not be possible, and this means that the coating forms a gap between the sheets, which will break the flatness and integrity of the roof.
  • To raise the decking on the roof, do not hurt him, you must also do it right:

- for accurate lifting material required logs, which are set at an angle to the roof - it will be a kind of "rails" for convenience lifting sheets;

Device for lifting sheets on the roof

device for lifting sheets on the roof

- Prices rise to a height of only one thing;

- not recommended at this proce ss etc. and strong winds, as it not only cause damage to the material, but also can result in injury to workers.

- styling itself sheeting on the roof can be performed by two masters, but rise to the height of roofing material is best done three - is additional insurance of material integrity and security of work.

Now just a few words on how to avoid damaging the profiled mounting.

maximum risk of damage to the material develops in the event that covered a large area of ​​the roof, as in the process of laying and fixing have to walk on the already laid roof.Therefore , you must choose the right shoes for - it should be not only convenient, but also have a soft flexible sole that will not damage the protective layer and will not slip on the surface of the roof.Stepping on fixed roofing material can only be between ribs and only in those places, where the guide battens , especially if big step between them.

Tools for roofing Decking with

to installation took place gently, without unnecessary damage to the roofing material, you need to use only high-quality tools.To work required:

Tools for roofing with Decking

Tools for roofing Decking with

  • screwdriver.
  • Roulette.
  • Shears for cutting metal up to 0,6 mm thick.
  • Marker marks.
  • level.
  • Electric drill.
  • rubber hammer.
  • Jigsaw or Electroscissors.
  • soft brush for sweeping metal shavings .
Запрещено резать профнастил "болгаркой". Оптимальный инструмент для этого - электроножницы

forbidden to cut corrugated board "grinder."The best tool for this - Electroscissors

Features sheeting installation as roof

to installation of roofing material was successful, some of the features of the work must be considered.

Influence roof pitch installation

lot in the process of coating roofing material depends on the roof pitch.It is important to correctly position the boards or bars crates , as well as to comply with the required amount overlapping sheets of corrugated board.

The dependence of the design and method of stacking crates sheets from the roof pitch

dependence design lathing and the way of laying sheets of roof pitch

  • If the ramp slope is 5 ÷ 10 degrees, crate make solid or slats nailed to a maximum distance of 5 ÷ 7 mm from each other.Overlap

sheets in this case must be horizontally into two waves, and the top row to the bottom - not less than 300 mm. And when such a small incline ramp, the gap between the sheets of corrugated often fill with sealant, since all still remains risk water flowing between them, especially in windy conditions.

  • When roof pitch of 10 ÷ 15 degrees, the distance between the bars crates is 400 ÷ 450 mm, and located next to the sheets are stacked overlap on the same wavelength.The top row should overlap the lower 200 ÷ 220 mm.
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