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February 27, 2018 00:00

The design of the long kitchen : features interior decoration

Large and bright kitchen, where the hostess can accommodate with all the scope - this, alas, most often an impossible dream. Well, there is no such "luxury" in conventional paneled apartment buildings. In general, kitchenettes have at best a square shape, and in the worst a rectangle. Properly planned design of the last kitchen is quite difficult. Sometimes these rooms are so narrow that it is sometimes so problematic to put a kitchen set that you have to find places for furniture and appliances in other rooms. But do not be upset. You can always find a solution that even transforms a long, narrow kitchen into a cozy and pretty place.


Long kitchen: interior features

If your kitchen is long, do not choose too pretentious for her design. Stay on the modern style, which perfectly combines the simplicity and ease of silhouettes. Fans of Empire or Baroque will have to give up their favorite style - otherwise the wrong shape of the room will look like a significant drawback. It is for this very reason that you must abandon the various decorative elements.

The most suitable styles for your kitchen, in this case, will be high-tech, loft style and Scandinavian style.


Long kitchen and hi-tech style

The peculiarity of this style is smooth or smooth lines that meet in the right geometry. Thanks to this approach, you will get a large ergonomic room. Hi-tech is the use of only modern technologies and tools, since the entire space of the room must be used as much as possible. This style implies the increased functionality of each millimeter of space.

Tips for decorating a narrow kitchen using a high-tech style:

  1. The main message of this interior is asceticism.
  2. The combination of two colors: dark and light. Especially the design of the long kitchen looks exquisite if the room is made black and white.
  3. An important moment for such a kitchen is the selection of light points and the presence of shiny components( materials, decor, dishes, etc.).
  4. It is possible to divide visually into several zones of a room with the help of a bar, bedside tables, table - thus each zone has its own function.
  5. Ultra-modern technique, with exceptionally cold shades.
  6. This design implies a large amount of glass and metal.
  7. Metal should be gray: either aluminum or chrome.
  8. If the gas cooker is electric and with a smooth surface.
  9. Technique - embedded, while it, preferably, could be integrated into the furniture.
  10. A well-developed storage system - a large number of built-in shelves, lockers.
  11. All surfaces are smooth and monophonic, so that there are no decorative elements and panels.
  12. It is more bright and bright glossy that the interior was more rigid.
  13. If you think that such a strict kitchen will be too boring, the walls of the room can be decorated with modern avant-garde paintings.


Long kitchen and Scandinavian style

This style is suitable for those who want to add freshness and comfort to the room - even if your room is narrow and long, Scandinavian style will help to transform it. A small area of ​​the kitchen is quite actual will be supplemented by bright characteristic accents, increasing the space - true, only visually. The Scandinavian style is asceticism, straight lines and strict lines, the absence of pretentiousness and outrageousness.

Lighting for decoration of a narrow kitchen using the Scandinavian style:

  1. The main color of the walls: white, light sand, pale blue, beige, pale brown, light gray. Thanks to the bright walls, you expand the room.
  2. Using a minimum of furniture - only those things that you really can not do without. This will not litter the already narrow kitchen.
  3. Furniture items are best chosen from wood, while its texture is best preserved without hiding it under plastic or other materials.
  4. You can use glass, metal, weaving elements as decoration.
  5. Bar counters and narrow tables for a snack in the dining area.
  6. The apron of the kitchen should be white, while its texture can be the most diverse: brick, tile, wallpaper, wood, etc. Here, in principle, you can fantasize and add some design solutions: ceramic mosaic and panels for wood, but always pastel shades.
  7. Obligatory "light eclectic" - in one room it is permissible to use any lighting options at the same time: central lamp, floor lamp, small lights, spots, sconces, etc. All to ensure that the room was not a single dark corner.
  8. Windows should be open: no curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, blinds, which can interfere with natural light.
  9. If you use a tree, then it should be a light color.
  10. The floor should be made of massive boards, but you can lay and laminate, imitating the wide boards, and a light tile. As a variety and bright contrast, you can make a black floor or just too dark.
  11. Diversify the interior with different scenery of bright colors - these can be rugs, tablecloths, pillows, sofa padding or chair covers.


Long kitchen and loft style

This style is not suitable for everyone, but, above all, for rather unorthodox thinking people, because the loft style is a non-standard solution that will turn your house into an original and bold room. This style is ideal for the wrong rooms, as the design of the room will distract you and your guests, for example, from a small long kitchen.

Thanks to ergonomic solutions, the use of bold color solutions and unusual building materials, you will make your room( and perhaps the whole house) the strangest, but at the same time, original and brutal premise.

The strength of the loft is graphite objects, rigid lines, lots of iron, wood, brick, concrete. Everything is very modest, but clearly and urban.

Lighting design of a narrow kitchen using the loft style:

  1. The most important thing is the texture of the walls or at least one wall. Forget about wallpaper, paint and even plaster. Use bricks, natural stone or concrete - walls must be natural.
  2. If the gray walls do not impress you - paint them in bright and flashy colors.
  3. The floor is either a tree treated artificially "antique", or tiles - a wide "under the asphalt", or - concrete, but polished and without painting.
  4. Furniture - at a minimum, but with the availability of all modern technical equipment, albeit without unnecessary details.
  5. Details though and looking "natural", but they are expensive and carefully thought out.


Long kitchen: lay-out

It does not matter, a narrow long kitchen or a small small kitchen - the design of the room must be thought out so that you feel comfortable in this room, nothing hinders you, but on the contrary, promotes work.

The layout of such a kitchen can have several options - choose one that is more acceptable for you.


Long kitchen: one-sided lay-out

This solution is rarely used - only when the kitchen is really narrow to the point that the second row of the headset is simply unreal. It is worth noting that many like this location. But it's not entirely convenient to work here.

It is necessary to place the working wall together with all cabinets, shelves and shelves along one wall, while not being able to completely occupy it. The place that will remain is used for the dining area - here you can make a table and chairs or a bar counter and stools.


Long kitchen: double-sided layout

This layout is the most convenient solution. Furniture should be placed so that the stove, refrigerator and sink formed a triangle and the hostess would not have to walk a lot in the kitchen, which will facilitate the work.

Having placed furniture in two lines, you will have a freer place near the window - it can be used for a dining area. This option is ideal if the door and window are opposite each other.


Long kitchen: angular layout

If the kitchenette is very small, then you can place the working area with the letter "G".Thus, you will have a free small part of the room - here you will equip the dining area. Angular layout should be done, based on the presence of windows, doors and balcony, which can significantly affect the location.

Ideal for such a room will be folding tables, bar counters, located close to the wall, folding tables and chairs that are used only during meals.


Long kitchen: "P" -shaped layout

If your kitchen is narrow, but rather long and large, then you can try the "P" -like layout. In fact, in such a room the "P" -like furniture set will fit quite harmoniously.

The arrangement of furniture in this way makes the room quite cozy and roomy. Especially if the countertop, which forms the top of the letter "P", is combined with the window sill.
The dining area is located in the second part of the room - here you can put a large table of any shape, sofa and chairs.


Long kitchen: design principles

Color solution for long kitchens

  1. Use only those colors and shades that can help extend the room.
  2. Ideally - it's white, blue, beige, minty, pale pastel shades of different colors.
  3. Do not be afraid to experiment - let the light not only be walls, ceiling and floor, but also pieces of furniture.
  4. Do not make too expressive a contrast, as this will bore those who are in the kitchen a lot of time.
  5. Bright spots in the interior can emphasize not the ideal of any room.
  6. Combine cool colors, and decor items can choose from a warmer color scheme.
  7. The color of the floor in a narrow kitchen is not important - you can make it any color.
  8. To expand visually the room, it is necessary to spread the floor covering with a transverse stripe - even a laminate( although this may accentuate the joints with a light flux).
  9. Choosing furniture, stop your attention on light, but not white options or having colored accents.
  10. A very fine black and white kitchen will look very nice.
  11. If your kitchen is narrow and spacious, you can choose absolutely black furniture, and everything else is done in white.


The space of the long kitchen

  1. The bulkiness in the long kitchen is nonsense.
  2. The room should be lightweight and not have the effect of heaviness.
  3. The free upper part of the walls or at least the glass or mirror doors of the lockers will noticeably ease the external perception.
  4. Inside cabinets of hinged need to make a backlight - this is how the effect of windows from which the light flows.
  5. Instead of lockers, you can use open shelves, either short or long - so you add widths to the kitchen and spaces.
  6. Glossy surfaces will reflect light, which will make the space wider.
  7. To give room volume, pay attention to wallpaper, which depict something "going away", for example, road, field, forest, city, etc.


Light in the long kitchen

  1. . Quality lighting will make the work pleasant and comfortable. In addition to natural light, several more light points are needed.
  2. In addition to the main light, it is necessary to make additional illumination of the working area.
  3. The part of the room that is far from the window must have many additional light sources: lamps, floor lamps, lamps, soffits, etc.
  4. Today, one central chandelier is no longer in fashion - it can be replaced with suspensions( several depending on the length of the kitchen).
  5. Discard the built-in luminaires along the perimeter of the entire kitchen - this will be associated with a tunnel or subway.
  6. If you need spotlighting, pay attention to the lamp-clothespins, the bracket of which allows you to direct the light where necessary.


Designing a long kitchen

  1. Window curtains in a narrow kitchen should be bright, with a large pattern.
  2. Discard the transparent and weightless curtains - they will visually extend the room.
  3. It is necessary to decorate the kitchen with accessories: statuettes, watches, pictures, flowers - no need for details, but their presence is mandatory.
  4. Discard the protruding parts - especially the handles of furniture. It is better to use recessed handles or a mechanism that opens the door by pressing it.
  5. Transparent details - decor items or furniture pieces visually make the space wider.
  6. Mirrors can be used as independent decor elements or as built-in facades of lockers, which will give the room a lack of depth.
  7. Correctly chosen patterns on the walls can affect the geometry of the space.


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Design of a long narrow kitchen: the best solutions. Photo of

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