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August 12, 2017 18:08

Calculator number of tile adhesive for a particular area


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  • 1 tips and expert advice
  • 2 consumption tile adhesive, depending on the structure and parameters of tiles

During construction work it is important to pre-calculate the amount of material in order to properly make an estimate and not overpay for unnecessary items.How to make payment tile adhesive consumption?Very simple, use our online calculator and learn how much tile adhesive will need, depending on the solution layer.The calculator will calculate the consumption tile adhesive Eunice basis Liktol, Volma.This calculation will help to know how much to buy and how much glue bags weighs.

How much tile adhesive?

First of all it is necessary to pay attention to the approximate amount of material, which is listed on the Packing bag.Of course, this is only approximate figures, as the residual result will depend on many factors:

  • irregularities of the walls;
  • selection comb;
  • slope comb;
  • porosity tiles;
  • size and type of tiles;
  • dexterity of the master and his professional skills;
  • temperature characteristics.

With easy online calculator you can find out how much you need tile adhesive and reduce the likelihood of errors to the minimum performance and make more accurate flow of tile adhesive on square meter. To do this you need to specify in the proposed table surface area intended layer thickness and the type of adhesive.If you have a tile measuring 20 by 30 cm, it should not be applied more than 1 cm thick. The final figure wizard helps determine the amount of the purchase of tile adhesive, for floors with walls in the bathroom the entire surface.

Product Clay tile UNIS 2000 / UNIS 2000 (25 kg) Clay tile UNIS PLUS is / UNIS PLUS (25 kg) Clay tile UNIS the XXI / UNIS XXI (25 kg) Clay tile RUSEAN fixator (25 kg) leveling tile adhesive Basics MASTPLIKS AC12 T (T-12) (25 kg) Clay tile-early Basics SKORPLIKS T-15 (25 kg) glue board substrate STARPLIKS AC11 (T-11) (25 kg) Clay tile enhanced fixation white Basics BELPLIKSAS17 W (T-17) (25 kg) Clay tile enhanced fixation gray basis MAKSIPLIKS AS16 (T-16) (25 kg) Tea-based adhesive BAZPLIKS T-10 (25 kg) tile adhesive elastic base GRANIPLIKS AC14 (T-14)(25 kg) tile adhesive effective manner MASTPLIKS the AC12 (T-12) Grey (25 kg) painting and glue mixture Basics KAVERPLIKS TS117 (T-117) (25 kg) tile adhesive ECO Base (25 kg) Clay tile and granite VETONITEASY FIX / Veton EASY FIX (25 kg) Clay tile and granite VETONIT PROFI PLUS / Veton Profi Plus (25 kg) Glue for tile work indoors VETONIT OPTIMA / Veton OPTIMA (25 kg) Clay tile LITOKOL K17 / LITOKOL K17 granite (25 kg) Clay tile LITOKOL K47 / LITOKOL K47 (25 kg) Clay tile LITOKOL LITOFLEX K80 / LITOKOL LITOFLEKS K80 front (25 kg) Clay tile LITOKOL LITOFLEX K81 / LITOKOL LITOFLEKS K81 (25 kg) Clay tile LITOKOL LITOFLOOR K66 / LITOKOL LITOFLOR K66for porcelain thick-film (25 kg) Clay tile LITOKOL LITOPLUS K55 / LITOKOL LITOPLYUS K55 white (25 kg) Clay tile LITOKOL LITOSTONE K98 / LITOKOL LITOSTOUN K98 (25 kg) Clay tile LITOKOL LITOSTONE K99 / LITOKOL LITOSTOUN K99 white ultabystrogo setting (25 kg)Clay tile LITOKOL SUPERFLEX K77 / LITOKOL Superflex K77 for large format floor heating (25 kg) Clay tile LITOKOL X11 / LITOKOL X11 for swimming pools (25 kg) Clay tile IVSIL TERMIX / IVSIL Thermix (25 kg) tile adhesive VOLMA CERAMICS PLUS (25 kg)Glue for white and mosaic PERFEKTA / HARDFIKS PERFECT WHITE (25 kg) adhesive for ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles PERFEKTA / PERFECT SMARTFIKS (25 kg) adhesive for ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles laying on the floor PERFEKTA / PERFECT STARTFIKS (25 kg) adhesive for ceramic tiles.granite and stone PERFEKTA / PERFECT SMARTFIKS PLUS (25 kg) adhesive for ceramic tiles.granite and natural stone PERFEKTA / PERFECT MULTIFIKS (25 kg) adhesive for ceramic tiles.granite and natural stone PERFEKTA / MULTIFIKS PERFECT WINTER (25 kg) Glue for ceramic granite.natural stone and ceramic tiles PERFEKTA / PERFECT HARDFIKS (25 kg) Glue for ceramic granite.natural stone and ceramic tiles PERFEKTA / HARDFIKS PERFECT WINTER (25 kg) adhesive for glass.mosaics and stone PERFEKTA / PERFECT MULTIFIKS WHITE (25 kg) mounting glue for insulation PERFEKTA / PERFECT ECOTEC (25 kg) Clay reinforced for porcelain and ceramic tiles PERFEKTA / PERFECT HOLDER (25 kg) elastic adhesive for natural stone and granite PERFEKTA / PERFECT GREENLINE ECOFLEX (25 kg) adhesive for all kinds of tiles on difficult grounds BERGAUF Maximum / BERGAUF maximum (25 kg) adhesive for ceramic tiles BERGAUF Keramik / BERGAUF ceramics (25 kg) adhesive for large-size and heavy plates BERGAUF Granit / BERGAUF Granite (25 kg) Glue for expanded polystyrene mineral wool and reinforcing layer BERGAUF Isofix / BERGAUF Isofix (25 kg) Clay white cement for transparent tiles and mosaics BERGAUF Mosaik / BERGAUF mosaic (25 kg) Clay reinforced ceramic tile BERGAUF Keramik Pro / BERGAUF ceramic Pro (25 kg)
surface area m2
layer Thickness.

Just use the calculator grouting tile consumption.

Learn how much you need to ceramic tiles on the floor.

Learn as required tiles for the bathroom.

tips and expert advice

Before you begin to spray glue on the base, you need to keep in mind some points:

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  1. If the surface is smooth, and the differences in heightless than 3 mm, then the adhesive consumption is minimal.It can be applied to a layer of 5mm solely for engaging with the base tile.
  2. If the surface is uneven, the glue will serve also for leveling, and therefore the calculation of tile adhesive flow is important to consider the amount of material used for rough work.
  3. To save adhesive, it is desirable to have a preliminary alignment, plaster and carry out a thorough primer base.To
  4. online calculator tile adhesive showed accurate results must correctly select the type of adhesive, depending on the type of composition that is optimized for application to various surfaces, metal, wood, concrete, old tiles etc.Furthermore
  5. basic tile adhesive component contains additional components, which are used for its better adhesion imparting elasticity, resistance to temperature extremes.This figure affects both the material properties and on the flow rate.

    Expense tile adhesive , depending on the choice and inclination of the comb .

    Table consumption tile adhesive to 1 meter, depending on the choice and inclination of the comb.

consumption tile adhesive, depending on the structure and parameters of tiles

Warning: the larger the tile, the greater the need to apply a layer of glue.Using the calculator tile adhesive , necessary to accurately specify these parameters in order to minimize potential errors.For larger components the adhesive layer is applied between 5 mm.

Application of tile adhesive

applying tile adhesive

Highly porous articles require a half to two times more adhesive than the materials with a low degree of absorption.For normal maintenance work will fit a universal remedy - based adhesive cement-sand mixture.

Other factors that may affect the incidental expenses tile adhesive - is the manner of the wizard, strictly seasoned allowed time to adjust tiles.

It is important to comply with the manufacturer's instructions and to mix only the amount which is adjacent to develop for 1-2 hours, this is due to hardening of the solution.It will not allow you to throw the fuck up solution and save the budget.

Using flow calculator tile adhesive , can be defined in advance with the amount of adhesive bags, and to achieve more accurate results, you can buy a little mix and spend a small amount of tile laying, knowing the exact coverage area.

obtained, so the result will be more truthful, and the online assistant will help in each master.

Good luck to you repair and a minimum flow of building materials!

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