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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to drill a hole in the tile

reasons for the need to drill holes in tiles, there are many: from the banal mounting socket and ending with the installation of a water pipe or ventilation.But the tiles - a fragile material, so an incorrect drilling or cutting holes, it can burst and crumble.


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to acquire knowledge, how to make a hole in the tile, it is sufficient to read this article.The process of drilling of any size is not difficult if you know how to do it.Video how to drill a hole in the tile can be viewed on our website.To perform the drilling necessary to have a drill, masking tape, level, square, measuring tape, a marker, and cutting tools.How to cut a hole in the tile?If small apertures are needed, it is enough that the necessary bits.Sometimes, for larger holes, use a cutting tool such as a crown for cutting holes, "Ballerina".


How to drill a hole in the tile without damaging the fabric and not shifted to the right point?Before drilling, it is necessary to do the layout.We nee

d a marker to note the point where drilling will occur.It is desirable, choosing the location for the hole, to withdraw from the fabric edge by 15 mm.If you plan to do more than one hole, but several, then you need to spend an additional markup using a square and a bubble level.

ceramic plate surface is slippery, so that the drill bit does not "drove" across the surface, it is necessary to place the drilling stick masking tape or ordinary adhesive tape, electrical tape, adhesive plaster.These materials hold the drill and do not let it slip.Also still use the core for marking holes, which is already inserted into the drill.

For drilling holes in ceramic tiles special drill for tile used.Also suitable drill with pobeditovymi or diamond tips.Picking the right drill bit, insert it into the drill, then set the minimum speed of rotation of the chuck and turn off the percussion mode (if any).should begin drilling at low speed using a small diameter drill bit, and then drill out the drill with a larger diameter.Set the drill to the center of the mark applied perpendicular to the web and begin drilling.

Through drills to make holes diameter of not more than 15 mm.How to drill a hole in the ceramic tile bigger?For this purpose, bits for cutting holes and 'Ballerina'.These cutting tools create a hole in the tile for wall outlets.The crown is put on the pilot drill and then runs at low speed drilling process.Drilling should be putting tiles on a flat surface.The disadvantage of this cutting tool to its high cost.

¬ęBallerina" is a combination of drills and one or two blades, which rotate together with the drill bit.Drilling is at low speed to avoid chipping.It should not rock drill, if possible use a special tripod.

How to make a hole in ceramic tile is very large diameter?To drill the holes, you can use one drill, with which the contour of the necessary holes drilled many holes, and then gently knocked the middle.Pre-need to do the layout - to draw the contours of the hole and make it boring.The remains of the drilling break out with pliers, then the inner diameter polished with sandpaper.