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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tips on connecting sockets for electric cookers

Probably, there is no need to remind that the electric stove, as well as any other household appliance, is the object of increased danger.Improper connection sockets for electric stoves - one of the possible causes of future trouble (and it at least).Therefore, on whatever device it was not, and no matter how adept technology, we did not consider themselves, first of all you should read the instructions on the product.

main thing is that we should be interested in the installation socket - which consumes a maximum power plate while working?On this depends not only the selection of the most outlets, but also suitable to it wirelessly.For many years, all the electrical products industry produces the so-called "Euro" standards.Therefore, the apartment must enter three wires: phase and ground zero.That is exactly what is done wiring in buildings under construction.

electric range

switchboard and grounding

If the house is relatively old buildings, the ground in the apartment, as a rule, no (it was not included in the USSR).Of course, it is better to do it by inviting electrician.After all, not only for electric stoves, but also for the rest of the modern household appliances should be grounded.If you look at their power plugs, there is a special touch.

We must start with the fact that the automatic input check on power board.Such shields are installed on the landing.If the plate is powerful, you may have to install a more powerful machine (again, you will need an electrician).At the same time, ensure that the core of the cable (wire), which comes with a flap in the apartment, has a cross-section of at least 6 mm².

desirable connection cookers make a separate circuit breaker.Electrical switchboards themselves machines sold in any specialty store.Install shield is very easy (the usual small box with a door).It is better to buy a shield by 2 - 3 machine (in the future).The machine should be placed on a current of about 40 A, not less.But here we must still consider, as there are different plates, and power consumption is also correspondingly different.

Selection and installation sockets

the socket should also pick up, but not to buy "just" a power outlet.It should be on A and 32 have three contact.If the apartment is three-phase power, there must be five contacts.The most important thing is to know - you need to pick up a plate outlet plug.Contact plugs are usually flat and not round.Installed socket with self-tapping screws in the dowels, for which pre-drilled hole puncher.

- socket connection

Accordingly, the cable that will go from the machine to a power outlet, must have at least 4 cores: phase zero and one ground - pool (just in case).Take the cable must be copper, power, cross-section of at least 6 "squares."Well, the rest is as usual, there are no difficulties.

Recommendation.Experts advise to put the socket at an altitude of about 15 cm from the floor, and in a relatively inaccessible place, so it does not interfere with, and could not reach the children.