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August 12, 2017 18:06

Configurations of plasterboard ceilings in the bedroom

Configurations of plasterboard ceilings in the bedroom

excellent design course will plasterboard in the bedroom, made in an interesting configuration, and with the original lighting elements.

As is known, a bedroom in the house - this is the place in which a person is resting and gaining strength, and therefore, it should be as comfortable and cozy.

At arrangement of the internal space of the room in most cases, try to make his design unique style and interesting solutions that will make it possible to convey the inner world of man.

In this case, suspended plasterboard ceilings with lighting become a mandatory element that can completely transform the bedroom.

For designers at registration of premises drywall - a real find.This versatile material allows even to realize the most courageous decisions.

Currently, there are many variations of designs of plasterboard ceilings that will transform the bedroom and make it a real vacation spot.

stunning visuals and a unique design in the bedroom will create a multi-level structure with elements of hidd

en illumination.

When working with plasterboard, nothing is impossible, and you can see this if you look at the photo below, which shows the ceiling in the bedroom in a classic design with elements of hidden lighting.



  • Benefits drywall
  • Features Design ceiling
  • options and types of design
  • Tips &recommendations

Benefits drywall

Plasterboard have long been used as a base material for the ceiling in various areas.

This versatile material is characterized by its affordable price and ease of installation carried out, that with the right approach can be carried out independently.

Due to its technological properties of drywall can take almost any shape, which makes it possible to do the ceilings of diverse configurations.

For installation of the ceiling of this versatile material initially by special technology to the base mounted frame of the profiles, by which you can adjust the level and the shape of the ceiling in the bedroom.

addition to the advantages of drywall include good sound insulation, as well as high levels of thermal conductivity.

should also be noted that the drywall itself is an environmentally friendly material, and therefore absolutely safe for their use.

It should be noted that this material is non-flammable, which makes it possible to lay underneath the different types of communications, including the wiring.

Plasterboard simply processed and installed.The frame of metal profiles for attaching sheets of material collected in the shortest possible time with a minimum set of tools.

main advantage of drywall is that with it you can perform almost any design of the ceiling in the interior of the bedroom.

In the photo, which is placed below shows a multilevel ceiling in the bedroom, made of plasterboard.


Features Design ceiling

ForIn order to truly become a bedroom a comfortable sitting area, picking up the design of the ceiling, it is necessary to take into account a variety of subtleties and nuances of the room.

should perform should be taken with full responsibility and pay attention to several factors.

Drywall allows you to implement almost any idea, even the most daring, yet there are some important recommendations, under which will achieve the most harmonious combination of all elements of the decor in the bedroom.

First of all, we should take into account the height of the ceiling in the bedroom as well as the design in the first place, it should be repelled by this factor.


As is known, sheets of drywall are attached to the structure of the profiles that take part of the height of the room.

If in the bedroom ceilings are low, the use of multi-layered structure is undesirable.

Design in the bedroom depends on the lighting, and the use of plasterboard ceilings great opportunities in this regard.

drywall construction allows you to create a variety of options with lighting and use various types of lighting.

creating a design in the bedroom, it is important to choose the right lighting and properly place it in the ceiling recesses.

also desirable at the stage of designing the ceiling to consider its heat and sound insulation, as well as the method of attachment of the material to the surface.

In any case, thinking over the design in the bedroom, it is recommended not to be afraid to show your imagination and the ability to use ready-made solutions.

In the photo below you can see the plasterboard ceiling, where the lighting is installed in hidden niches.

Illuminated Niche

options and types

design There are several options ceiling device in the bedroom room, which differ among themselves in terms of sophistication and styling.

The most simple include single-level structures are built in a relatively short time.

Such bases can hide all the flaws and irregularities of the major surfaces, and in addition, make it possible to build additional insulation and various kinds of communications in the ceiling void.

for its device to be mounted to start the frame, then mount the sheets of material and plaster.

as lighting for this type of grounds are perfect small spotlights.In the photo below you can see a simple one-level ceiling in the bedroom with spotlights.

One-level ceiling

For more complicated designs include multi-level ceilings, which can not only enhance the visual effect, but also to spend quality zoning of the interior space.

Under these types of bases mounted a more complex frame design in several levels.

In such grounds can be laid very different insulation material, as well as all kinds of communication.

By creating multiple levels, such bases can equip a variety of types of lighting, including hidden.

Such original ceilings are best suited for large rooms in which a lot of free space.

Multilevel ceilings with original arranged lighting can be seen in the photo, which is available below.


Tips and tricks

Incurrently, designers offer several options for the execution of plasterboard ceilings.

Large enough popular Empire style, which implies oval shape and smooth design with a minimum number of decorative elements.

Fans of complex shapes and all kinds of nonsense can be recommended to make the ceiling in his bedroom in the Baroque style, which is characterized by a variety of decor lines and symmetry.

Good will look classic and plasterboard with minimum bends and additional design elements.

situation in the bedroom should adjust to peace and comfort.It is best to do the ceiling with a minimum of decoration items in several levels with bright backlight.

The photo below shows a ceiling for the bedroom, which combines several types of lighting.