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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installing metal roofing battens under

Installing metal roofing battens under

Crate under the metal is part of the truss system.

In its Embodiment this frame on which is mounted a metal tile.

device crates under the metal involves the use of high-quality materials and strict adherence to the sequence of operations.

Install furring under the metal is carried out by specialists.In this part of the work can be done by hand.

Construction of the roof for an individual house is an important stage of construction, and it needs to perform with due quality.

term roofing construction services in general determined by the correct implementation of all the intermediate work.


  • Classification metal
  • Construction crates
    • How to move crates
    • selection boards and beams
  • Install furring
  • details and nuances

Classification metal

basic material,from which the roofing material called metal-type cascade is a steel sheet.From the outside and the inside of the leaf is applied to the zinc coating.

Above it has several layers of different materials that provide the required reliability and aesthetic appeal of the material.

The photo shows the structure of the metal tiles in the section.

The layers of metal

According to specifications metal has a warranty period of 15 years.When the installation is made under the metal crates to all rules and regulations, roofing material is three times longer.

cost of metal is made up of several components.

on the selling price in a store building materials affected by the following characteristics:

  • thickness of the steel sheet;
  • type polymer coating;
  • external shape and color;
  • geometric dimensions;
  • brand manufacturer.

sheet size selected at the design stage.The distance between the bars of which is mounted crate, determined by the length tiled wave.

correctly calculated move crates under the metal it provides a sturdy mount.Buying a metal tile, you need to familiarize themselves with the quality certificate for the product.

Like any metal construction material has its advantages and disadvantages.The former applies to the strength, durability and an attractive appearance.

Install and mount easily performed - this means that the installation costs are low.The important point lies in the fact that the installation can be performed at any time of the year.

For lack of material must be attributed the fact that the roof of this type requires additional noise insulation.

Even tile or cascade the brand Monterrey has to be mounted on a well-prepared with their own hands crate.Be sure to do this for the roof and drainage particular configuration.

Construction crates

Crate under the metal roofing is designed to evenly distribute the load on the rafters and walls of the house.

In practice, a crate of two types:

  • solid;
  • grid.

When mounted solid construction, the distance between the boards are left in the range of 10 mm.This is required in order to allow air circulation.

On crate grid requires fewer materials and it has a smaller mass.batten type is selected depending on what size wave tile profile.

If you do the calculation under the metal stage, you can select a grid version of the design.

are going to mount the crate with your hands, you need to perform a detailed calculation of the size of the structure.The wavelength in the sheet metal type cascade is 300 mm.


From this it follows that the distance between the boards in the regeneration of the roof should be the same.Sheet width is 1150 mm and the maximum length may be 6 meters.

when designing should take into account the amount of overlapping of one sheet to another.Forming a cost estimate for the resettlement of the roof, you need to lay the provision of materials in the range of 10% from the standard volume.

This rule also applies to metal roofing, and lumber.

How to move crates

Long-term experience has shown that the best solution would be to mount metal crate grill type.

It is important to calculate the step size, which will be installed cross bar.

These cross-bars, in turn, are fastened metal sheets.

must know that, depending on the standard tile wave length may be equal to 300-350-400 mm.In products such as cascade wave is equal to 300 mm.Metal type Monterrey - 350 mm.

between wavelength and step crates must be present to-one correspondence.

If the crate will be installed with a single step, and the metal have a different size, mount such construction impossible.

selection boards and beams

Thinking about how to make the crate under the metal, it is necessary to strictly control the quality of the wood.When mounting the roof of metal are used softwood lumber.

complexity roofing system requires a high quality of materials.And this quality is determined at the design stage.


board and timber shall comply with the characteristics stated in the parameters.This applies to the beam cross-section and surface quality boards.

Before you let the material in the case, it is necessary to dry and process the protective coating.It should ensure that timber or board have not lost their original geometrical parameters.

Construction of houses, as a rule, is carried out within a limited budget.It is important to avoid overruns in the regeneration of the foundation, walls and roof.

cost of installing metal roofing battens can be optimized by using certain approaches.

To do this, choose a lightweight frame design and produce accurate calculation in lumber demand.

All the necessary measurements are carried out on the truss system with their own hands with the help of a metal tape measure.Lattice lath boards and require less timber than solid.

When measurements need as closely as possible to fix the distance between the slats.

Years of experience shows that the size of the board has a lot of variation from the nominal value.

Since the crate should have a high strength, it is recommended to collect it from a board thickness of 30 mm.This thickness is required for safety reasons.


This deviation from the average width can reach five or more centimeters.Boards need to align before you mount.Calibration is easily done by hand.

Use mounting furring under the metal tiles can not be sub-standard timber.

Install furring

Before proceeding directly to the work, it is desirable to draw up an action plan.Experienced professionals can do without this document.

The first step you need to cover the roof slope steam insulating material.Laying and fixing film is performed using a beam cross section of 40x40 mm.

This beam is applied to the rafters, and thus pushes them film.The accepted terminology it is called kontrobreshetkoy.

Installation Instructions requires that the first bars kontrobreshetki mounted on the edges.This is done in order to pull the film.And all the rest are attached thereafter nails or screws.

properly installed kontrobreshetka intended to create a ventilation space for the roof.

air circulation prevents the accumulation of moisture and mold.With extreme care is necessary to fix the boards in places where the valley.

at the contact beams and waterproof film is necessary to follow the integrity of the film.Otherwise, moisture will be permanently absorbed into the wood.

With kontrobreshetki achieve smooth film tension.It should not sag and wrinkle.

So reads the instruction on the application of waterproofing materials in the regeneration of the metal roof.

If the project envisages the insulation of the roof, the following actions are laid insulation boards.

No matter what type of insulation is selected, the sheet insulation material should be placed between the two films.

Bottom insulation protected from the warm and humid air steam insulating material and on top of waterproofing film.The photo shows the roof structure in the context of the pie.

Roof pie

When a waterproofing membrane is laid on top of her stuffed crate.And at this stage it is important to perform a fastening batten in such manner as prescribed estimation.

Stowage and securing home board is done with special care.She is beaten at the end of the rafter beams.The first board is to be thicker than ordinary 15-20 mm.

gutter is attached to it.The following boards are mounted batten after a certain distance.This interval is determined by the kind of metal.

If selected metal roof stage, the distance between the boards lathing must be equal to 300 mm.In those parts of the roof, where there are valleys, lathing is done solid.

The video shows a crate for a standard gable roof.


details and nuances

Since water drainage system provided for in any case, before installing the battens must be installed under the metal brackets for mounting gutters.

Driving casting system developed separately.Before laying the first board into the base of crates, to make sure that all elements of the gutters are fixed to the project areas.

Sometimes the brackets are fixed to the bottom board batten.Particular differences between the versions do not have, but you need to know about them.

to begin construction of the house, you need to perform an approximate calculation of material needs.After each stage of the building adjusts the preliminary calculations.

roofing system is considered one of the most important in the house.And to save on its arrangement is not accepted.Works on installation of metal crates and fastening should be done carefully.

We must remember that the metal for re-use is not good.