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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to connect the chandelier with 3 lights to the switch with 2 keys

Typically, the installation itself chandeliers too much trouble, no one cause - the good, that various devices for securing its more than enough.But the question is, how to connect to the double switch, many baffled.Tell me how to do it without the help of a professional electrician.

First you need to decide how much and what kind of light we want to include one or two keys.Here are a few options.One key includes a lamp, and the second - just two.But what (left or right) key that will include some very important (or convenient).

ceiling hung from the ceiling, as a rule, 3-wire (or three-wire cable).The new building houses the wires can be and 4. One - a "land" on the European standards.It is painted in yellow color, and it goes along the green line.The rest of verifiable indicators.We need to find a wire that has no voltage.This is - zero.The rest - phase.This is done with the "On" key.

dvuhklav - On


From chandeliers and output wire.If the ceiling has a "ground" wire, yellow-green, you can safely connect.In modern models of chandeliers all connections are made "inside" the chandeliers, come out only wire from each bulb to "phase", and one wire - it is their common zero.And inside the chandeliers have made the connection phase conductors of some lamps.two are already connected for models from 3 lamps to each other and will be lit simultaneously.In other words, the manufacturer decided for us, as it should be included chandelier.

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So, from the chandeliers out 3-wire ( "earth" does not count).Zero "chandeliers" connect with "ceiling" zero.Here everything is clear.phase now.Each of the phase conductors "ceiling" is the switch.We installed two keys.Accordingly, we connect phase wire chandeliers and switch.Then check

.If you want to do to it right key includes the lamp (or bulb), which now includes the left, the wires must be reversed - nothing complicated.And when you turn on simultaneously both keys will light up all the lights at once.


In any case, regardless of the color of color wires should be checked for the presence of voltage.Especially - yellow-green.When installing electricians could make a mistake, so control is required.Connection wires made with disconnected machine protection.
Before connecting wires from the chandeliers necessarily need to read the manufacturer's instructions and see diagram of internal connections.It is different, as the number of wires coming out of the chandelier.