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August 12, 2017 18:08

Pond to give your videos hands


  • 1 How to make a pond for the garden, in the garden with his own hands
  • 2 Video tutorial self-production mini pond to give

pond in the country with their own hands photo Today let's talk about how to decorate your country site andmake a mini artificial pond in the country with their own hands.This will help video instruction and tips from the site repair of apartments with their own hands.We propose to buy a plastic container for the reservoir, to dig into the ground and nicely decorate, put a small fountain and colored lights, it will look great!The most important thing is to pick a place on the site where the artificial pond, the best in the garden will be located.The lawn in the country should not be too much sun, because, as UV rays are very fond of algae and their diversity can then spoil the aesthetic appearance of the decorative pond.

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How to make a pond for the garden, in the garden with his own hands

necessary to choose a place so that the sun there was no more than four - five hours a day, for examplein the garden.And if there are children in the family, try to do so that the ornamental pond was visible from the window.Note, do not do it in the valley, as the spring melt waters fill the artificial pond and there appear a lot of harmful substances from the roads.When obkapyvanii pit under a plastic pond garden, try not to break the circuit to put this plastic body of water on the ground and on the perimeter upholster wooden stakes, and then draw a loop, and start digging.When a suitable dig a hole, try on a pond pour sand at the bottom, level by level, and secure the edges with soil and sand.Be sure to tamp the soil to not slipped.It is advisable to water the soil around the ornamental pond with a hose for a long time, and then again, pour sand, soil and compacted.

After that, proceed to the design of an artificial pond shores of the country, which you do with your hands.The video is very clear and it is beautifully demonstrated.You can neatly arrange stones, pebbles, gravel and plants, as shown in the video below.In the middle you can set beautiful fountain in the form of a bell or a geyser illuminated.In such a beautiful place with pleasure take root and goldfish, and even silver carp and beautiful lilies will add a charming landscape.Thus ornamental ponds with a fountain can be enjoyed all summer and delight children.

Video tutorial self-production mini pond to give

Share with us their experience and tricks, perhaps our readers it will be just in time.