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August 12, 2017 18:06

Overhead shower : types of watering cans , modules , functions , tips for choosing

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Overhead shower
  • Types
  • Materials
    • Plastic
    • Metal
    • Metal-
  • design
  • models and functions
  • Tips for Choosing

Once the shower was attached to the wallor ceiling, which was very popular during the time of our grandparents, but over time this technology has been unjustly forgotten - has become more popular "classic" shower to be held in the hand.But lately, top shower again began to gain popularity, ceased to be the prerogative of dormitories and communal apartments.For this it is to say thank you not only usability but also a rich variety of models that can satisfy the taste of the most demanding customers and to fit into the most refined interior.One of the most convenient is the overhead shower.


Typically, the overhead shower is of two kinds:

  • Built shower under a ceiling covering.All communications are hidden from view from the outside is only watering.However, and it can be mounted in the ceiling surface - it all depends on taste.
  • Suspended shower attached to the wall or ceiling with a special beam.The advantage of this design is that the shower can be done, if you buy a wall mount for classic soul, as well as the ability to adjust the angle of watering.Unfortunately, this function is usually provided for the more expensive models.
Built-in overhead shower
shower curtain
Example overhead shower

Choose kind of head shower is primarily depending on the size of your bathroom - built-in shower suitable for small rooms as well as a beam forattachment takes up more space.

It should also take into account the peculiarities of the ceiling structure, as installation of built-in shower is possible everywhere.It is best to you on this subject consult an expert plumber.

Overhead shower


There are 3 main types of soul, depending on the material.


Easy and inexpensive.However, its main disadvantage is the lack of strength - the design of their plastic often break, crack, because of what the shower starts to splash or leak.If you are ready to buy a shower at a low price and often to change it, the plastic will be a good option for you.

Upper shower of plastic


Metallic steel, brass and other - does not have the disadvantages of plastic.It is more durable, not broken, do not deformed, that is, the quality of the metal is much higher plastic showers.However, the quality of its price - metallic soul is much more expensive and tend to be heavier than their plastic counterparts.

Metal shower


This is a good compromise, because it combines the advantages of plastic and metal and showers has virtually no drawbacks. All important communication breakdowns exposed, are made of metal, watering itself - made of plastic with a metal impurity.Of metal and plastic shower will cost you less metal and plastic will last longer.

From metal and plastic shower


Typically, the overhead shower is a structure of a watering can and a hose or pipe, supplied to the mixer.Watering is mounted on the wall or ceiling, and communication connect it with a mixer.

When the soul embedded design, communication implanting in the wall and ceiling, and the faucets and watering can derive out.This installation method is good that the appearance of your bathroom does not spoil anything - no tubes and beams.

When mounted hose or tube design, tend to stay on the outside and are connected to one side of the mixer, and on the other - with a beam on which the shower is attached. This method is somewhat less aesthetic because all connections to the mind, but it is much more convenient in case of breakage - no need to climb far to remedy the problem.

Built-in shower
Shower curtain
Overhead shower beautiful

Lakey for overhead shower come in many sizes and shapes. Perhaps the most popular is the round watering can - it is stylistically neutral and suitable for any interior.But depending on your preferences and design of your bathroom, you can also select a square or rectangular watering and original shapes with curved edges are suitable for the most refined interiors.

unusual watering
Option watering
Removable mixer

diameter round growths can vary from 20 to 80 centimeters, and more. However, the choice depends not only on your taste, but also on the pressure that can build your mixer.The fact that the watering of large diameter have a larger capacity than the small, so the pressure must also be strong enough - or instead of a plurality of thin streams of water beating of the shower, you get a few, sadly flowing.

Round watering

models and functions

Current models of the soul differ from its predecessors and features a variety of modes.Previously shower was a device from which beat the water, but today it is practically transformed into a relaxing hydro-massage.In modern souls is possible to adjust the water temperature, pressure and angle heads.

Accessories for overhead shower

to forget about the sharp drops in water temperature, you need a blender with thermostat.

With it, you can not be afraid to get burned or get under the icy shower.Virtually all modern mixers have a built-in thermostat, but this time you need to further negotiate with the seller.

reducing valve - the so-called "pressure regulator" - will help you to change the pressure gradually, choosing the one that is optimal for you personally .

Current models of overhead shower often have several modes of water pressure:

  • hard massage,
  • soft relaxing,
  • shower system with a rain shower.

latter provides not very intense pressure resembling a drop of rain in the jungle.It is particularly pleasing, if your watering large size - you can adjust the temperature of the water, turn on your favorite music and relax after a hard day's work.

Large overhead shower

great interest are models with oblique jets.They not only look beautiful, making the whole composition of the water, but also provide a lot of pleasant sensations.

Adjustable tilt soul, as a rule, provide for the more expensive models.This option is available only mounted showers - it is clear that the built-in watering ceiling is not regulated.However, it is not necessary to pay only for mobile watering as this function is not so important.But if you need it for some reason, you should ask the sales assistant to help you with a choice.

Model with directional jet

Some modern showers can be found backlight function jets. It must be remembered that the price of such models is quite high, but this option can serve as a nice bonus, if you are willing to allocate a considerable sum for the purchase of the soul.

Backlight can be monochrome or continuously changing colors, depending on which mode you select.It is safe to say that you will not regret this purchase - the evening standing under a "rain shower" with multi-colored streams, you forget about everything.

Shower with illumination
illumination of the jets
Shower with chromo therapy , color therapy

Perhaps many remember the old model of the overhead shower - unattractive metal structures brown color, which spoils the appearance of the bathroom.However, it is not necessary for this to discriminate against current models - go to the nearest store plumbing, or view directories on the Internet, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

designers do not sit idly by, fashion does not stand still and regard even such seemingly minor things like shower. overhead shower today fit into any interior - both the most sophisticated and simple. Typically, this color design with metallic chrome accents, sometimes with elements of transparent or opaque plastic of various colors.However, there are expensive designer model with elements of stone, glass, and even precious metals.Decide for yourself what is right for you.

Tips for Choosing

Stylish overhead shower
Beautiful tropical overhead shower
Selecting overhead shower
Stylish overhead shower
Beautiful overhead shower
Upper shower fixture

few tips for choosing the overhead shower:

  1. Always pay attention to the country and firm-producer - will be even better if you know beforehand what manufacturers have good reputation.
  2. Invite plumber inspect your bathroom, so he gave you some advice about the choice of the soul.
  3. Listen recommendations sales assistant, but do not forget: his task - to sell the most expensive product, but not the best.
  4. Do not overpay for additional functions, if you do not need - it is better to choose a cheap and practical shower.
  5. not skimp on quality - you select the most appropriate material, shape and size.
  6. Do not attempt to install the shower head yourself, better call a qualified technician.
  7. Before buying a good think about whether you need it is really overhead shower - better not to buy it, than to dismantle.

When the decision is made, feel free to go to the store and choose what's right for you!

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