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August 12, 2017 18:07

Pendulum door : characteristics and application in the interior

opportunity to open in either direction gives these doors wide popularity.In commercial and public buildings such as swing doors are not uncommon.Their practical value and aesthetic appearance have been recognized in the design of private interiors, where they often find their application. Thus, in addition to easy access to both sides, you get an extra stylish element, the pacified creating a homely atmosphere.

first pendulum design appeared in Texas, where they have established for the smooth entrance of the tavern.Current models have fundamental differences from their ancient predecessors and emphasize individuality and beauty of the interiors.Today, the "House of Dreams" will allow you to see this, so proceed to the review of swing doors.

swing doors

Swing doors

Species swing doors

Swing doors, like any other, serve to divide the room into several zones with different functionality.Depending on the passage width, you can choose doors Pendulum according to the following classification:

  • single-wing - have the mobile web and installed in a narrow doorway;
  • bivalve - when plowing move both the door element and are suitable for a wide input;
  • polutorastvorchatye - consists of two wings, one pendulum, and the second - Swing nature.

Pendulum system can open doors both inside and out.

Pendulum door photo

Pendulum door photo

glass swing doors

glass swing doors

Advantages and disadvantages of swing doors

Ins manual door opening double pendulum can be considered the following points:

  • is a worthy ornament of the house;
  • opening principle avoids congestion;
  • takes less time to go from one room to another;
  • absence of the door frame;
  • quick installation.

Along with the positive aspects, there are also some disadvantages:

  • high acoustic permeability;
  • poor insulation;
  • capture of free space when the door is opened;
  • high cost, especially models made of glass.

What materials do swing doors

One of the important things when choosing a pendulum interior door - the harmony of the material from which it is made, with the stylistic design of the premises.The most suitable for home interiors - Doors made of glass, wood and aluminum profiles as well as their various combinations.

  • pendulum glass door should pay tribute.These products - the most demanded option for apartments and houses.Fine transparent fabric made of tempered glass, which is distinguished by qualities such as durability, resistance to mechanical stress and temperature changes.The main advantage of the glass door in front of the other - light transmission, allowing deep to fill the room with daylight.
  • pendulum wooden doors also enjoyed good demand in residential interiors.Safe and environmentally friendly tree would bring full satisfaction to fans of naturally occurring materials.Such doors are durable, wear resistance, and they are more or less retain heat.Their main disadvantage - unsuitable for rooms with high humidity.
  • Aluminum doors Pendulum in combination with glass in home interiors are less common of the two previous types.The superiority of a door in front of others is that the edge of the glass paintings, which are located in an aluminum frame, is protected from any damage, thus extending its service life.
Pendulum door photo

Pendulum door photo

Pendulum doors opening bilateral

Pendulum doors opening bilateral

Pendulum door interior

Thanks to current technology and imagination of designers private interior is filled with swing doors safely.Using the mobile structure is appropriate for the most popular styles to separate different rooms, ranging from hall and ending, for example, access to the winter garden or on the terrace.

In our selection you will be able to see well, look like swing doors in the interior of different variations.

Glass doors

Swing doors made of glass - a great choice for homes, repair of which is made in the romantic style, loft, minimalism or oriental style.A wide variety of glass surfaces, the richness of their color palette and decor make it easy to choose the model according to the style of the room.They are perfect to distinguish the interior, for example, a kitchen with a dining room or hall with a seating area.Glass doors with a pendulum system look beautiful at the entrance to the bathroom, swimming pool or sauna.His choice you make plenty of light and mood to the space, will attach a feeling of lightness and freedom.

Glass swing doors matte photo

glass matte swing doors photo

Glass swing doors matte photo

glass matte swing doors photo

Swing doors made ​​of colored glass

Swing doors made of colored glass

Wooden doors

Unity interior can complement swing doors made of wood, stylized certain direction.For fans of classic or western style will want to have the door to your home, thus creating an amazing atmosphere.

For their manufacture is used as a continuous web with curly elements, decor, different plates and wood carvings, as well as its combination with glass inserts.

Wooden swing doors ennoble entrance with a wide opening, and definitely not suited for rooms where there is wet.

Pendulum wooden doors

Pendulum wooden doors

Aluminum doors

Swing doors with embedded glass paintings in a frame of metal profiles are presentable and elegant appearance.They will look great as a front door, for example, mini-bar, home gym with fitness equipment, a winter garden or on the terrace.

worshipers of the true beauty of interior design will appreciate the doors combined metal profile metallic colors with a transparent glass merge together to design buildings in the style of hi-tech, modern, avant-garde and constructivism.

Pendulum door aluminum

pendulum door aluminum with glass

Important points when installing

Installing pendulum doors - a fairly simple technology that allows for this process, even with their own hands.As mentioned earlier, for the presence in the house of a pendulum swing door door frame is not necessary.Accordingly, the inlet opening should be trimmed at the highest level.

Also for this door is very important to choose high-quality fittings.The door leaf are attached with special loops movable mountings which are arranged parallel to each other on the floor and the ceiling or mounted in the side wall.Such a system allows the pendulum and opening doors on both sides.

If desired, the door is equipped with a mechanical floor spring, which is responsible for a smooth return to its original position, and, if necessary, fix the door at a certain angle in the open position.The closer matched to the door leaf material.

important points when installing doors - how to find the door handle, which in addition to functionality is an important decorative element.It may be massive or elegant appearance, and sometimes they may be missing.

putting mechanical pendulum latch on the door, you can restrict access to the square meter.At the same time care must be taken that it has an aesthetic appearance.

Swing doors, elaborately inscribed in the interior will add comfort to your life and make your family nest unsurpassed.

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