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August 12, 2017 18:07

The interior in the loft : the main features and characteristics of design

Born in the 40s of the last century in the United States, this style became popular in New York in the 60s, and in our latitudes, is firmly established recently. reason for the occurrence of the loft style, which has become so popular today, oddly enough, turned out to be banal economy, namely, the use of low-cost loft in which to equip residential or office space.And if in those post-war days of the interior in the loft's Style necessitates (production structure imposed outside the city limits, and the vacated areas were given for residential apartments), in our time, style loft is just a fashionable trend in the design of living space.Let's find out what are its characteristics and how to apply this style in your home?

This interior with a minimum of decoration and the most common furniture will appeal to those who prefer brevity and simplicity.The original loft style in the interior integrated into the so-called studio apartments with free planning and large floor-to-ceiling windows."More space and less decoration" - the slogan promoted this style to the masses and that these traits characterized the house in loft style.But if your apartment has a modest size and all the rooms are separated by fixed partitions, it is not a reason to be upset, even a living space can be made into a trendy loft area.

Apartment -style loft

apartment loft-style

Apartment -style loft

apartment loft-style photo

Key features loft-style interior


Let's start our review with the kind of walls.No wallpaper and the more decorative finish should not be here."Naked" wall viewed masonry without plaster - it's all what you need.If the walls of your apartment are not made of brick and other building materials, then you need to take care of and carry imitation masonry on at least one wall.It can be painted in white, and can be left as is.Still sometimes painted white brick artificially sostarivayut, paying tribute to the old days.Other walls can be covered with rough plaster or simply paint paint calm shades.There is a law - the simpler the decoration, the closer closer to the style of interior, called the loft.

Interior style loft photo

interior loft-style photo


Large and wide windows without curtains - one more thing, which is worth paying attention, creating the interior of the apartment in a loft style.If your house windows are small, then make sure that the penetrated into the room as much natural light as possible.Curtains and drapes do not need to drape the window.

Loft style in interior photos

loft style in the interior photo

Designed in the style loft

Design loft-style


agree that against the backdrop of a spacious room small furniture will look not very appropriate, therefore, preference should be given to the dimensional objects, which combine bothfunctionality and comfort.Wide seats, spacious sofas, large tables - these are the elements that must be present in the interior.

originally furnished apartment in this style is used for zoning premises - it fenced off large sofas living room from the kitchen, shelving units on wheels (another characteristic of this style) dining area separated from the recreation area, high wardrobes Hall conducted abroad and bedrooms.You can use the same principle for the arrangement of furniture.Suitable and regular layout of furniture "under the walls," the main thing is not to use decorative trim, thread , painting on the cabinets.Everything has to be very simple and concise, but it does not accept the style loft antique furniture and fashionable chairs and sofas live well with the lack of finishing on the walls and ceiling.

The interior of the living room in the loft

interior living room loft-style


best option will be a wooden floor, pre ottsiklevanny and varnished, but also fit a more modern version of the cover - laminate that mimics the board.The recreation area is allowed to put a carpet that is not prohibited by the canons of style - it's still a living room and there should be snug.In the colors of the floor is better to give preference to the natural color of wood, but only in this color should not be limited, it is possible to pick up and grayish shades, and even white.

The interior of the apartment in the loft

interior of the apartment in the loft


interior design loft style quite original and unique, because at the same time combines all the old or artificially-aged and ultramodern.For example, the abundance of glass shelves and partitions perfectly coexists with old wooden floors and ultra-modern plasma TV and stylish audio equipment looks good on the wall with a bricklaying.

Modern interior loft-style photos

Modern interior loft-style photo

How to make room in the loft


ideal choice for this style is a spacious apartment with an open layout, and even better two-storey apartment with a staircase to the second floor.If you have an ordinary small apartment with a modest sized room, it is also possible to use, just do not clutter the furniture, do not cover the windows with heavy curtains and do not use a lot of decoration.

Wall panels can be issued with an imitation of brickwork or concrete slabs.Also, nice and fresh look in the living room, loft style, made in white.Here, all the bright walls, floor, ceiling, only a few eye-catching accents in the form of a bright sofa and colorful paintings on the walls are wedged in this idyll.If you decide to go to these footsteps, then be aware that the walls, floor and ceiling should be of different colors, or all merge into one pile and get the effect of the box.For example, for registration you can use the greyish walls, beige floor and white ceiling.You can also play on the contrast: white walls, black floors and furniture ivory.Do not forget to "spice up" the interior of a modern video and audio equipment, electric fireplace and lights in hi-tech style.

Loft style in interior photos

loft style in the interior photo

Interior style loft photo

interior loft-style photo

And it would be nice to put the stairs in the living room, which leads to the second floor, even if it is just window-dressing, and the staircase is actually -decorative element, and the role of the "second floor" will perform design of glass, suspended on chains.

The design of the living room in the loft-style photos

living room design loft-style photo

sleeping area

Bedroom - is almost the only place that is separated in an apartment with a free planning.And it does not necessarily have to be blank walls with a door enough light opaque walls to close the sleeper from prying eyes.

bedroom loft style is made in soft colors, but the brickwork at the head of the bed has not been canceled.If you are the bricks seem too rough, you can just plaster and paint the walls with white paint.Modern bed, small bedside tables, a spacious wardrobe - perhaps this is all that is needed to fit in this space.In any case, if you want to add a chair or coffee table, see if they clutter the space.

Bedroom interior in the style of a loft

Interior bedroom loft-style

Design bedroom loft-style

Design bedroom loft-style

Kitchen The kitchen in the loft-style reigns peace and order, everything is in place.The white walls and the kitchen set is mixed with modern facilities, and newfangled plumbing.In this kitchen looks organic ultramodern steel Lever faucets and sinks.A kitchen apron can be equipped with not only a tile "Brick", but shiny steel or glass panels.

The kitchen in the loft-style photos

Kitchen loft-style photo

The kitchen in the loft-style photos

Kitchen loft-style photo

Kitchen design in loft

Kitchen design in loft style


bathroom can be not only white colors in the loft-style,It fits in the style of black and white bathroom or even black.It also welcomed the abundance of glass elements (partitions, shelves, screens in the bath) and chrome (shiny faucets for the bathroom, furniture legs, heated towel rail, handles on the bathtub).

Loft style Bathroom

bathroom loft-style

Interior bathroom in loft

Interior bathroom loft-style

Bathroom in the loft-style photos

bathroom loft-style photo

If you try to designate the interior in the style of a loft with two phrases, it will be "open space" and"conditional boundaries of space."These two principles were the basis of urban style with high-tech elements.

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