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August 12, 2017 18:07

The clock in the kitchen - how to choose a kitchen wall clock

clock in the kitchen are very important.This is not just an accessory or a decorative element, but also the chief assistant mistress during cooking. You need to pinpoint the time of baking pastry or cooking of eggs, to see if you have time to work that morning, while preparing breakfast, or evening, when waiting for the arrival of your household or visitors.

Now you can say that the mobile phone is always at hand and need to buy a watch on kitchen you do not.But what to do if your hands are in the test, or you clean the fish?Looking at the wall, you will immediately see how many already cooked chicken or fried cakes, how many kids come home from school or husband from work.

Like it or not, and for kitchen clock - something necessary and irreplaceable.The exception may be only cases, if you, for example, built-in digital clock in the oven.

If crockery and kitchen utensils used in the kitchen overwhelmingly strictly by appointment, at the kitchen wall clock is often outweighed by the side of its decorative accessories.But, despite this,

Wall Clock for kitchen important and in its functional use.

What is important in this case to take into account?In fact, there are several factors that affect the placement of hours in your kitchen.

clock in the kitchen - it is convenient and practical

Firstly, it's easy - watch is in a location where they are most visible owner, ideally, to have enough to raise his eyes and immediately see them, or turn her head slightly inside.This place - it is a working kitchen area.They can be positioned on the wall opposite the desktop in the kitchen apron area or even on the drawing.

Kitchen Wall Clock

Wall clock for the kitchen

Photos wall clock kitchen

photo wall clock kitchen

Kitchen Wall Clock

Wall Kitchen

watch the way, sometimes it is under the clock on the kitchen hood make a special place, if the kitchen is made to order using threadwood or stucco decoration.Example you can see in the photo below.

The clock on the kitchen photo

clock on the kitchen photo

also convenient to many housewives to watch is on the wall right next to a gas cooker or hob.In this case, it is desirable to close the glass to the kitchen clock is not polluted with soot.This solution can also play a decorative role in the design of a kitchen.

Watch for photos kitchen

clock for the kitchen Photo

Nor should we ignore the kitchen and dining area, where the clock will also find their place.For example, at breakfast time you just need to keep track of time, not to relax and not be late for work or school.Therefore, wall clocks to the kitchen dining area are urgently needed.If part of the working and dining are close, you can place a clock on the wall so that they could be seen and there and there.In an extreme case, hang two hours.

Suspended original clock in the kitchen

Suspended original clock on the kitchen

Round the clock on the kitchen photo

round the clock on the kitchen photo

Wall clock kitchen as decorative element

second factor in choosing clocks for cuisine is their decorative purpose.In this case, the kitchen clock are selected on the basis of the general style of the interior orientation.For example, for a classical kitchen will be appropriate solid wooden or metal clocks, watches on chains.

The original clock in the kitchen

original clock on the kitchen

The original clock in the kitchen

original clock on the kitchen

Kitchen in country style decorate round wall clock, made in pastel shades, often with attractive flower colors.

Wall clock for the kitchen photo

Wall clock for the kitchen Photo

For any modern interior, glossy kitchen or kitchen in the high-tech suit of original timepieces, striped design with asymmetrical shapes or, for example, watches, consisting only of the shooter, without dial.

The original clock in the kitchen

original clock on the kitchen

clock in the kitchen with creativity

Glancing at the clock at breakfast before work does not always bring positive emotions, unless you are a Social work happy every morning.And to brighten up every morning and make a pleasant evening at home, it will be useful only unusual, original clock in the kitchen.That such findings we want to share with you.

On the internet we found a different picture clocks strictly kitchen theme, very original design.This frying pan with fried eggs with arrows in the form of a knife and fork, and a fragrant cup of coffee and gingerbread, and cook, caster Japanese chopsticks over pan and the clock, consisting of flatware - forks, spoons, povareshek, skimmers, and a wall clockwith a dial, which shows the juicy fruits and berries.

Wall clock kitchen Fried

Wall clock kitchen Fried

Wall clock kitchen Fried

Wall clock kitchen Fried

Hours for kitchen fun

clock for the kitchen fun

The original clock in the kitchen

original clock on the kitchen

original watch "Fork-Spoon" in the kitchen with his hands

How easy it turns out you can do hours in the kitchen with his hands of disposable plastic forks and spoons.To do this you will need:

  • clockwork of the old or boring hours (battery);
  • plastic cover (such as from a bucket with mayonnaise);
  • disposable forks and spoons (6 pcs.);
  • glue;
  • paint or spray.

The plastic cover make a small hole, then glue a circle alternately fork and spoon at the same distance.Paint your watch paint or by using a spray, which is much easier and looks more attractive.Give souped an hour to dry completely, then fasten the clock mechanism and hands - and that the clock in the kitchen with his hands ready.

Tip: instead of a plastic cover, you can use foam or thick cardboard, and paint the clock can be any color that suits your "Zamechtatelno" kitchen.

The clock in the kitchen with his hands

clock in the kitchen with his hands

How to choose the kitchen clock - notes

Before you buy a wall clock in the kitchen, check with the recommendations, which will help you determine their appearance, material and style.Dubbed by some rules of choice of kitchen hours:

  • clock size should match the size of your kitchen - in a very large kitchen will look ridiculously tiny clock on the wall, and in a narrow and small kitchen, on the contrary, would be inappropriate massive, bulky watches;

    The original clock in the kitchen

    original clock on the kitchen

  • make your choice depending on the interior style of cuisine - for example, for the kitchen in a retro style suit vintage or artificially aged clock;

    The clock in the kitchen in a retro style

    watch the kitchen in a retro style

  • clock must be combined with other home furnishings and accessories for the kitchen - curtains, lighting, facades kitchen units, and even a dining table and chairs, kitchen stools;
  • material - for any modern kitchen interior fit clocks, plastic, glass and metal, but wooden kitchen, country-style classical decoration will request a tree or a watch made with elements of artistic forging;

    Kitchen Wall Clock

    Wall clock for the kitchen

  • color - selection of kitchen hours depends on the different color solutions of a kitchen.For example, in the bright kitchen will look great watch with a light dial, dark finish and arrows, cuisine rich colors - orange, green, yellow kitchen, worthy of such original clock, which we spoke in the previous section, in particular, the bright hours "Fried"on the yellow and green kitchen will look amazing.

    Watch cooking Fried

    Kitchen Clock Fried

As you can see, choose Wall clock for the kitchen is not so difficult if you follow the simple rules, as in the interior decoration with the help of other items and accessories.Successful you shopping and beautiful kitchen!

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