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August 12, 2017 18:06

Underwater shower : indications, contraindications .The effect of hydro cellulite

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Underwater shower
  • therapeutic effects
  • Technology of
  • procedures Forms
  • effect
  • Indications
  • Contraindications
  • Cellulite treatment

whirlpool Procedures have long been popular among people who go to beauty salons, health clinics and centers.A positive impact of water on the human body knows everybody.Hydrotherapy treatments, if you assign and implement them properly, help in the fight against disease and aging.Among them, the most pleasant and popular procedure is underwater shower.

therapeutic effects

on the patient several therapeutic factors acting during underwater shower - it's bath, and physical impact of the water jet and the temperature contrast.Water jets that massage is performed, is a major influence, and bath - optional.

these procedures this type of shower is performed only in health care institutions, but many enough and it simpler and more affordable counterpart - the whirlpool bath. Although household massage performance impact inferior professional.

Whirlpool bath

Whirlpool spent on proper technique, provide exposure to chemical, mechanical and physical properties of the water pressure.

essence of this massage lies in the body's processing of water jet at a time when a person is placed in a bath full of water. During the massage water jet is moved by changing the temperature of the water and its head.

vibrating jet deeply massages the body, acting painless than increases the tone of the movement and activates the lymph and blood throughout the body.This impact and eliminates muscle tension and fluid retention in the tissues.Due to the activation of the metabolism of this procedure is good and correction, and for cosmetic purposes.

Since such a water massage has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system, it is included in the treatment regimen of its pathologies.

Due to activate the synthesis of collagen, the skin clean, removing dead cells and smoothing wrinkles procedure transforms the appearance of the skin. After a course of underwater shower skin becomes more elastic, it looks more attractive and healthy.

procedure does not require the use of only fresh water, so the range of positive impacts of expanding its application and mineral and sea water.

Underwater massage bath

technology the procedure

Special machine takes a bath in the water with the given parameters of temperature and pressure. jet of water inside the water mass creates a vortex motion.For the regulation of the water supply using different nozzles - the larger the diameter, the less intense jet is supplied.Also on the intensity and angle of impact, which is supplied with water (at a pressure strongest right angle) and the distance on the body.

Bath hydromassage used sufficiently spacious to the patient's body plunged into the water completely, and space is still left.The minimum volume of the bath - 1.6 m3, width - 1 m, length - 2 meters, the height - 80 cm.

Massage under water specialist

Pick up a jet of water pressure needed individually.General massage is performed at a water pressure of 2-3 atmospheres, to the abdominal wall must not exert pressure above 1 atmosphere.The water temperature is usually put up from 34 to 38 degrees Celsius.Duration of treatment is 10 minutes.

the same techniques that are used for underwater massage used in classical massage, not forgetting that certain areas (breast, heart, genitals) are not massaged.

for stroking the water jet is supplied slowly and at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees.The left hand paramedic must slide along the massage lines, as if pressing a jet of water to the patient's body.

To adjust the distance to the head skin of intensity change in the range of 1-10 centimeters.

Reception "rubbing" performed by applying a jet perpendicular.In this movement the right specialist hands are circular, and the left hand affects the intensity of the water jet.With his free hand kneading paramedic grabs skin and muscle tissue, pulling it.On this site a jet of water is directed in a circular motion in the horizontal position.Vibration Acceptance is effected by raising and lowering the left hand paramedic.while also alternate water temperature, so it turns a cold whirlpool.

This massage can be local (for the treatment of one area of ​​the body such as the waist) and the common.

number of treatments is determined individually, but often require 10-20 sessions.Repeat the course of underwater shower possible 6 months.Appointing underwater massage, thermal and other water treatments at the same time is not carried out.


Depending on changes of water in the bath underwater shower is as follows:

  1. seawater. presence in water of sea salt helps in getting rid of excess fluid and swelling.Biologically active elements such water actively affect the fat tissue.
  2. with mineral water. Such an underwater shower is aimed at replenishing the mineral balance in the body tissues.If we consider that this balance is disturbed in cellulite, it is clear that underwater shower in the mineral water there is a direct anti-cellulite effect.
  3. With the addition of essential oils (lemon, lime, mint, grapefruit, rosemary and others).When underwater massage oil easily penetrates through the skin than help in the fight against excess fat and cellulite.Also, such an option soul calming and reduces fatigue, because it is combined with aromatherapy.
Shower under water


When a person is immersed in the bath, his pulse becomes more frequent, and blood pressure increases.Blood begins to move faster through the vessels.Within a few minutes there is vasodilation, heart rate returns to normal, and the pressure is reduced.This period and gives maximum therapeutic effects on the body.

Underwater massage in a sanatorium


As well hydrotherapy relaxes the body and the muscular system, so underwater shower will be a boon for those who are in need of restoration after considerable physical exertion.The procedure is effective in case of problems with metabolism, lymphatic drainage, circulation.It is often prescribed as a restorative and tonic.

List indications for underwater shower looks like this:

  • nerve overload, stress, depression, chronic fatigue, fatigue, sleep problems.
  • Metabolic disorders, obesity figure correction, cellulite.
  • cerebral palsy, IRR, hypertension 1 stage.
  • arthritis, myalgia and arthralgia, muscle paresis, low back pain, osteoarthritis, post-injury and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Violations of venous blood and lymph flow.
  • Gastrointestinal diseases, detoxification.
  • sexual problems, worsening of sexual function.
  • postoperative period in plastic surgery.
  • Exhausted immune function, fatigue, congestion in the sport.
  • decrease in elasticity and skin turgor.


session should be postponed if the patient has a fever, an infectious disease emerged or worsened chronic disease.After recovery, the course of procedures can continue.

There are contraindications, generally prohibit underwater shower:

  • heart disease (postinfarction state, hypertension, grade 2-3);
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • oncology;
  • urolithiasis;
  • of stroke in the past;
  • pregnancy;
  • skin diseases.

If these contraindications you do not, you can safely carry out procedures!

Underwater massage for cellulite

Cellulite treatment

Underwater shower belongs to the highly effective methods used against cellulite.For procedures using sea water and some bioactive supplements.

Their impact is complemented by Whirlpool and produces a striking effect that due to the following factors:

  1. chemicals in seawater and biologically active additives to stimulate the breakdown of fat tissue.
  2. venous system trains, moving blood through the vessels is accelerated, thereby improving metabolism, and toxins are eliminated from the body faster.This effect is enhanced when the hot and cold water alternately.
  3. Penetrating gases from water and ions into the bloodstream and have a positive effect on all tissues of the body, improving their nutrition.
  4. Mechanical massage jet additionally affect the diseased tissue cellulitis.

Cellulite addition to already described variants underwater shower with mineral water, sea water and essential oils are also effective option of combining underwater massage and wine bath.

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