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August 12, 2017 18:06

floor device in the frame house - especially the design and installation

floor device in the frame house is somewhat different from the usual construction methods.Prefab homes are pre-fabricated structures, and the stage floor building often follows immediately after the erection of the foundation, and after the set frame walls and roof, and sew them.In this sequence of operations necessary to prevent wetting of the structures by selecting the most suitable for the construction of the weather.In regions with frequent and sudden rains workflow is better to change, with floor unit in frame house will be slightly different.

floor device in the frame house

device is sex in the frame house

to the foundation requirements

foundation before erecting the floor to check on the equality of the diagonals and no height difference of more than 1 cm on the meter, if any need to align its cement-sand mixture.On perimeter of the building in the basement must be installed anchor bolts for fastening sleepers.Inside the perimeter

perform concrete pillars to install the support beams, the distance between them should be not more than 2 meters of timber 100x100 mm and not more than 3 meters of timber 150x150 mm.

foundation necessary to seal the lubricative or back-lining method.Moreover, in the walls of the foundation must be made pockets for installing the floor beams.

laying sleepers

sleepers - a plank laid on the perimeter of the foundation and attached thereto by anchor bolts.Anchor bolts installed even during the pouring of the foundation at a distance of 0.3 meters from the base and the angle increments of 2 meters.Subsequently, the mortgage is secured Lezhnyov board, so they must be carefully aligned and secure.

sleepers made of a board thickness of 50 mm and a width equal to the width of the foundation.The foundation must first be waterproofed of coating method, and between the horizontal plane and the upper basement sleepers must also lay roofing felt or other roll waterproofing.

  1. Lay the board on the base, aligning on the same side.Surplus cut a circular saw or a hacksaw.
  2. mark up the holes for the anchor bolts.To do this, put a board on top of the bolt and hit it with a hammer in their location.On the bottom side of the board are dents, which then drilled hole size required.
  3. sleepers laid on the foundation and tighten the bolts.Check the levelness with a spirit level, if necessary, loosen the bolts and inciting stakes, and formed gap is filled with liquid concrete.
  4. Perform cuts over the pocket in the base for laying the floor beams.
The process of fixing the foundation Lezhnyov

process of fixing the foundation Lezhnyov

supports and floor joists

beams - the main supporting elements, which will later be stacked logs.Supports - wooden posts is mounted on concrete pillars, they provide greater stability for the beams and prevent them from contact with the concrete.The supports and beams are made of coniferous wood soaked Bioprotective composition, which is suitable for 100x100 mm timber.

  1. Perform layout supports.For convenience, draw a plan of their arrangement, where their height is specified.Through the arrangement of the supports pull twine, fastening it to the sleepers in the place where the cuts are made under the beams.Perform measurements of the height of each leg with a tape measure and enter the results in the layout plan.
  2. Beam 100x100 mm cut into appropriate lengths in accordance with the measurements.To avoid confusion, you can sign directly on their size just sawed-off supports.The blanks are arranged in the space assigned to them, not forgetting the litter on a concrete or brick foundation waterproofing layer.Nailed to a wooden support inserts made in the process of casting.
  3. beams are placed at one end into the prepared pocket, and you can use the pads of treated wood, to adjust the height of the beam - it should be flush with sleepers.If blanks longer than the length of the house, the other end of the beam is applied to the opposite wall into the prepared pocket, mark and cut the excess.If the timber is shorter, the beam dock so that incident on the joint support.
  4. beams fixed to the sleepers and the intermediate supports using corrugated nails, hammering in them at an angle.Enough to score to 2 nails on each side.At an altitude of more than 1 meter of support they need to be further strengthened through mowing of the board.

strapping and lag

strapping board is installed on the perimeter of the building and is aligned with the outer plane of the foundation.Put the board on the end so that the inside perimeter of the sleepers on the remaining distance to the lag supports.Rail, as well as logs, made of planks of 50 mm, the width of the board depends on the rated load and the thickness of the insulation layer, typically use a board width of 20-25 cm.

  1. Laying strapping operate on both sides of house, located parallel to the floor joists.trim boards put on end, align the outer edge of the sleepers and fasten them with nails in increments of no more than 20 cm.
  2. Perform layout lag arrangement.To do this, measure the angle along the boards laid strapping step of laying lag, 40 cm. Boards, designed to log, laid out on the beams in the required amount, put on the side of the plane and are aligned on the layout.It is necessary that the line marking provided on one and the same side of the board, otherwise the pitch can change.
  3. If the length of the board from which perform logs, covers the entire length of the building, then on the opposite side of the layout is performed in a similar manner, starting from the same angle.Logs are cut to size and fastened with nails to trim and sleepers, and after checking their level position - to the beams at the intersection.
  4. If the length of the building more, you need to attach the joists.Make it overlap to increase the strength of the floor.In this case, the plaque is placed first on one side and then the other so that the joint has turned on the beam overlap.Slice the intermediate joists 30 cm long and knock together the joints between them, setting the trim as spacers.Then fix the joists on the beams overlap.
Installation of piping and layout lag

installation and piping layout lag

Winterizing floor

In warm regions, where the temperature does not fall below zero, insulation does not necessarily perform.In the middle zone of non-insulated floor entail large losses for heating the house, so it is necessary to provide for laying insulation.

optimal material for this is mineral wool - it is non-flammable, has a very low thermal conductivity, is not damaged by rodents and easy installation due to the compressive ductility.The only drawback is the tendency of this material to wetting and thus loss of insulating ability.Therefore, a layer of insulation must be protected parogidroizolyatsionnoy and windproof film.You can use Izospan.

If you select a heater with insufficient density, under logs need to hem the rough floor of the edging boards, treated biosecurity.

  1. insulation film is laid across the log so that it is slack and let them lay between the insulation boards.strips glued joints with duct tape, secure the tape stapler.
  2. heater plates placed between joists, taking care not to leave gaps.When laying the insulation is carried out in two layers, it is necessary to displace the second layer of half the plate to block the butt of the first.
  3. put on top of the insulation waterproof film, which will help to avoid getting wet with liquid spills inside the house.The film is attached straps.
Floor Insulation of mineral wool

Winterizing floor mineral wool


material for flooring depends on your choice.If the decorative coating acts decking, lay it across the log, clipping nails, at the same time taking care not to leave gaps.Subsequently, a floor scrape and varnish.

However, most floor covering in different areas of the house is different, so the logs are placed 16-20 mm plywood layer and produce a finish after the end of the house construction.

  1. mark out the plywood sheets so that the joints of the sheets appeared to lag.Promazyvayut lags glue "liquid nails" and laid plywood sheets, fastened them with nails or screws.Clay eliminates floor squeaking and creates additional fastening.Between sheets
  2. leave a small gap of not more than 2 mm, in order to increase the humidity in the floor is not warped.
  3. In the places where the pipes and other communications in plywood perform holes to mark out this her first, and then make cuts a circular saw.
  4. edges of the plywood sheets are aligned on the strapping board, mark with the help of the coated thread and trimmed.
Attaching the plywood on the joists

Attaching the plywood on the joists

Video - erection floor frame house in

After sex, you can proceed to further construction - the frame construction of the walls, the roof, to the skin of the house.Finish coating is placed on the floor frame house after the installation of interior partitions.

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