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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fill the garden path made ​​of concrete with their hands

Fill the garden path made ​​of concrete with their hands

device garden path made of concrete with their hands - great refinement of the landscape.

Garden paths add grooming, elegant and noble area.

Besides its practical function, track and have aesthetic value, because combining the structure, they form a unity of style.

also track zoned land on: flower, garden, recreation area, etc.

Through Proper location of concrete paths, hiding many of the shortcomings of the landscape, it is enough to know:. How to make a track made of concrete.


  • Advantages concrete tracks
  • Installation work
    • Construction formwork
    • Pouring track
  • Decorating tracks

Advantages concrete tracks

Concrete is a common materialworld in the construction, including the construction and garden paths.

The reason is that the concrete has certain advantages, such as:

  • high mechanical resistance, wear resistance.Roads throughout the time of use are subject to considerable stress, and the concrete is capable of withstanding;
  • Moisture.It does not absorb water, does not rot and corrosion resistant to any precipitation;
  • can wash high pressure water;
  • ability to perform the work with his own hands.even inexperienced builder can work with concrete;
  • low price.Track of concrete will be much cheaper than stone or paving slabs;
  • attractive appearance.The use of some techniques will make beautiful and original track;
  • durability.Concrete structures are used for many decades;
  • possibility of formation of any geometrical shape;
  • perfectly combined with any decorative elements.

Examples of concrete tracks are shown in the photo.


Installation work

Technology for creating tracks with your hands is quite simple and accessible to everyone.For more information technology is shown in the video section.

first step in creating a garden path is made of concrete surface preparation.First the layout: the stakes are set around the perimeter, they need to fix the rope.

In the space between them affects the bending track: the steeper the bend, the less space between staves.

necessarily performed drainage device pads for concrete structures.The top layer of soil must be removed by 20 cm


bottom and leveled at him fit geotextile that protects concrete from destruction.Geotextile has protective, drainage and reinforcement properties.The slopes of the pit is also required to cover the geotextile.

polymer coating (geotextile) is not subject to deformation, prevents uneven shrinkage of the base, enhances the structural strength, removes water from the ground and prevent the sand from the ground connection.

On top of the polymer coating is necessary to fill up several layers of sand.Each layer is required to moisten with water and efficiently compacted.

To improve drainage properties between layers is recommended to fill sand gravel.

Construction formwork

next stage of construction with their own hands is a device casing, which is made of boards 20-25 mm thick and provides the desired shape of the track.

width of the board should match the height of the track.It must be remembered that the fill solution must be 30-50 mm above the ground and with a slope of no more than 10 mm.

to stakes that were installed to mark, nailed planks.Stakes should remain on the outside of the board.

After every 0.5 m are installed cross dividers that divide the track into segments.The spacers can be used as steel plates.

also data expansion joints prevent the formation of cracks.If you plan to remove the seals, before installing them to be processed lubricating composition.

Further reinforcement is done, which is required when the device garden paths of concrete.Reinforcing mesh increases the rigidity of the base.

At this stage, use any metallic material: wire, tube, mesh, "netting".

best option is welded mesh bars 8 mm in diameter and mesh size of 100x100 mm, as in the photo.

Reinforcement track

Placed net in the middle of the track, shall be posted on the locking legs, made of wire, or as a support can be used bricks.

Reinforcing mesh will reduce the layer of poured concrete.Without the use of cement mortar thickness grid should be at least 15 cm, but even this does not provide such a strength as reinforcement.

Details valve device can be viewed on video.


Pouring track

Next preparing a concrete solution.Take cement grade should be higher than the M500, clean washed sand and gravel in the ratio of 1: 3: 1 respectively.

Mixing these ingredients in the mixture is added to water, moisture repellent additives.When preparing colored concrete, it is necessary to add the dye.

It is important to prepare a cement mixture, respecting the proportions of water and cement.The consistency of the solution should be plastic.

If the proportions are not met, and will be added too much water, it will reduce the quality of concrete in 5 times.

thick solution will be difficult to distribute in the formwork, and the cracks are formed by drying.

Mixing is best done in the concrete mixer, by mechanical mixing of the solution will be more uniform and durable.

When you add a block of washed gravel formed mixture, which increases the strength of the track.

When the solution is ready, you can begin to fill.A solution is required to fill a one-time.It is impossible to fill in for a few days due to the fact that the old and the fresh concrete is formed crack.

Pour grout needed before formwork edges.For uniform filling and distribution solution using a spatula, which creates concrete vibration.

Pouring the solution can be carried out in a special form, which will create a kind of walkway made of stone, for example, as in the photo.

Fill in the form below

After the cement has set this form must be carefully removed.It is recommended to use plastic molds.

Code fill is complete, you need to make a few punctures in the concrete mass.You can also lightly tap the formwork, which will contribute to the concrete compaction.

can also use screeds, which will bring the air and increase the density of concrete.

When making the mixture with your hands is recommended to purchase the mobile concrete mixture, which does not require the use of vibrating beams.

upper layer of concrete is leveled rule over the whole area by removing unnecessary.Then the structure is covered with polyethylene to retain moisture in order to avoid cracking.

garden path made of concrete dry for four days, then the formwork is removed.Now we can move on to decorating.

Decorating tracks

decoration garden path with your hands can be done in several ways: impregnation by special polish to a shine, add roughness through a rough brush, oblitsevat marble and tile, paint the surface or create a drawing.

Drawing can be done 24 hours after pouring concrete.For this purpose, any sharp object needs to make indentations on the surface of the concrete, the depth and width of the recesses should not exceed 0.5 cm.

deepen in the future will be filled with data the ground and concrete is similar to crushed stone, such as the photo.

decoration pattern

in obtaining slots filled with soil can be planted lawn grass, clover, thyme or other plants that are resistant to trampling.Then we get quite an original path, as in the photo.
impregnating composition of the liquid glass gives a unique shine track.

For example, use liquid glass Grünau - fluoride silicate having high properties and the encircling form strong special coatings.

Another part is used on the basis of synthetic resins and wax.These impregnation filled with concrete emptiness, thus protecting it from the wind, water and other negative influences.

impregnating composition should be applied by brush or spray.

Decorating growing grass

use of decorative concrete track will make a beautiful and bright.Production of decorative concrete with their hands is carried out by adding a dye into a concrete solution.

at 1 cubic meter of solution will require from 5 to 15 kg of dye, consumption depends on the intensity of the color.Coloured concrete is often used in landscape design.

You can cement.For this purpose, in the wet concrete trowel rubbed using a mixture of concrete and dye in a proportion of 2: 1.

to create yellow decorative material, cement is mixed with ocher.To obtain the red color required white cement, sand and umber in the following proportions 1: 2: 0.5.

green color is obtained by mixing white cement, white sand and glauconite green to black - mixed gray cement, sand and soot in a ratio of 1: 1.5: 0.15.

Garden paths of colored solution are shown in the photo.

Painted track

very popular track, simulating natural stone: a brick or paving stones.

You can use a special screen-shape, sprayed mixture, stamped decorative concrete solution.

construction of garden paths made of concrete with their hands is a simple and accessible to every gardener.

Concrete track, thanks to its aesthetic function, will decorate any terrain.