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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wicker fence with their hands : photo woven fences

Everyone has long been trying to defend its territory against intrusion by unauthorized persons.Raising on the perimeter stone walls or wooden palisade, the owner appeared confident in the security of their homes. How about a decorative element?whether such a fence beautifully?Probably not.Much more interesting weave of the same wood decorative items and set them as hedges.And one of the components of such a beautiful landscape design can be considered a wicker fence, which is used for fencing garden, or as part of a suburban area of ​​the exterior.Today, the "Dream House" we'll talk about the kinds of wicker fence, about their place in the design of the site and how to make the fence with their hands.

Wicker fence for the garden

Wicker fence to give

Advantages and Disadvantages of woven fence

Decorative wicker fence - this is one of the oldest inventions of mankind.Perhaps now is not will be found in the history of the exact date of its appearance, and it seems that this barrier has always existed.So what are the pros is the fence?Let's list them:

  1. Environmentally friendly - there is hardly a more environmentally friendly material than wood.We can say that decorating station wicker fence, we breathe in wooden elements of a second life, and they give us pay for its natural and clean.Most interesting is that during the construction of the fence using only natural ingredients, without the use of artificially-created and hazardous substances to humans.
  2. Beautiful appearance - natural wood always valued for its aesthetic qualities, and used in the fence stakes and branches - is no exception.With the help of fences of different heights and different ways of weaving can create a unique design of the site.
  3. Easy erection - if you want a fence for the garden or a suburban area, you can do on your own, without the involvement of outside help.For information on how to make a braided fence with their hands, we will explain later.
  4. relative cheapness - this fence can be made even for free, using twigs and sticks from his tree.However, if you buy ready-made braided sections and install them yourself, then the fence will by no means cheap.

But the minuses at this fence also has:

  1. It is not capital construction, it probably can be attributed to the decorative elements than to protect against unauthorized penetration of third parties on foreign territory.
  2. serves a fence is not very long, so you can talk about the short period of operation.
  3. Add to this the complexity of the repair - as well as all items wicker fence poorly to recovery: if one element has worn, it is necessary to disassemble the entire fence or the entire section.

So, in spite of the beautiful appearance of woven fence will have to accept some disadvantages of this type of fencing.

Wattle Country house photos

Wattle to give photo

Beautiful wicker fence on the flowerbed

Decorative wicker fence on a bed

Types of woven fence

Such fences are high and low, in principle, they can "grow" at any height.

  • Low fences up to the knee are used as an element of landscape design, such as a fence for flowerbeds.
  • meter high fences are zoned area, for example, separate seating area with swings located on it and the rest of the pool area.
  • A high fences up to two meters in height are used as a complete fence and the fence the whole area.An interesting variant of this type of fencing can be considered a capital construction, consisting of columns, made of natural stone, and woven sections of the fence between them.It looks over the fence and monumental, however, does not lose its beauty, especially that two natural materials - stone and wood - get along well with each other.
Wicker fence with his hands photo

Wicker fence with his hands photo

also can be classified by the method of weaving wattle fences - it can be vertical or horizontal.In principle, the most common - horizontal fencing, but also the vertical do not lose their charm.These artisans weave beautiful patterns of vines with care and thoroughness vypletaya various openwork and pigtails.

Among the short-lived it may be noted fences fences of reeds and Rogoza.They are made simple, but here are a maximum of three or four years, then dry up and crumble before our eyes.

most common hurdle fences made of flexible materials, such as wicker, willow, hazel, etc.But apart from them, for the manufacture of fences used wooden boards.Intertwined clogged columns vertically or horizontally, they form a substantially continuous fence without gaps.This wicker fence made of boards is more suitable as an external enclosure, which protects the site.But the most important advantage of the fence is that it is double-sided, i.e.on both sides (and the inside and outside), it looks the same, but the bar and the frame does not spoil the beauty of a wooden wicker fence.

Wicker fence from boards

Wicker fence boards

should also be noted that not only natural materials are used to create braided fences.Quite popular in recent years are fences made of PVC, which, unlike wood, are more durable - do not fade in the sun, not afraid of moisture, they do not settle the various pests.Furthermore, such a fence is easy to assemble, and the possibility of assembling and disassembling a reusable increases its service life indefinitely.

Wicker fence photo

Wicker fence photo

How to make a braided fence with their hands

to create fences we need poles with a diameter of about 5cm.For these purposes, you can take, such as pine or oak (the first version of cheap, but not very durable, and the second - a solid but expensive), tree branches or twigs vine, hazel, willow.Harvest bars better late autumn, when growth stops, but the movement is still going on the juice.For this purpose, suitable vine 2-3cm in diameter.To fence last longer, it is better to treat all elements of antiseptic-impregnated (in this case it will not infringe the various pests and bugs).

Thus, preparations are made, and we proceed to the construction of a fence woven with their own hands.Consider the case of a horizontal weave:

  • First you need to mark the site.The stakes are hammered into the ground at a distance of 0.5 m from each other, but to prevent rotting make better pre-drainage under the fence.To do this, it dug a trench to a depth of 0.5m and is filled with sand.
  • Next vines twist horizontally between pegs.To give it the necessary flexibility, you can omit the ends of the rods in the water for some time.

Depending on the density of planting the vines, a fence will transmit light or be practically deaf.For dense weave each twig have to press tightly against the others.To be able to beautifully cut bars for extreme branch to release the number rasstoyanie15-20sm.

How to make a wicker fence with his hands

How to make a braided fence with their hands

How to decorate a fence

fence itself looks very nice, but to add originality to this fence, it can be decorated with interesting elements.Let's learn how to decorate woven fence?Excellent combined with fence clay pots and jars, put on the stakes.This distinctive element of the exterior is well complemented by other components of the peasant way of life - or a decorative wagon wheel from her, a wooden table and chairs of boards roughly processed.

Do not forget to put a number of flowers.If the fence is installed on the lawn, the flowers can be planted in pots, and they have already put on the stumps, set along the fence.Even organically fit wicker sculptures, for example, the balls of woven willow or bird in a nest.A wicker garden furniture and low fences of twigs around the trees complement the exterior and make it complete.

also decorate a fence, you can use curly pletistyh and plants used for hedges.More about the kinds of plants "House of Dreams" already told, you can see an overview here.

How to decorate the fence at the cottage

How to decorate a fence in the country

Decorative wicker fence

Decorative wicker fence

How to decorate woven fence

How to decorate woven fence

How to decorate woven fence

How to decorate woven fence

Beautiful wicker fence

Beautiful wicker fence Photo

As you can see,wicker fence can be an important decorative element in garden design and decoration of the suburban area.Therefore, its shortcomings are not as noticeable, in the end, after a couple of years of the fence, you can update it to again feast for the eyes.

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