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August 12, 2017 18:07

Zoning of the area: a comfortable area for cottages and gardens

Becoming the owner of a country house or villa, each of us would like to not only be able to grow horticultural crops, but also to create the most comfortable space for outdoor recreation. To implement these ideas in landscape design, there is such a thing as zoning area - division of the territory into functional zones.

Today "Dream House" offers its readers to learn about the 5 key areas of any suburban area and understand how to properly arrange them.Additionally, you will learn some important rules of zoning areas of different shapes.

Zoning area

Zoning area

Main zone garden plot

number of functional areas of the garden plot depends on the size of its area and the wishes of the owners themselves.If the area will be used mainly for the cultivation of horticultural crops, the garden and the shopping area should occupy at least 85% of the land area.If the owners are planning not only to work in the country, but also to relax or to receive guests, while about 20-25% of the area you want to select under the arrangement of comfortable sitting areas.In addition to these functional areas, many owners also prefer to allocate separate areas for registration of sports or children's playground.

Regardless of the functional purpose, everything suburban area zones should be in harmony with each other, creating a single ensemble.With self-regeneration of the site, many owners often forget about it, and in the end areas of the garden look apart from each other.Ideally, neighboring areas should flow smoothly into each other.This effect is created by a variety of planting, paths, flower beds, flower beds, walls, ponds, etc.

first step in the work on the arrangement of the site is the selection of areas and the determination of their location.To do this, you need to consider some of the rules of landscape design, which we will consider further.

1. Gardening and garden area

Regardless of destination and garden area size, it should be as open as possible and on the sunny side of the territory.Traditionally, this area is placed away from the destinations.However, planting of large trees to make better on the north side of the site.

If the garden area is a decorative element in landscape design, ie, it must be seen, it is best to arrange it on the local area or in the vestibule area.Usually, when this area becomes the portion decorative addition site, then grown thereon flowers, shrubs, herbs, herbs, etc.This may be a bright ornament of the landscape.For example, a zone boundary can be defined by beautiful paved the beds, hedges, railings, decorated with climbing plants and other decorative elements.

usually placed in the area and a small vegetable garden, if it is needed, including decorative.Plant there can be the bare minimum of cultures that do not just come to fruition, but with proper care will decorate a lot.

Garden area on a plot

Garden area on a plot

Ornamental beds on site photo

Ornamental beds on site photo

Ornamental beds photo

beds Decorative photo

garden area on the site

garden area on the site

2. Economic Zone

economic zone size depends on thesize of the garden or vegetable garden on site.If you grow a lot of horticultural crops, you will need a varied inventory and tools, respectively, they must be placed freely in the economic zone.In addition, this zone may include a garage, shed, greenhouse, outside shower, etc.

The economic zone is always isolated from prying eyes.The most convenient way to equip it in the backyard, but keep in mind that it should be near the garden area.If the economic area portion includes only a barn or shed to store equipment, then it is possible to equip it in any convenient location, decorate buildings vineyards, climbing plants or decorative partitions.

Zoning suburban area - Galicia

Zoning suburban area - a greenhouse

The economic zone on the site

Economic Zone in the area

3. Sitting

Depending on the size, sitting in the garden of the zone may include terraces, pavilions, barbecue, benches,benches, pool, patio, and a variety of other decorative or functional objects.This area is designed for relaxing, eating, meeting and leisure guests, so it should be as comfortable and convenient.

usually sitting area is placed in a domestic or backyard, in an area remote from the entrance.However, if this is not possible, it can be hidden from prying eyes by using decorative screens, hedges, shrubs or tall grilles adorned with climbing plants.

Recreation area on the site photo

recreation area on the site photo

Area garden plot

Zone garden plot

Zoning suburban area

Zoning suburban area

4. Children's play area

Often this area is aligned with the sitting area, but it is better if children'sSite is located close to the house so that it is a good view from the windows, such as the kitchen or living room.In addition to the sandbox, slides and swings, in this area need to equip the station with bench or bench, hidden under a canopy, so that when the need for children to relax in the shade or to hide from the rain.Demarcate a children's play area, you can use low flowerbeds, narrow lanes with a soft covering, or beds with beds.

Zone in the area of games

area for children on site

5. Sports Zone

If you wish to arrange a private playground on the site, choose a darkened area for its location.However, if the territory of the zone will be the attributes for team games - table or grid for tennis, playground for football or basketball, close to her should not be placed buildings or objects.It is best to have a sports area in the backyard.

Sports Zone on a plot

Sports Zone on the site

site Form and zoning

Thinking through how the site be divided into zones, it is necessary to consider not only its size, but also the form.The easiest way to equip a standard rectangular plot on which the house is located in the middle of the territory.In this case, the zoning of the site depends on the wishes of the owners and accounting requirements for the cultivation of horticultural crops.

more difficult to create a single landscape ensemble in the area elongated rectangular shape.In this case, it is recommended to equip the largest area on the sides of the plot.For example, on the one hand can be a garden area, and on the other - a sitting area.At the same time as the division boundaries for each zone is recommended to use a variety of large shrubs, arches of living plants, flower beds, flower beds, etc.

If the site has a T-shaped, while the part of territory which is detached from the whole area of ​​the yard, can be successfully used for the arrangement of zones for recreational or playground.

as the site be divided into zones

As land divided into zones

Recreation area on the site

Recreation Area on

site Proper zoning of the site will help you get the most comfortable to use every centimeter of the territory of the garden or the garden.However, furnished a particular area, it is important to remember not only the convenience, but also the stylistic unity, which will give landscaping harmony and expressiveness.

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