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August 12, 2017 18:07

What slate is better and why ?

Traditional types of material

was felt that slate - a material that has no diversity.However, to date the construction market represented a large number of species of these products.

Natural Slate (aka natural) - a small plate of slate.They may be of any shape, size and height, and have good decorative properties.Often, it is gray and light gray color, other colors are very rare.The advantages of this material are high thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, good insulation and hydro.Natural slate is durable and can be used for hundreds of years without losing its properties.

Asbestos slate originally produced from waste, which remained from the production of natural slate.As a result - this is the cheapest material for roofs with low thermal conductivity.However, it withstands weather influences and can not be burning.It is cold-resistant, but its life is not more than 30 years.The downside can be considered as part of the presence of asbestos, which is harmful to human health.

Note!Asbestos product due to the presence of harmful substances in its composition for the production of prohibited in many countries.

What better slate of modern samples?

to modern forms of this material relates soft slate.Its distinguishing feature is a long service life and relatively low weight.Often it is used for laying on top of the old flooring.It is composed of mineral fibers impregnated with bitumen.The popularity of this product is received, due to the ease of installation and attractive appearance.

slate or metal decking is a popular material for roofing.It made it out of galvanized steel and covered with a protective top layer.Previously it was used only for roofs of industrial buildings, but after he started to cover the polymer compositions, he began to widely apply for individual construction.

Note!Metallic Slate has poor sound insulation and strongly resonates from the rain, wind and other natural factors.

Today more and more popular become evroshifer.This material has a huge selection of different colors, which makes it very attractive for the roofing of houses.In addition, he has a good thermal conductivity, resistance to weathering, and it is environmentally friendly.The service life of this type is 50 years.All these qualities make it the best material in terms of price and quality among all kinds of slate.

How to choose the "right" slate?

Types slate there is a wide variety, so a logical question arises, how to choose a slate?To do this, look at what factors you must look for when buying:

  • fragility - this factor is important, as too brittle material can be damaged by hail or even moderate wind, so this parameter should be given serious consideration;
  • durability - in principle, all kinds of slate have long service life, so there does not have to guess too much;
  • strength - this factor is important, especially in the process of mounting material;
  • fire resistance;
  • insulation;
  • range of colors.

Decide what kind of stuff you buy, you must calculate the amount.This is best to store the roof to bring the drawings to make the calculation on the spot.If the drawings do not have, you have to cause gager to object.

Important!Be sure to check before buying a quality certificate for the selected item.