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August 12, 2017 18:07

Front foam - collect information about the material

Styrofoam facade - briefly about

material already since Styrofoam facade, the most demanded type of foams, firmly took its place among the new generation of thermal insulation materials.Modern energy-saving technology development contributed to the rapid development of the production of foams with high performance.

Polystyrene - a material obtained by the polymerization of styrene.It is a colorless, hard and elastic substance.Its structure consists of a plurality of balls, each of which consists of several thousand cells filled with air.Therefore

manufacture one plate requires no more than 2% of the feedstock.In the production process for foaming polymer mass pure hydrocarbon is used which under the influence of heat enters into a volatile condition.As a result, the polystyrene beads are increased in volume and glued together, forming an easy, homogeneous insulating material.

Front foam - will hold a classification

Depending on the mode of production, there are two groups of products from expanded polystyrene.The first is the production, which are used for the production of pellets, sintered in special molds.Foams of the second group is obtained by adding a foaming granular mass components.

whole process takes place under the direct influence of high temperatures.

Also polystyrene foams classified by type:

  1. PS - molded;
  2. PSB - bespressovy suspension;
  3. PSB-S - suspension bespressovy self-extinguishing;
  4. EPS - extruded polystyrene.

All kinds of material are almost identical in their chemical composition differ only in the presence of special additives, and as a consequence - the physico-mechanical properties, as well as the peculiarities of operation.Extrusion polystyrene prepared using extrusion technology beads.Unlike bespressovogo, it is sufficiently durable material, but its manufacture is costly.

polystyrene PSB - the most common type of foam.Its structure is characterized by homogeneity and density.It is these characteristics and define its scope.Incidentally, the front panels of expanded polystyrene having a density of 50 kg / m3.

Extruded polystyrene is one of the best types of polymer mass, which is used for the production of extrusion technology.Due to this, the material is characterized by its high resistance to mechanical stress, high density and damp-proofing properties.

Styrofoam facade - a few words about the installation

Typically, polystyrene for facade comes in the form of plates, size 1000h500 mm.Their thickness is selected in accordance with the construction project or modernization of buildings and the average is about 100 mm.Before you start to mount foam for the facade of the building, carried out preparation of surfaces of walls: joints and cracks are sealed, removed remnants of the old paint and plaster blistered.

Then apply several layers of primer, and then carry out the necessary measurements and exhibited control beacons.

For fixing tiles are used on the surface of a special adhesive mortar consisting of fine sand, cement and adhesive additives.The adhesive is applied evenly on the plate surface with a notched trowel.To control the vertical position of the material using a builder's level.This is how the installation is carried out thermal insulation layer on the entire surface of the building.As a result, the facades of houses of the foam obtained is not only smooth, but also quite isolated.