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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to compress a wall outlet

Compression computer socket Cat 5e format: scheme

Crimp computer socket

principle crimping computer socket does not differ from similar activities with twisted pair.However, there are nuances, depending on the color of the insulation, so that the scheme is as follows:
Color Contacts for connection

Before compress and install the outlet, it is necessary to identify the location of the housing space.For the inner socket housing snaps inside, then put it in to be the most convenient place for the technology.

When external power outlet near the box it is secured by several screws or double-sided tape.Next, remove the braid twisted pair wiring and unravel.Then you need to arrange them by color, and then compression molded to a typical click tool (extractor).The result is a neatly fixed wire twisted pair at the end of the slot.

Extractor compress cable

crimping takes place in the following sequence:

  1. end of the cable into Trimming cutter Crimping tool
  2. Removing the insulation from the wire that is placed in the extractor crimp
  3. Shortening of wires 1.5 cm and leveling them at one level
  4. Placing a conductor in the connector and input validation and fixing wires in the connector
  5. The crimping device is embedded
  6. connector pliers clamped to the extent that the contacts of the connector pritisnuli cable conductors.

Compression rj computer sockets - 45

If you buy a knife Cross-Connect fails, it is possible to do without it, as long as the wire length is sufficient.

In this case, the use of patch cords even inappropriate.

In large rooms, you can simply place a long wire with crimped connectors RJ-45 on the primary conductor, but without the use of sockets with patchkodom 5E.
Wiring plan 45 RJ-

Check crimp connection

find out how well you crimp the cable can be achieved by placing it in the HUB switch.If it works - so all done wrong.

Hub to test the performance of the cable

In addition, the computer market has a lot of testers of different price categories, which can check on the performance twisted pair.While they work on the same principle, so there is no sense to overpay.

Tester for testing twisted pair

The picture shows a tester which is equipped with a transmitter and a receiver, is connected via two connectors listed above (RJ 45 and Cat 5e).This device shows which wires twisted, swapping pairs, in addition, it checks the integrity of wiring and.If the connection is correct, the receiver alternately illuminated with different colors of LEDs.

How to connect an outlet for 8 wires

To connect the outlet you will need only a flat-blade screwdriver and a thin knife.

Contacts in the outlet for one socket standard T568A

cable sheath is removed no more than three centimeters, and then unwind the wire 15 mm.Under the scheme wiring placed in the comb with a screwdriver, and then with a knife until it stops.At a special wish in one nest placed two wire twisted pair (but when combined).

Wiring two wires to a single outlet

Lack of double connection: a low data rate.

How to connect the outlet to the two jacks

Effective fixation of the conductor in the socket provides a tool for compacting the wire to a depth maximum for the outlet.Such a tool can act as an ordinary tweezers or a small screwdriver.Postings for driving in the terminals do not need to strip, as the outlet have special cuts, which are purified by their isolation.

is followed on the socket module to tighten the cable.He also cleared at 3 cm from the basic insulation, wiring and unwind at 1.5 cm.

Now you need to fix the cable tie on the board devices.Get rid of the protruding cutters ties.

Note that each scheme has notes which cable and where to attach.To this plate is provided as the next photo.

Marks for cable location

Attach the box to the socket can be on the screws or double-sided tape.

To remove the cover outlet is enough to press a little finger either side of the box, and it will open.

View as compression takes place in practice, it can be in the video.

In conclusion, I want to wish you success in the repair and follow safety precautions!