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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose a ladder maximum safety and practicality ?

Varieties of ladders and stairs

Stairs are very different, different from ladders that require support and called ladders, sliding, sloping or vertical, and the ladder can stand on their own, they differ in one-sided and double-sided climbing.They consist of a rack, on which the structure rests stages and platforms.Top ladder fitted with legs and handrails.

Stairs, ladders, GOST which defines the conditions of their use, divided into classical or L-shaped, versatile and transformers. Universal ladder can be used as a ladder, it all depends on the need.It consists of three sections, which are nominated from each other and form a ladder high enough.The connection sections is performed automatically locks.

Universal ladder can be telescopic, with drawers and pull-out, with prefabricated sections.What is the best ladder will depend on the specific situation.Features the Transformers is much wider.For example, they may form a working platform or T-shaped ladder.Folded ladder-transformer is very compact and easily fits in a car trunk.

basic requirements when choosing a ladder

The requirements for ladders and stairs are composed of several items.They must be equipped with special devices to prevent arbitrary shifting or tilting.The lower ends of the racks must have special shoes with slip resistant.

step between the steps does not exceed 250 mm.Work Platforms ladders greater than 1.5 m shall be equipped with guards or handrail.Metal parts ladders must be free of cracks, sharp edges or burrs.

To know how to choose a ladder, you need to consider its main characteristics: stability, mobility, high-quality assembly, convenience and safety.

correct calculation design ensures GOST, ladders should be stable in any situation.Since they often have to move and migrate, the main characteristic is the weight and size when folded.

How to choose a ladder maximum security?

good ladder should be securely attached different elements and strength.The convenience and security provided by the following elements: grooved steps, anti-slip, insulating rubber mats, plastic plates covering sharp edges and metal sections, non-skid shoes on racks will save floor coverings and prevent arbitrary slip.

Choice ladder may depend on such criteria: working height, the material from which it is made, and its model.Working height is calculated by adding the height of the working platform and human growth to shoulder level. Professional variants may have a height of up to 6 meters.

modern manufacturers use aluminum or steel for the manufacture of ladders.Aluminum is lightweight devices, mobility, and are installed in small spaces.Steel ladders are used in large-scale production and construction, is distinguished by resistance and durability.