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August 12, 2017 18:08

Plaster moldings with their hands or how to add luxury to your home ?

sketch Manufacturing to create jewelry

fabrication technology gypsum stucco includes sequential execution of simple tasks, to help make great decorations for the home.Before the production of moldings, it is necessary to make a model out of clay ornaments.

product model is needed in order to for it to further mold the plaster decoration.We make a plasticine model of a little more than expected product.Clay allows you to change the shape of an unlimited number of times the object, as long until you get what you want.Once the model is ready, it carried out a series of actions in the following sequence:

  • gypsum diluted to the consistency of sour cream;
  • first layer is applied to the sketch with a brush to fluff all the recesses;
  • second and subsequent layers of plaster applied with a spatula;
  • leave to dry for 1 hour;
  • clear form with plasticine model.

If the product is large, after the first layer of plaster is necessary to lay fittings from copper mesh.The completion of the creation of forms by injection moldings is a sketch coating the inside of the furniture with varnish or shellac.This is to ensure that the plaster is not bothered with casting products.

Manufacturing of products

When the sketch is ready for stucco, you can proceed directly to the manufacture of the product.First of all, you need to prepare material that is diluted with gypsum.Dilute it to a consistency similar to the consistency of sour cream.Fill material is as follows: first a small amount of gypsum is poured into the mold and brush distributed in small depressions.

Important!When the composition distribution must be ensured that there was no air bubbles.

After gypsum distributed recesses, the remaining material is poured into the mold so as to fill it to the core.The surface must be smoothed with a spatula until almost ideal smoothness.This is to ensure that when installing the product exactly fall on the surface.Gypsum will harden for about a day.Well dried up the product when tapped little rings.

After the material hardens, the gypsum decoration carefully removed from the mold, and all the drawbacks eliminated by means of a scalpel.The final work product is considered to be grinding with fine sandpaper to remove any imperfections on the surface.

Installation moldings

installation of gypsum stucco is quick and easy.First of all, must be cleaned of whitewashing and other contaminants land on which the product will be glued.If the jewelry is selected cornice, it should be noted the exact boundary of his proleganiya and Ceiling outlet - to draw a circle, in which it will be mounted.

Once marked areas, and in the moldings on the surface of the incision made by using a chisel.This is necessary for better adhesion to the adhesive material.Glue to a solution of the product of plaster, which is added to a carpenter's glue ratio of 3% of the total weight of adhesive solution.Then wetted with water the prepared surface of the ceiling or wall, as well as molded parts, and a brush to apply the solution to them.

Important!By setting decoration in place, it is necessary to move slightly, and remove any excess solution with a spatula.

plaster moldings in the interior - it's the perfect solution for your home.Such decoration can turn any home into a royal castle.