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August 12, 2017 18:08

UPVC pipes - pros communications chloride PVC

Main features CPVC pipe

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material for the creation of CPVC pipe is chlorinated polyvinyl chloride.This material is an amorphous thermoplastic, which is formed by further chlorinating polyvinylchloride.As a result of this process, PVC and acquires additional information becomes stronger it becomes smaller thermal conductivity and resistance to various chemicals.

pipes CPVC are a worthy substitute for the existing various communication pipe installation materials.They compare favorably with these or other substances a number of indicators:

  • possession of high capacity.To achieve such an indicator allows the presence of this type of products a large threshold operating pressure (PN 10, PN 16, PN 25).
  • Have high resistance to existing dangerous bacteria.This type of pipe is widely distributed in hospitals due to relatively easy maintenance of sterility.
  • pipes of PVC are universal in application.They can be used in such communications pipe as water, gas, heating system, stock water communications.
  • Easy installation.For the CPVC pipes with their installation requires a minimum of tools and resources cost of physical force.This type
  • communication pipe has low thermal conductivity, about 240 times lower than that of iron.This gives an opportunity to significantly save on insulation.
  • high fire safety.Network of PVC does not support combustion, does not melt or drip.After the cessation of direct contact with open fire, there is an independent attenuation.
  • durability.Subject to all the necessary standards of operation, this type of pipe products can last up to fifty years.
  • High strength material.CPVC pipes have a high rate of resistance to mechanical stress.
  • actual lightness of the material.This index greatly facilitates transport and maintenance.

All these factors indicate a large number of indisputable advantages of PVC pipe communication to other existing.

CPVC pipe installation features

One of the biggest advantages of using this type of pipe materials are the characteristics of their assembly.The fact that in order to connect pipes with each other is required, no heating elements, not connecting materials or welder.These bulky and require a lot of energy, instruments can be left in the past.For the installation of CPVC pipes need only regular hand hacksaw and a jar with a special glue.The adhesive itself is polyvinyl chloride, but with somewhat modified formula.Also with it you can produce in-line repair of pipe networks.

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installation specifics of the pipeline using CPVC pipes

the production of PVC pipe products from manufacturers involve manual assembly of existing materials, so the equipment installation is fairly simple.Creating a pipeline system of the presented products is made in several stages:

  • Schematic layout of the pipeline elements of the alleged location.
  • measurement tubes prepared in accordance with the established scheme.
  • Cutting pipes to the relevant parts with a hand hacksaw.
  • Preparing a certain number of parts and fittings for turning the network in accordance with our scheme.
  • Installation pipe with a special glue.This process occurs by applying glue on the PVC elements that need to bond, and their connection to each other by the action of his hands.Then create the tube assembly must be allowed to dry for several minutes.
  • System Check.After the cutting and connection of pipeline components must be submitted to them water from an external source.Upon detection of leaks of any kind is necessary to fix them in place by applying a special glue leaks or patches, which can be easily cut from the remaining pieces polivinihloridnogo material.

Thus in the article were stacked all the advantages of the use in the installation of piping systems CPVC pipes.

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