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August 12, 2017 18:08

Welding of HDPE pipes with their own hands

Types piping connections

  1. Mechanical - these connections are made using special parts carrying pipe connection among themselves.Fittings have remarkable technical features, they are reliable, easy to install, have a variety of shapes and sizes.
  2. Welds - enable connection of plastic piping, when you want to retain the flexibility of the system, but do not let her lose strength.This allows both the pipe-laying trench and trenchless installation type.The most commonly used are in the welding joints and using electric welding.

Types piping connections

Methods of connecting plastic tubes by welding

Butt welding - is used for pipe diameters up to 50 mm, wall thickness of which is 5 mm.Implemented by connecting node formation by heating the pipe edges.Upon contact with the heater material is melted and prepared by aligning the ends, by diffusion and molecular interaction of matter is formed very durable weld.

for butt welding Guide:

  • The welding device placed tube
  • Special plate is heated and is set between the edges of pipelines
  • under a certain pressure to combine the mating pipe heater
  • Wait specified in the instruction time, up to a certain melting
  • material stage thenyou must reduce the amount of pressure, a good warm edge
  • heater is removed, the pressure attached pipes to each other
  • Leave the unit alone to harden the material

Welding work carried out by different types of units - from mechanical and hydraulic drives, as well as fully automated.

Method plastic pipe connection by welding

butt welding of HDPE pipes with their own hands is characterized by positive qualities:

  • High quality and strength of the compounds provided by the absence of anthropogenic component.
  • All operations are fully automated welding, each manufacturer gives a guarantee of quality.
  • When welding accounted sizes of connected pipes, the time it takes to create the weld and other monitored parameters.

Method plastic pipe connection by welding

The coupling welding - often used to connect pipes in the drainage and sewerage networks.To implement such a connection using a special connection parts - electric fittings, suitable for pipes of different diameters with the walls of any thickness.

Before starting welding work, you must:

  • pre-selected place of work and localization tools, prepare the welding machine in the process.
  • Given the characteristics of pipes and fittings, electric, welding conditions are selected for a particular situation
  • internal surfaces require thorough cleaning

    In order to effectively and efficiently clean the fittings, you must flap clean cloth soaked in alcohol-containing substance and make degreasing.

  • edges pipelines exactly cut and prepared for welding
  • with the outer surface of the pipe is removed chips (or made any type of mechanical treatment) with a thickness of 0.2 mm to ensure the removal of oxidized layer

    If there secondary pollution connected elements after mechanical cleaning,you must repeat their degreasing.

  • pipelines installed in the positioner and produce ottsentrovku
  • welded assembly is protected from contamination by means of adhesive tape
  • welding HDPE pipe with his own hands made the connection to the fitting electric heaters

on the free sections of the pipeline are put plugs in order to avoid heat loss.

Method plastic pipe connection by welding

Implementation test welds

To erected the system operated efficiently and be reliable, it is necessary to carry out quality control of welded joints.Once there was a welding HDPE pipe with his hands, joints must meet the following requirements:

  • According to the rules, at the junction of piping welds are higher than the surface of the pipes
  • Items should move relative to each other by less than 10 percent of the value ofwall thickness
  • rollers formed at welded joints are regulated in thickness as follows -

Implementation of the test welds

If the process is carried out in accordance with all of the above recommendations, and the weld meets the requirements described above, there is no doubt that the periodoperation of the pipeline system is a long-term, and the operation of the system - a reliable and effective.