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August 12, 2017 18:07

Fireplaces made of bricks - what is more important , practicality and beauty ?

Fireplaces made of brick - masonry limitless possibilities curly

Fireplace, despite the fact that the first time was created many centuries ago, did not have to be traditional: marble with bas-relief decorations or stone from the river, in the house of a wealthy landowner.Fireplace today - is primarily a piece of furniture, which means that it must comply with the overall style of the room - this time, and look aesthetically pleasing - it's two.If everything else will be executed and the function of heating the house or apartment, so it's all great, but in the city, in the presence of serviceable central heating fireplace heat is not so important.

If possible, hiring a stove-maker, consider him an option of masonry brick figure, the master will be poryadovkoy on which you place your nearest brick plant, which, of course, will require considerable costs, but also give an impressive result.What is shaped brick?Almost the same building blocks, designed only for external finishes, and having the shape of trapezoids, semicircles, triangles and other geometric shapes are machined by hand or obtained by means of special forms.Having armed with such a material, you can fold the fireplace with the most unexpected lines of the portal.

If ordered shaped brick you can not afford it, you can do well and conventional, cutting off his hand with a diamond jigsaw sawing squared or special tool. You can give the desired shape to the abrasive brick stone grinding machine.In fact, learn how to form the bricks, you can do the fireplaces of any complexity, without having to worry about that because of the random cleavage or detected marriage is not enough of some elements of masonry.And with at least a small artist's talent, you will be able to modify the ready poryadovkoy, giving the face brick on them the desired shape.

choosing a stove made of bricks, moving away from

standards for some people when it comes to furnace components with fireplace one, just seems a Russian stove, which is attached to the traditional fireplace.You, of course, understand that the stove made of bricks - this, above all, a universal solution that allows you to enjoy the comfort, warmth and, in the presence of a cooking niche or shelf - inhale the aromas of cooking food.

furnace is best to put out of brick, it is the most affordable, and undoubtedly the most suitable material, time-tested.

About Figural bricks we have already mentioned above, will not be repeated, so just look at innovative solutions.For example, what do you think of the coated tiles (advanced course) oven overlooking the wall sort of a column, which, incidentally, would really be a good design solution.Fireplace can also be attached to it completely non-standard, such as the squat and wide, with a niche for firewood, connecting it to the oven, forming a comfortable lounger.Beauty combined with comfort, perhaps, better than you can imagine.

If you do not want to mess with wood or coal, being a resident of the city, make the furnace based on a gas stove (completely removing it and using only the upper part of the ring stove with oven and built housing, which can be bought in the relevant product).Fireplace is not to create an additional point of combustion, which will require approval by relevant authorities, can arrange for bio-fuel.In general, you will need only a good hood, to get rid of the smell of cooking and derivatives of natural gas, bio-fuels is by burning leaves behind only hydrogen and carbon dioxide.And you can even set the oven chimney, which, when the doors are open hearth furnace is converted into, and closed heated room by convection.Accordingly, the portal can be turned into a cooking oven and setting it supports for grills and skewers, cooking on the fire directly in the room.It is tempting to make grilled meats, from the comfort of the apartment, is not it?

Is it really necessary brick stoves?

When it comes to beauty, the complexity of the brickwork is not always appropriate, especially in a small apartment, the owners of which also can be conceived the idea to get a fireplace, even the smallest.However, according to the rules of the furnace depth should be sufficient to smoke enters the smoke box, not in the room.This means that in an apartment fire takes a lot of space, especially in view of protruding predtopochnoy site.Alternatively, a small corner fireplace can be made from plasterboard.Yes, your eyes do not deceive you read this word - "drywall".Of course, you first need to make the frame of a corner or a special profile, forming a loop fireplace, then plates of mineral wool obkladyvaetsya "insert", and has since then carried out the installation of the finishing sheet.On top of all this construction is glued tile or tiles under brick (natural stone, too bad), then you will receive a wonderful and, with due diligence, a beautiful decorative fireplace.

in the furnace can be positioned electric heater with an imitation wood, and even fire (silk pieces of red and a small fan perfectly portray dancing tongues of flame).You can install the electric fire again, but combined with a video screen on which the video will scroll with flaming wood, such variants of secondary and higher price category sold in some shops of home appliances.The best option is, of course, a real fire.But the chimney in our construction is not provided.Therefore, we buy a relatively inexpensive and very cost-effective bio-fuel briquette.It is possible and ethyl alcohol in the fireplace to light, but the accompanying smell unpleasant for 5 minutes you will be provided.Briquettes same burn bright beautiful flame without smoke, do not emit harmful substances, leaving behind a maximum of 1% ash, if not 0.5%.Fireplace, which does not need to be cleaned, - the dream of every stoker, and it will be you, it is worth only a wish.