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August 12, 2017 18:07

Plastered ceiling with his hands - what is the specificity of the work ?

Putty ceiling - the essence of the work?

Before you put on a finished surface (facade, walls, ceilings, etc.), the final coating, often referred to as finishing or finishing, it is treated with the compositions and materials for leveling, called putty.For example, to prepare the surface for painting or pasting requires the use of fillers.

from a rich list of filler compositions comprising a glue and oil-adhesive, latex and acrylic, on the basis of PVA, shpakrilovye, selected necessary for certain jobs.When choosing flooring composition, we can not forget about the primer.It necessarily applied before the ceiling is carried out putty.

primer layer is covered by a ceiling surface to create a strong coupling to the substrate.Necessity application because some fillings may not provide a reliable grip.Apply primer on pre-leveled surface.

themselves fillings can also be the start and finish.As a rule, the lineups have density of sour cream, applied to align the relatively large drops and sealing holes in the ceiling and damage.

If necessary, these formulations can be applied repeatedly with breaks for drying and the use of special reinforcing mesh, precluding the formation of cracks.This special putty ceiling videos presented on our website.

Finishing putty several thinner, they are applied on top of the starter.Deposition of them may be preceded by priming.Such a finishing plaster ceiling is able to bring it in perfect condition.However, attempts to align the ceiling with the help of finishing putty will not give results.Apply this composition can only be a thin layer.Of course, it will be completely repeated profile of the surface to be coated, its purpose is giving the ceiling smoothness.

How is plastered ceiling for painting - surface preparation

Many manufacturers produce kits putty systems including primers, fillers (starting, finishing, universal, facade and so on.) On homogeneous bases.This approach greatly simplifies the ceiling filler technology, the choice of composition and execution of works.By the way, for the quality of work is necessary not only to choose the right composition, but also attend to selecting an appropriate tool.

And there can not do without a mixer (mixing conveniently perform a nozzle for an electric drill), steel spatulas (at least two: the wide and narrow), float and trowel.On grater should be packed with a layer of felt, and spreader length - up to one meter.The primer is conveniently applied with a roller or wide brush (steam rollers of different widths and respective brushes).These tools, which is carried out plaster ceiling, video clips are in the course of operation and work.

process itself is not complicated spackling.But the ceiling tire thoroughly - because hands are constantly raised up, so it's obvious.Considering, for example, how to make plaster ceiling for painting, you should start with the removal of old coatings.Removed pobelok layers, colors, cleaned layers of dust and dirt.

projections and irregularities to two centimeters are removed.Depending on the ceiling of the base, it can be done with a hammer, hammer and other tools.When irregularities of five centimeters is worth thinking about the ceiling of plasterboard, which can then also will gain experience spackling.

For those who are awaiting plaster ceiling with his hands, the video material is recommended to apply a primer to the deep penetration and apply them using paint rollers.Moreover, you can use the long telescopic handles that will save power.The use of these primers and degreasing surfaces to be protected from fungal and mold formations.

technology putty ceiling - work with

surface Now it's time to dissolve the starting filler.It is, as already mentioned, should resemble a thick cream.First, narrow spatula are sealed it all cracks, holes and openings.The composition must be completely dry.

Full coverage of the entire surface area of ​​the home filler being spreader.The mixture is gently topped with a layer of a centimeter.Thicker smear does not make sense, it is better to dry, and where will you need to grease.Dry layer will start eight hours, depending on the conditions in the room.

If the result is satisfying, you can proceed to the finish spackling.Better "finishku" wide trowel.The layer should be dry, and then performed his first grinding.Done typewriters or skins on the bar.

At a certain dissatisfaction can put another layer of putty finish, followed by drying and grinding.But if all preliminary steps have been performed with due care, since the first grinding surface is ready for final finishing.