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August 12, 2017 18:07

Metal or wooden rafters - make a choice !

What rafters, and what features are important to us?

During the construction of a private home or cottage, sooner or later there comes a time when you need to start the construction of the roof.But as you know, the roof is not hanging in the air, and the supporting plank truss system.This system can be naslonnoy or hanging.

Naslonnye rafters are more economical, simple and traditional.For their installation requires the presence of internal load-bearing walls or partitions.This system consists of inclined legs which rest on one end of the top wall, and the other - the special run, which is supported by uprights.

If the width of the house is big enough, and the intermediate support, in the form of internal load-bearing walls, missing, or the wall of a house made up of raw material, the hanging rafters.A special feature of this design is the presence of the upper zone (feet), as well as the bottom chord (tightening), which are interconnected by a set of cuttings, forgings and nails.

When designing trusses need to take into account the requirements set out in the relevant SNIP.According to these rules, roof, regardless of type, must withstand a load of 200 kg per 1 m.This figure includes the weight of the material used, wind and snow loads, etc.

As is known, the share of harboring various elements may vary very considerably, hence the device roofing requirements are also subject to change, and these changes are largely indicators of the power component parts rafters.Therefore, many private developers have recently used metal rafters as an alternative to wooden "brethren."

Wooden rafters - the main characteristics of

Wooden rafters remain the most popular type of bearing system pitched roof.This is not surprising, sinceThis material has proven its reliability over many centuries.But times are changing.There are new technologies, materials, and the tree can not always adequately compete with them.Consider the advantages and disadvantages of roof systems made of wood and metal.

rafters of the planks are environmentally friendly, traditional and relatively easy.Their installation and use without the participation of construction equipment, which significantly reduces the cost of installation of the roof.

addition, rafters data can be customized in size by cutting or increasing the required part, and it can be done right on the site.All wooden elements of the system is easily fastened in various ways.

But at the same time to the rafters tree requires careful handling antiseptics and different chemical compositions, which will save it from decay, mold, insects, etc.Wood is a combustible material and requires periodic treatment to reduce this figure.It's hard enough to find the required dimensions, if you want to cover the roof slope of 7 m or more.

Before installing a wooden truss system should be put on the wall mauerlat, representing a frame made of logs or timber, a minimum thickness of 18 cm for load balancing.Mounting of the frame to the wall by means of special steel staples.After that, on its surface, it should be noted places rafters fastening and cut down or cut it out the appropriate slots.

Anchoring wooden rafters hanging several species specific. This truss system is collected on the ground with all the bolts and tightening, and the top is raised only to the immediate installation.Log rafters are attached reverse brackets, and those that are made of boards, fixed wire bind to a special crutch previously driven into the wall.

Metal trusses - a worthy replacement, but expensive

Rafters metal gives weighting to the walls and foundation of the building, which requires additional reinforcement, and, as a result, and additional expenses.Furthermore, this type can not be mounted manually, this is done by means of a construction crane.

to the structure in which the metal is planned to use the device of the roof, there are special requirements in terms of accuracy of building walls, asfit their size is problematic and is only possible in the factory.

Metal naslonnye rafters are fixed by welding, which subsequently leads to the appearance of rust in places.This truss system, among other things, quite expensive for a private developer.But at the same time it is indispensable for the installation of the roof of 7 m or more.

Provided painting its anticorrosion paint is very durable and strong.In the application of its machinery installation is carried out much faster wood.Of course, the design data is a very heavy and costly for the private builder, but they are well proven in the construction industry, where a ceiling of buildings having a large area and height.