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August 12, 2017 18:07

Hpl Panel - price or quality?


panels hpl material - a composite material, that was not so long ago.Its main objective is to extend the life of the building in a variety of climatic zones, protection from atmospheric influences, even the most aggressive of its manifestations.The panels were created specifically for this purpose and are used for walls and facades of buildings.The material has a multilayer structure in which each layer fulfills its function.

Note!The multilayer structure, developed by scientists, has strengthened the positive characteristics.

Models available in standard sizes: the thickness - 9.6-16 mm, maximum width - 1300 millimeters, maximum length - 3500-4000 mm.Due to its characteristics, they can be used in the following areas:

  • Exterior finish of walls and facades;
  • interior walls in sports, commercial and office premises;
  • use in the decoration of restaurants and shops;
  • Finishing in medical institutions.

What makes hpl panels so good?

Facade hpl panels are a new generation of material, so they have a lot of advantages.Firstly, they have a larger format (3600h1550 millimeters), yet sufficiently lightweight and have very high rigidity among similar materials.This allows their installation without the use of rigging equipment and without laborers.Secondly, these panels have a very strong bond between the layers.This factor makes the material resistant to shocks, vibrations, particularly in the field of mechanical fasteners.

addition, it perfectly resists temperature changes from -60 to +80 degrees Celsius and does not erode.Weathering - a common problem in cement-based materials.Thirdly, resistant to chemicals and to the sun.This is a very important factor for the wall of front panels, as over time the color will not fade and will be for many years a rich and homogeneous.

addition, panels of this material is easy to care for.If necessary, they can be easily washed and cleaned, as no irregularities on the surface and then, where would could clog the dirt.This perfectly smooth surface also contributes to the fact that they do not reflect sunlight, as do the laminated panels.The glossy surface emphasizes all surface irregularities.The installation of this material is very simple, and the use of visible and invisible fastening system allows for a variety of design ideas.

Note!Exposed system fasteners means that all screws, klyaymery will be visible on the surface, the invisible system hides all fasteners elements



Wall hpl panels have many advantages, but they are not ideal.Their main disadvantage is the mounting system.For their attachment, you must first mount a special crate.Since it takes some place that, accordingly, the area is lost in the room.This can be a serious disadvantage in the operation of this material in the areas with a small area.

However, the problem only occurs when using a material within a space and for use in external walls, this problem disappears.But there is another drawback, which can seriously play a role in the selection panel - is the price.This material is much more expensive than similar facade and wall panels.Despite all its advantages, this factor for many is one of the main, so the price can be considered the most serious drawback of such panels.

Note!The high price is compensated durability of the material, so that buying and installing it again, you can permanently solve the problem with the outside of the building view.