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August 12, 2017 18:07

Facade tiles - choose the appropriate option

Recognition facade tiles - why are growing in popularity?

In accordance with the climatic conditions of our territory facade coating should provide a degree of thermal insulation and decorative surfaces of the walls, not to be afraid of changes in temperature and humidity, to ensure long-term and high-quality of these parameters.

This need to combine decoration and insulation of buildings has recently become particularly high relevance.Therefore, the largest group is undoubtedly represent tiling of different types of natural and artificial materials, often referred to a front facade tile or tile materials.

In turn, this group a large share, considering the increased demand due to increased construction of houses, takes concrete facade tiles, successfully imitates natural stone materials and in demand because of its efficiency.production technologies allow to give it a resemblance, both in color and in structure, with natural quarry stone, etc.

A variety of types of tiles, offers a variety of foreign and domestic manufacturers, makes it possible to implement all decisions of designers and designers, designed for different requirements, both in price and quality of the proposed cladding material.

Tile exists for each

The most expensive and prestigious are facade tiles made of natural marble, granite and so on. These kinds of facade tiles can afford to use for decorating facades and other structural elements only very wealthy developers orstate structures.The whole reason - the high cost of both the materials and work on their installation or wall mounting surface.

How economically more expedient form of facade coatings, is widely used granitogresnaya (stoneware) tiles.Technology of its industrial production is repeated natural stone formation conditions.Experts say that for the water-repellent properties, strength and heat resistance of such an artificial stone in the order of magnitude of natural samples.A natural life of the coating is greater than one hundred years.

facade tiles of granite can be manufactured in different colors, with the imitation of the structure and pattern of natural stones.Although the cost of such artificial decorative tile for facades cheaper than the original, yet even here the price is high enough.In addition, polishing technology used by some foreign manufacturers, allow the use of a ceramic granite tile just for fa├žade cladding.

more democratic is the cost of agglomerate facade tiles.Such tiles are performed using fractions of marble and quartz filler.Produced in this manner, it has much greater strength than natural marble, when fully resemblance.

Additional advantages of this material include high density and uniformity, lack of voids and cracks, which provides significant technological characteristics and, consequently, high quality and a long life, along with an acceptable price.

In addition to these, a lot of popularity and wide application facade tiles, called thermopanels.These composite products are based on a thermally insulating plastic material (foam polystyrene or polyurethane foam) with a decorative layer imitating the facade tile.This may be a plastic decorative facade tiles under a tree, when the top layer of given kind of polished precious wood, log house, etc.

Application tiles

facades use of different kinds of facade tiles is determined by the project requirements and design finishes.Depending on the intended material, its properties and the type of finish, tile can be mounted on a special frame, creating a ventilated facade rather complicated structure.

way, such technologies provide, along with the lining, additional thermal insulation of building walls by placing in the cavities of thermal insulation materials are becoming increasingly popular.For decoration and insulation (block "cold bridges") tiles can be glued to various solutions directly on the surface of the wall, fasten the other, provided the project, ways.

In principle, even an ordinary ceramic tiles has been successfully used for tiling.Thus it is desirable to select all or opaque glazing its absence.This tile is durable enough and decorative.Previously used in the construction of such ceramic materials can be seen today on the walls of houses and buildings in the country's cities.