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August 12, 2017 18:06

Laundry basket from newspaper tubes : how to weave , weave a square , rectangular, circular and angular baskets with your own hands ( 25 photos )

Laundry basket from newspaper tubes
  • Materials
  • How to make newspaper tubes?
  • Paint tubes
  • Wicker baskets of different shapes
    • Square Rectangular Round
    • Corner
  • edge Making
  • Decoration

now successfully developed a new kind of crafts - weaving newspapers.This activity is for many has become a hobby, which is simply impossible to refuse.This kind of creativity helps to relax from the daily hustle and bustle, to shift attention and make yourself useful things to create a home-like atmosphere.Laundry basket of newspaper tubes will be interesting decoration in the interior of the bathroom.

Laundry basket from newspaper tubes
Laundry basket from newspaper tubes


for weaving baskets need to have these tools:

  • ordinary newspapers, which are at each home;
  • dye colors to create the future of the basket.Often used water based stain;
  • stationery knife and scissors;
  • long borehole, the diameter of which should be 2.5 ml;
  • PVA glue with a fine brush or adhesive in the form of a pencil;
  • conventional pegs for secure fixation;
  • line;
  • simple pencil;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • brush;
  • load for oppression.
Materials required for weaving baskets for linen from the newspaper tubes

Before you begin weaving the basket, you need to imagine what it must be.One should take into account parameters such as shape, height and density of the weave.If there are difficulties with this, then we can take as a model a bucket or box of the desired size.

How to make newspaper tubes?

When creating laundry baskets used paper, which is a substitute vines.Therefore, before you start you need to prepare a newspaper tube. Procedure:

  • Sheets of paper must be done in A4 format.That album sheet size is optimal and is 21x30 cm.
  • Each prepared leaf must be still cut into three leaf lengthwise, then the size of one sheet will have 7h30 cm.
  • Through the use of stationery knife you can quickly and accurately make a large number of leaves of the desired size.This knife will make smooth the edges, remove the traces of the paper fibers.Subsequently, each strip will be straw.
  • necessary to sort the sheets.Divide them into two piles: printed text and white stripes, which are always on the edges of sheets of newspaper.This training will make the white tube with the strips that were on the edges of a sheet of newspaper, and the rest all tubes will be dyed.
  • Take one strip and positively it vertically, with the white side must be right.
  • Place the needle at the bottom of the left under an angle of about 30 degrees, and begin to wind a sheet on it.When the remaining 1 cm strips by adhesive to fix cannula.
  • Then do the same steps with colored newsprint.The only thing that you need to try to hide in the middle of all the dark areas.
  • After the carried out work you get identical rolls of paper, the length of which is slightly greater than 30 cm.
  • distinctive feature of each tube will be one pointed and the other end into a socket.This makes it possible to interconnect several tubes, applying glue to get a long stick that resembles a vine.
Harvesting newspaper tubes for the basket under the laundry
Making newspaper tubes for the basket under the laundry

Watch a short video tutorial on preparation tubules from newspapers.

Paint tubes

Before you start painting the tubes need to prepare the workplace.Take a small tray and lay on him polyethylene.On it you will be able to dry the "vine" after painting.Prepare stain and wear gloves on his hands.

can work directly with 10 tubes. Dip them into the stain for 3-5 seconds.Then lower the other end.Each tube after the ink must be carefully put on a tray, leaving some space between the "vines".When the whole tray is full, then it is possible to spread the tube top "woodpile".

Paint tubes newspaper for weaving baskets for underwear

to completely dry enough to leave a tray of tubes for 12 hours.It is better to avoid additional heat sources, as a sharp drying can make tube parched, they will lose their plasticity.

Wicker baskets of different shapes


To create a wicker basket from the newspaper tubes square shape should begin with the formation of a bottom in the form of a square.

So, first you need to take a strip of cardboard, be borne in mind that the bottom of the basket will be slightly less than the size of the board.Then fold it in half.Use the hole punch to make holes in the cardboard small, the distance between which should be no more than 2 cm. The holes must be inserted long "working the vine."

Now we can start weaving the bottom of the basket.Elongated tube is necessary to weave close to the cardboard paper.When braiding reaches the edge, then you need to make a turn, and produce weaving in the opposite direction.To "work the vine" is not an end, it is necessary to constantly lengthen - dokleivat newspaper tube.Under special control is necessary to keep the size of the bottom, as its width can be narrowed.Thus, the square bottom creates the desired size.

Visually, this process, see the following video.

Then you can move on to the side walls of the weaving baskets.Already there are two vines frame the future, so you need to make two more walls.To do this, you need to take a long newspaper tube, bend it in half and stick the two ends in the bottom of the basket.Tails that seem to back of the bottom, it is necessary to bend upward and secure.Thus, a stable framework.Depending on the desired height of the basket is necessary to create a "working the vine" size.

For reliable fixing of the basket wall is necessary to take a heavy object shape future product and put in the center.Next to it with a rubber band secures the frame tubes.For a square basket it is very important to create a straight edge.When wickerwork other form can do without the sample inside.

Weave need to start from the bottom of the basket.We need to take a long tube and weave it into one of the sides, with the alternate position of the vertical tubes, front and back spending.In this way, you need to create all the walls.

At the beginning of the end of the weaving remains "working the vines," in the future it will be used as one of the elements of the framework.It allows you to create an odd number of vertical tubes.After each series of the free end need to braid.The process of weaving the sidewalls takes place in a circle until you get the desired size of the basket.

An easy way to weave wall pattern "rope", see the video below.


To create a rectangular basket must begin with a rectangular bottom weave.You need to create a pattern of cardboard for the bottom of the basket.Then place it on the edge of the finished tube and to fix the design with the help of pegs.Next, the substrate must be put across the paper rolls, with each in turn "vine" should go above or below the ground, keeping the necessary weave density.At the time of the construction must be covered with another newspaper tube and fix the clothespins.The bottom of the comb will remember, so you must continue to weave the new tube by adhering staggered to create the required density of the bottoms.When the bottom will acquire the necessary density, the pegs can be removed, because it will already hold the shape of their own.The width of the bottom is completely dependent on the size of the pattern.At the bottom of the netting will remain so-called rays, which will later be used as a base frame.Already they can be used to create a side wall of the carcass.

Weave rectangular laundry baskets from newspaper tubes
Weave rectangular laundry baskets from newspaper tubes
Weave rectangular laundry baskets from newspaper tubes
Weave rectangular laundry baskets from newspaper tubes
Weave rectangular laundry baskets from newspaper tubes


Round basket is the most difficult to make, because the cost to make every effort toforming a round bottom.The easiest way is considered a "rope."We must take six tubes and connect them to each other using clothespins to create a single plane.Then this step is repeated.Ready to put the plane crosswise.

further need "Vine", which will be used for further weaving products.Her need to bend in half and place the fork near the beam form a "cross".On the working tube bends need to bend.It is necessary to pass the top down and the bottom - up, until you reach another ray of six tubes.The bends is arranged at an angle of 90 degrees, and keep changing the lower and upper part of the "vine".This action must produce four times.The result is a ring that is at once secure with pegs.

After passing three laps, you need to take six pairs of tubes and push for the formation of a flat surface.Next weaving straw work must be done every two tubes.And do three laps again.It is necessary to produce action on breeding pairs.Do you need to weave to create the required size of the base.The bottom basket will remind round the sun, which consists of a ray 24.

Bottom round laundry baskets from newspaper tubes
Round the bottom of the laundry basket from newspaper tubes


Laundry basket angular forms will help to save space in the bathroom, so is in great demand in small spaces.

Corner laundry basket from newspaper tubes

When weaving corner laundry baskets from newspaper tubes should adhere to certain rules because of the shape of the product:

  • For racks of the basket is better to use the tube from a sheet of paper for the printer or take the sheetsfrom the magazine.Soft rolls of paper can not hold the entire structure.
  • To create a smooth floor is necessary to put it in the design of the goods basket, with special attention should be paid to the corners.
  • Before painting the product is necessary to calculate the amount of acrylic varnish, or have dokrashivat a different color, and the result has to be imperfect.
Wicker laundry baskets corner of the newspaper tubes
Corner laundry basket from newspaper tubes

edge Making

basket When the desired height is ready, you need to hide the ends of the tubes, which form the frame, and do not forget to lock and hide the working tube.This will require a long needle.It is necessary to stick into the hole near the rack in the middle of the 3 series.Here it will be necessary to hide the tip.

Action must be repeated with a needle in the other direction as the 3-series, put on her rack and push down.Thus, each column will bend and tighten.When finished, the product is ready region.

In each hole, which hit counter, it is necessary to smear glue and allow time to dry.Thereafter, using scissors cut edge protruding all tubes.All sections must be carefully hidden between newspaper tubes.

A simpler version of the registration edge, see the following video.


shopping cart can be supplemented with a cover that can be fixed in a wall or weave separately.Using the weaving method bottoms can be produced and a cover.For the finished product, it is desirable to varnish.A perfect solution is just acrylic paint, because it is odorless and dries quickly.

application of varnish will give a basket of strength, it can not be distinguished from the products of this vine.When the varnish is not completely dried up, you can adjust the shape of the basket, to give bottom stability, eliminate wrinkles.

Laundry basket from newspaper tubes with lid
Laundry basket from newspaper tubes with lid and decor
Laundry basket from newspaper tubes with decor

Sometimes wicker baskets used paper rolls without coloring, then after the end of the product must be carefully primed and painted.As a primer, you can use a primer or an ordinary PVA glue.To paint the basket suitable aerosol paint, which is applied several times.

a work of art can be called a basket, decorated with a pattern using the decoupage technique.To fix pattern also applies varnish.

Laundry basket from newspaper tubes decorated in decoupage technique

you yourself choose the style and color of the basket.For decoration you can use ribbons, beads and other decorative elements.For practicality you can make a separate liner of calico.

Beautiful laundry basket from newspaper tubes -dekor
Laundry basket from newspaper tubes with a liner
Baskets for linen from the newspaper tubes

Basket newspaper tubes, made with his own hands, will be a great decoration of the interior bathroom.The main thing to do with love.

Laundry basket from newspaper tubes in bathroom