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August 12, 2017 18:05

Solve the problem with debris - where you can take your own

This is a problem faced by everyone who has ever decided to venture any significant repairs.It is necessary to make the mountain the old tiles, ragged cloth wallpaper, window frames and much more.What to do with all of this and much debris removal, to stay within the law?Especially in urban areas.

What is construction waste - Definition

must first understand the difference between construction and household waste?The fact that a clear answer to this question.The decision of the Government № 155 (from 10.02.1997) states that waste generated as a result of « ... maintenance of premises ... » are domestic.But the utility for different interpretations of the volume of such "post-repair" of waste.And at the expense of repair concepts are different, too.Often what is necessary to make out of the apartment during and after it, it is interpreted as building rubbish.

lawyers interpret the law too, with discrepancies in the wording.However, the general trend is that this garbage should still refer to the concept of "building."If passed from home, for example, a bag of plaster fragments and scraps of wallpaper, it "does not count."And if a few of these bags, it is possible to have a conversation about the large-sized objects."Oversized" citizens in almost all cases, are obliged to take out for yourself.

somewhere - lead waste

solutions to the problem of construction debris

If the repair started a large, heavy, it makes sense to conclude a contract with the management company and pay for it as an extra service.But this method is suitable, for example, for new buildings, when many residents are experiencing such difficulties.The decision taken at the general meeting.The Criminal Code establishes an additional vessel and its contents are exported for recycling.And it does not the company itself, as an organization with which the Company enters into a subcontract.

If garbage "worried" only one apartment?Where and how to take out your own garbage?You can solve this problem by entering into a contract with a specialized organization directly.It will provide both people and vehicles.She will decide where.Homeowners will only have to pay.

Another option - should help to ask contact numbers organization that "charge" dumps in the locality.In most cases, it takes construction debris, although this comes, as a rule, to pay (per ticket).

garbage removal

possible to resolve the issue and "close".If the trash - broken bricks (or plaster), it may be happy to take any garage or suburban co-op on filling the pits on the roads.And for the money to find a car - no problem.However, the load will have to yourself.

Before we address this issue fundamentally, should clarify in its Criminal Code, whether it has a contract for the removal of bulky waste from spetshozyaystvom concluded.The fact that many companies have such agreements.One day a week is coming machine, specifically designed for this purpose.In this case, all you need to make during the repair of the apartment, you must carefully pack (bags, plastic or canvas) and fold the side of the garbage containers.It is legitimate, and no one to make a complaint.